Ayube Bacchus allowing massive fraud & corruption @ Guyana Power & Light


I am reporting the matter of fraudulent activities that is currently occurring at the Guyana Power & Light loss reduction office in Berbice by Teddy Jailall and P Nandkumar and others.
these fraudulent activities include:
 Selling of meter seals red and blue
 Selling of GPL service lines
 Selling of GPL tools
 Selling of GPL tester
 Taking bribes to provide services
 Taking bribes to prevent prosecution by the courts.

Currently seals are being sold on a weekly basis for the sum of $10000 each by Teddy Jailall and sometimes P Nandkumar.
On 2014/07/21 the following items were stolen and sold : a red meter seal #0017244
Blue seal #0020839, #0020838, 0020832, #0020842
They were sold to an electrician friend of mine by teddy jailall.
currently arrangements are being made by the duo to sell 1 extech brand new tester in plastic and case for $35000.
teddy jailall and fired technician bhulai is using a fired bus driver by the name of jerry to conduct illegal activities in the black bush polder area under the pretext of working with the company
for further information reguarding evidence (photograph) etc

ayube bacchus, regiona manager Berbice

ayube bacchus, regiona manager Berbice

Please contact me on email **************@yahoo.com. i have learnt that a similiar letter was given to mr bachuss last year by a former technician exposing corruption (date,names of customer,technician involvedaddress etc) to date I Have learnt that nothing was done excepting that mr bachuss give p. Nandkumar the letter and fired the technician.
p nandkumar always claims to have contacts in high places at gpl. As an employee i find this most digusting and sickening and im ashamed to be a member of the loss reduction unit.i trust that you will look into this matter urgently.all of this can be solved by doing an inventory and checking the seal records and the theft of electricity
Records against court appearances..i have numerous photo to send reguarding the selling of seals..thank you


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