Statement of Leonard Gildarie – living in fear of Guyana govt & police agents

leonard gildarieStatement of Leonard Gildarie, Senior Journalist
On behalf of myself and family, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the many who called and lent support over the past few days.
It has indeed been an extremely challenging period for us.
By now, my fellow Guyanese would have learnt of the telephone conversation last Saturday between myself and the Attorney General , Anil Nandlall.
As Guyana knows, the call is now the subject of a criminal complaint filed by Kaieteur News to the Police.
On the advice of my legal counsels, I am restrained from commenting on the details.
However, I am not restrained from expressing deep fears for my safety and that of my family.
I am also, because of a series of developments, deeply concerned over the impartiality of any probe, for a number of reasons.
I have seen the numerous statements from the local NGOs and other international bodies expressing condemnation.
I have also noted laughable news reports that I have been on the run from the police.
To the contrary, over the week I have been in contact with police officers, including Mr. Kingston from Brickdam. As a matter of fact, the said officer even called me on a phone number that belonged to a family member, strange enough. I had indicated to him that a written statement is being prepared.
Much to my surprise, they issued a statement Thursday that I am showing reluctance to make contact.
On Friday, I delivered a written statement to the Police and again today, Saturday, I was present with my lawyer in which the police had some additional questions. We are in the processing of submitting the answers.
In closing, I would insist that I am a born Guyanese with a deep love for this country. I do believe that the future remains bright. There is an opportunity for us to make this country great.
May God bless Guyana!


4 thoughts on “Statement of Leonard Gildarie – living in fear of Guyana govt & police agents

  1. That is what you Really call Bullying Corruption over Corruption’s towards the World Largest Extent’s,only the Cronies/Cabals have all the Dictator power’s in G/Y & Live a Filthy Rich & lavish Lifestyle on the Poor & Helpless Masses Tax payers Money,’G/Y Economies / Corruptions is second to Haiti’.
    Only the Govt Cronies are always Protected with Tax payer Money,while the G/Y Citizens are Unprotected/ harassed / Abused by the Govt Dictators.
    Stand strong from all these Cronies Crooks,they will not be there for much longer,there days are getting shorter daily.I certainly do give my Supports.

  2. Stay strong. Don’t allow the cowards to break your spirit. A change is needed in Guyana. And, you have under taken the task to do just that. I hope many more will follow suit and rid our beloved country of these parasites.

  3. The PPP Govt,Dictators,Cronies,Cabals ,will certainly do all it takes to Extends Time in a Dictator Administration’s.
    The PPP Supporters are the Cronies only,the Masses are certainly not going to Support them Anymore,from the Bottom of Corruptions.

  4. The G/Y people needs to Halt /Stop all Productive Sectors or go slow,from Producing the Rice,Sugar,Bauxite,Gold,& Farming,Let the Minority Dictators,Cronies, Corrupted,Govt,who spent Lavishly Big,that certainly brought G/Y next To Haiti Economy.
    The PPP Govt needs to be Sanctions for Abuse of Power /Cronies,fails the People Business.

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