guyana mobster anil nandlall’s wife considering divorce

a ppp crime family source has indicated to propaganda press that mrs. anil nandlall is talking divorce talk. chatree bai might drink gramaxone soon
propaganda press readers would remember that it was anil nandlall is bharrat jagdeo’s lawyer and it was he who evicted varshnie singh jagdeo from state house. see loveless, stressful & abusive – my fake marriage to jagdeo


5 thoughts on “guyana mobster anil nandlall’s wife considering divorce

  1. That will not come as a Surprise, Further welcome to B/J Possy.
    They will soon hold hands, be Nood then Get Drunk by B/J Pool Side ,then Ah / Ah .I do hope he sent those Pictures to This Site for Publications,as he previously done.
    The PPP Govt ,will not Last.

  2. Recorded threats against K/News…Embattled AG finally breaks silence


    “His comment about the female reporter is enough for him to resign. No woman should live with such a person who holds women in such low esteem and calls himself a man.
    No woman can and should trust him to continue to struggle for their rights and expect him to represent them. He should not be allowed near any woman or girl child.
    The Attorney General as a lawyer knows that to misappropriate funds and to repay does not negate punishment. Many who have stolen and have made restitution are in jail.”

  3. Revelations in AG’s recorded conversation… PM’s view contradicts Nandlall’s remarks on “entitlement”


    While the Attorney General (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall has sought to justify the use of monies from the government, for medical treatment, by stating that it was approved by Cabinet and that it was an “entitlement” enjoyed by all members of Cabinet, the Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds has contradicted this.

    Nandlall in a profanity-laced recorded conversation with Kaieteur News reporter, Leonard Gildarie, said that he “used money from the government… and pay back long before” Kaieteur News Publisher, Glenn Lall “made an issue of it.”

    • This is a Situation,that will open Answers & Questions to the Cronies in Authorities for any Inappropiate Misleading Corruptions that do occurs within the PPP Govt,

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