attorney general anil nandlall used $6 million Guyana taxpayers $$ to insemintate his wife

attorney general anil nandlall & his wife Sharia Yasin-Bacchus aka hessaun yassin-bacchus are at it again
this time he is using Guyana tax dollars to fly out and inseminate [invitro fertilisation] his wife OVERSEAS.
nandlall and his wife have been trying for many years to have a baby to no avail. it’s been said he’s known to fire blanks.
minister of home affairs clement rohee was once overheard in parliament referring to him as minister wind seed


11 thoughts on “attorney general anil nandlall used $6 million Guyana taxpayers $$ to insemintate his wife

  1. Well this Guy ,learnt his Ideologies Lessons from the Big Rat,they all blow’s Smoking Guns,& most of all fire Tremendiously blanks loads using the poor & helpless Tax Payers Dollars to take care of there malfunctions,the people should uprise to such Corrupted Disaster’s.

  2. This Guy also have a Key to the Treasury,how many Keys were given out to the Corrupted cronies.The G/Y people must not tolerate such Disgusting Supressions,from these Shady Parasites.

  3. he could have paid a lil black boy to do the job for them at least they would have a nice lil dougla baby to play with

  4. Anil Nandalall is a big dead cock attorney general, he drunk rum till rum kill he bai…..every lunch time he going by sleepin hotel pun brickdam so cliffy can grease he back side . Is bare antiman ministers this government got with the chief auntyman jagdeo.

  5. He said he is a Rich Man,how come he Tap in the Tax payer Treasury as if he Mumma Man leave it there for him to put his Hands on, to Abuse / get a real good ‘Johnny boy for your Dularie gal Fish’.

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