jaya manickchand orchestrated plot to destroy & extort guyana speaker raphael trotman

“Raphel, good afternoon. I need to speak with you urgently re: Jonny Welshman, who sought my services. In your interest and that of your family’s I think this matter should be settled quickly and discreetly.” – Jaya Manickchand

Attorney sought settlement from Trotman, before denying representing accuser – court papers
Although attorney Jaya Manickchand has denied representing Johnny Antony Welshman, the man who has made abuse allegations against Speaker Raphael Trotman, court filings show that she sent text messages lobbying for a settlement on his behalf.

The four text messages have been labelled as an exhibit in legal proceedings filed on Monday by attorney Nigel Hughes on behalf of Trotman, who has secured an injunction against Welshman, barring him from publishing any material relating to the allegations in the print or electronic media.

Trotman, who has denied the allegations, is seeking damages in excess of $50 million for libel contained in statements made by Welshman and published in the Stabroek News, Guyana Times and on Welshman’s Facebook page.

In his Ex Parte Affidavit in support of his application for the injunction, Trotman says he feared that various elements in the political arena are attempting to smear his name and threaten him in an attempt to impact upon the discharge of his responsibilities as Speaker.

According to the affidavit, on September 19 Trotman received several texts from Manickchand, who informed him that she had been contacted by Welshman and that there was a matter that should be settled quickly in the interest of his family.

According to the exhibit, the first message was sent at 5:27 pm last Friday.

It reads, “Raphel, good afternoon. I need to speak with you urgently re: Jonny Welshman, who sought my services. In your interest and that of your family’s I think this matter should be settled quickly and discreetly.”

The second message, which was sent two minutes later, said, “If a settlement cannot be reached I will recuse myself from the matter… I think that you have young daughters who need protection from a mean press and you have your reputation at stake.”

Stabroek News called the number from where the text messages originated and Manickchand answered. However, she declined to comment. “I don’t have a comment on the matter madam,” she said.

Manickchand, who is sister of Education Minister Priya Manickchand, had previously served as a nominee of the ruling party on the Guyana Elections Commission (Gecom).

Welshman had told Stabroek News that Manickchand was representing him but on Sunday, shortly after both Trotman and his party the Alliance For Change had sent out separate statements condemning the allegations being made, she said she had not been retained by him.

Manickchand, who had refused to comment on the issue when initially contacted, had subsequently explained that Welshman had approached her office on Friday last while she was out and she later contacted him via telephone and he made certain allegations.

She said she advised him to approach the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) since she was not the person from whom to seek legal advice. She acknowledged that she had spoken to him on more than one occasion between Friday and Saturday but made it clear that she had not been retained by him.

According to the affidavit, after receiving the texts from Manickchand, Trotman called her and denied the allegations and also advised that the man should report the matter to the police. Further, the document said, Trotman was not prepared to enter into any discussion about a settlement for something that he did not do. It was thereafter that Trotman immediately contacted his attorney, who conducted a search on Facebook for the defendant’s page. As a result of what was discovered, he said he immediately became concerned that Welshman was part of an orchestrated political smear campaign intended to discredit him by publishing an interview with him on NCN, “a known government news agency.”

Trotman’s party, the AFC, yesterday said it was evident from the text messages that Manickchand acted extensively on behalf of Welshman and was deeply involved in representing his interests.

“The AFC calls on Ms Manickchand, a former PPP nominated Gecom commissioner, to frankly admit her full role. The party believes that any attempt whether by Ms Manickchand, her representatives or agents or anyone else, to create a public impression that she has not been acting on behalf of Mr Welshman would be disingenuous, wicked and false,” it said in a statement.

It also reiterated its position that they were party to a plot to entrap Trotman in an attempt to derail the impending no-confidence motion before the National Assembly.

“Once again the AFC condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the reprehensible exploitation of such a heinous crime against minors, for political purposes and calls on Ms Manickchand to fully acknowledge her role in acting on behalf of Mr Welshman in this process…,” it added.

In the affidavit, Trotman admitted that he had been familiar with Welshman for several years as he is the son of one of his friends, Johnny Welshman senior.

He also recounted that on August 13, 2014, while at his office at the firm of Chapman and Trotman, his secretary informed him that a man named “Johnny Welshman” was outside to see him. He subsequently met the man, who introduced himself as the man’s son and said that he needed reference. Trotman said that given his general nature, he did provide the reference.

Trotman added that Welshman subsequently appeared at his chambers and said that he had applied for a job at a city hotel and that he needed Trotman to call and put in a good word for him. However, Trotman said he indicated that he was unable to assist in this regard.

He said later, on or about September 8, while he was out of the jurisdiction, he received an email from his office informing him that Welshman had appeared accompanied by a police officer and was attempting to serve process on his father who he could not locate. Trotman, the affidavit said, instructed his staff not to accept service of any documents for Welshman’s father. It was subsequent to this that he received the text messages from Manickchand about a settlement.

The court has granted an order directing Welshman to forthwith remove from his Facebook page all material and publications relating and or referring to the plaintiff in relation to the issue of sexual assault. A check of Welshman’s Facebook page revealed that he himself had removed all posts relating to the issue.


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  1. Politics is dutty business, especially in Guyana. The PPP will stoop lower than anyone can imagine to tarnish the reputations of their foes.

  2. “Sexual abuse has damaged me”
    September 23, 2014 By GuyanaTimes
    Trotman’s rape accuser:
    By Svetlana Marshall
    Years of being allegedly raped and physically abused as a child have left serious emotional scars on 22-year-old Johnny Welshman Junior – the young man who has shocked the nation by accusing Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman of sexually molesting him when he was just 13.
    Depression, post traumatic stress disorder, behavioural problems, poor self-esteem and thoughts of suicide are the key psychological effects of childhood sexual abuse. Welshman has been through all of that and even revealed that since his experience, he is no longer attracted to women.
    In a statement on Sunday, Trotman described the allegations as malicious and unfounded “by an unstable young man who, sadly, appears to have a troubled mind. I categorically deny his wicked assertions.”
    Trotman said unfortunately, Welshman seems to have been “conveniently encouraged by manipulative and diabolic political forces. Conveniently, such scandalous assertions are obviously intended to provide a timely distraction from the serious prevailing political situation in Guyana, which imminently requires me as Speaker of the National Assembly to guide the ship of the nation’s Parliament through the strongest test to Guyana’s constitutional democracy: the debate of a no- confidence motion.” He said, as a true patriot of Guyana, “I will not allow the office of Speaker of the National Assembly to be compromised or be denigrated by false accusations for political expediency. There is absolutely no truth in the allegation, and I am confident that the masterminds and supporters of this dastardly plot will soon be exposed. I call for a thorough and professional investigation into this scurrilous allegation. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”
    At the age of 8
    Meanwhile, in an interview with Guyana Times, Welshman Junior alleged that he was first sexually molested by a close relative at the age of eight while he was a student at the St Agnes Primary School. But this, he said, was just the beginning, contending that the relative’s friend, from Yarrowkabra, used him as a “toy” for sexual gratification.
    However, he alleged that it was only at the age of 12, that Trotman allegedly made sexual advances towards him, after becoming knowledgeable of the acts committed on him by the close relative and the other man. The young man said that as a child he, along with his brother, was encouraged to visit Trotman’s office on South Road; however, on the day in question, his brother was not present. “The first time he did it to me, it was in his office on South Road, but the second time, he took me in a house, I believe it was in Brickdam because I can recall passing the old people home (Palms),” Welshman recalled.
    Father aware
    According to him, his father was fully aware of the assault on his childhood, but used it for his advantage. “If you check the record, you would see that Mr Trotman represented my father on numerous occasions and I knew my father was playing that card.” Trotman allegedly pampered him with goodies and even introduced him to the late President Desmond Hoyte, Welshman said, adding that the acts committed against him had caused him to “act out.”
    He explained that in school he had become very rebellious and suicidal, noting that it was during that period, social workers realised that something was amiss. “I have been receiving counselling since I was a child and I am sure that Help and Shelter would provide those records. I could vividly remember visiting Ms Ann Greene when she was the Station Administrator of Social Welfare; she had suspicions, but I refused to tell her and that was my fault.”
    According to him, he was fearful of his father who had served as an officer within the Guyana Defence Force, explaining that his father allegedly physically abused him. “He throw me out as a baby, cuff me, gun butt me, kick me… I hate my father for those things. I can’t say that I love him… Everyone knows how he used to beat my mother and who represented him in the court,” said a riled-up Welshman.
    Though he had left the shores of Guyana for the twin-island republic Trinidad and Tobago, the alleged victim was often plunged into a state of depression, resulting in him seeking treatment and counselling.
    According to him, it was during these counselling sessions that his counsellor said true healing would only come if he confronts his abusers. According to him, it was based on this recommendation that he journeyed to Guyana on July 23, 2014. His intentions, he said, were pure, positing that he simply wanted true healing.
    The first person he reportedly confronted was the relative who threatened him before making good his escape to Brazil upon learning that he secured a protection order against him. It is unclear whether Welshman had confronted the other man, but one week after his return to Guyana, he reportedly visited Trotman’s office, making his request known. On top of the agenda were a written apology, a house, a job, and money.
    According to Welshman, the Speaker of the House had first encouraged him to apply at the Home Affairs Ministry, but when the job did not suit him, Trotman allegedly assured him that he would use his influence to get him a job at the Pegasus Hotel. Although the recommendation was written by Trotman, this too fell through. The recommendation, which was dated August 13, 2014, was seen by Guyana Times. Managing Director of the Pegasus Hotel, Robert Badal had publicly stated that he financed the Alliance For Change (AFC) Elections Campaign in the lead-up to the 2011 General and Regional Elections. After leaving the People’s National Congress (PNC), Trotman co-founded the AFC in 2005 along with Khemraj Ramjattan.
    Seeking a job
    Welshman said it was based on his close relationship with Badal that Trotman wrote the recommendation, thinking that the supervisor post would have been made available; but when this fell through, the young man said he became frustrated, resulting in him making the demands.
    Even as he acquired the services of Attorney-at-Law Jaya Manickchand, Welshman said that he demanded $20 million. “I told him, ‘Uncle Raphael if you know what I still know, you would pay me’ and he told me point blank, ‘Johnny, what you are doing is blackmailing’ and he could get me arrested. That is what he told me in a Prado when he offered me $1.750 (million), and I declined,” Welshman alleged.
    After seeking legal advice, the young man was told that it was an “unreasonable” sum. “Miss Manickchand who was negotiating on behalf of me called me and asked what would be the least amount I would accept, I told her five million; she said ‘would you accept anything below that’? I made it clear no,” he said. According to him, Trotman was willing to settle the matter for $2.5 million and a verbal apology, contending that any written apology would implicate him further.
    Although the content of the series of conversations was not heard by Guyana Times, this newspaper was shown the cellphone log in which several phone calls were made between Welshman and Manickchand. Manickchand last acted on Welshman’s behalf on Saturday after indicating that she would recuse herself from the case following allegations that it was politically-motivated.
    Even as he acquires the services of other lawyers, the 22-year-old is maintaining his story. “No question why I waited so long; this thing has been in my mind. I have medical records to show that I have received counselling. I do not suffer from any mental illness; if depression is a mental illness, well, every human being has depression.”
    With the Police now involved in the matter, Welshman said he simply wants justice. “The time for settlement has finished, I want criminal proceedings… I want Uncle Raphael to go before a jury of his peers, to go before the court, to be charged, even if he is granted bail, let him be charged.” Though, many would doubt his story given the current political climate, the alleged victim said that he could challenge Trotman to a polygraph test.

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  4. DPP denies meeting Trotman’s accuser; govt minister’s sister calls on Trotman to defend himself …

    Wednesday, 24 September 2014 21:21 Written by Denis Scott Chabrol

    The credibility of the man, who has accused House Speaker Raphael Trotman of sexually assaulting him when he was teenager, has been already called into question, even as the sister of a government minister called on her fellow lawyer to defend himself.

    Attorney-at-Law, Jaya Manickchand – a sister of Education Minister Priya Manickchand- is at the centre of the controversy over the allegations made by 22-year old Johnny Antony Welshman.

    Buttressing their stance that Welshman’s accusations were politically motivated, Trotman and his Alliance For Change (AFC) have released the contents of a Text Message between Jaya and the House Speaker about the accuser’s desire to reach a settlement.

    Jaya, a former ruling-party nominated Elections Commissioner, has since taken umbrage to her intervention being regarded as politically motivated. Now, she has called on the House Speaker to release the full contents of their conversation and further defend himself against Welshman’s charged. “Stop trying to deflect from the allegation of sexual assault/buggery by making up that my involvement was political. Stop trying to take the spotlight off of you by trying to throw me under the bus and making me the issue. Do not deflect from the sex assault allegations. Defend them,” she told Trotman in a letter sent to media houses here.

    Manickchand offered to take a lie detector test to prove that she was not part of a political plot only if Trotman was willing to be tested to clear his name of Welshman’s accusations. “I would be happy to take a lie detector test as to whether my involvement in this matter was in any way sinister and/or meant to distract from the AFC’s no confidence motion and/or to bring down the Speaker of the House or the AFC and/or in any way politically motivated, inspired, directed or driven if Raphael is also going to take a lie detector test to clear, what he insists is, his good name.

    At the same time Attorney Manickchand said she did not know whether Trotman sexually assaulted or buggered Johnny Welshman. “If the allegation is false, then Welshman is one sick person and deserves urgent medical attention.” If Welshman is telling the truth or even parts of the truth, she suggested that he deserved a fair hearing without Trotman’s interference and might and the interference of his friends.

    The House Speaker has since secured a High Court injunction restraining Welshman from making such allegations in the media and on his Facebook Page. Police said they were still checking aspects of Welshman’s formal complaint before questioning Trotman.

    The AFC and Trotman have claimed that Welshman’s accusations have surfaced at a time when the opposition-controlled House was preparing to debate an AFC-sponsored no-confidence motion in the PPP-Civic-led administration.

    In the case of Welshman, his credibility appeared to be sullied on Wednesday when the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shalimar Hack stopped short of calling him a liar over his claims that she had assured him of protection. Hack said she never met Welshman.

    “The Director of Public Prosecutions herein wishes to categorically state that at no time did she ever engage in a conversation, telephone or otherwise, with Mr, Welshman. The DPP further categorically states that since she did not have any conversation with Mr. Welshman, she could not or did not gave assurances that she will provide protection for him as is alleged,” said the DPP’s Chambers in a statement.

    At the same time, the DPP’s Chambers confirmed that Welshman lodged a complaint at about 12:50 PM on Wednesday, September 24, 2014- the first time that he had interacted with or visited the DPP’s Chambers.

    Attorney-at-Law Manickchand said that after he told her that he had made a report to the CID on Friday, September 19, 2014, she had advised him to report the matter to the DPP. “I told Johnny Welshman that the proper Attorney-at-Law to address complaints of a criminal nature is the DPP and he should seek Counsel with the Chambers of the DPP,” she said in her letter.

    Jaya stressed repeatedly in her letter that she was never retained by Welshman and had been merely exploring the prospects of Trotman and his accuser reaching a settlement at which time she would have considered facilitating the settlement.

    She acknowledged believing that the matter should have been dealt with privately because Trotman “has young daughters and I know allegations like the ones being made, can be hurtful to anyone, and particularly young, innocent girls. Further, given what Welshman told me and the manner in which he told me same, I felt he too would best be served by the route he (Welshman) was proposing, that being a settlement.”

    Manickchand denied meeting Welshman in person on this occasion, but recalled interacting with him at the Children’s Legal Aid Clinic several years ago.

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  6. Sex abuse allegations against House Speaker … Accuser’s father says ‘He is lying!’


    Johnny Terry Welshman Snr. Though Johnny Terry Welshman has a strained relationship with his son Johnny (Jnr.) who recently accused House Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman of sexually abusing him when he was younger, he is pleading with his son to desist from making such “wicked” accusations and seek professional help henceforth.
    “I know that I may have not been the best parent to my son; that I could have been a better father, but from since Johnny was a little boy he has always been a rebel. I had hoped that he would grow out of it but it only got worse.
    “He suffered from depression and fits of rage and it just continued to get nasty and out of hand. This is not the first time my son is making these wild accusations. In fact, he did worse. With this whole fiasco, I ended up travelling to Guyana from Brazil because I want my son to know that I will always love him but he needs help,” said Welshman Snr.
    The 47-year-old said that he feels “deeply embarrassed” by his son’s latest actions. He said that his son has repeatedly turned him down every time he tried to help him. The Brazilian resident said, too, that he feels most unhappy about the accusations being made against Trotman who has been nothing more than a dear and respectful friend of the family.
    “There was never an opportunity for what my son said happened. It is a most despicable lie and I feel so ashamed. I cannot begin to find the words to describe the disgrace my son is bringing to the family name. Even when he secured that restraining order on me, for allegedly physically and verbally abusing him, I was never even in the country,” the man explained.
    There are “several things” that will eventually be exposed to prove that his son has been involved in more serious and scandalous activities, things that will put this “deceitful” matter to rest. Welshman said that he will be forwarding the information he has to the relevant authorities so that nothing but the truth will prevail.
    He said that he is in “great fear of his life” because of the sexual abuse allegations his son is now leveling against him and the House Speaker. He reiterated that his son has struggled for many years with severe depression and behavioral problems. He has even attempted suicide at least once, Welshman said.
    “Anyone who took the time to observe his Facebook page would see the degree of distress that my son is in and the extent of his delusion and anger. He has even made up fictitious persons and profiles and have them conversing with another and making statements about molestations that are untrue.
    “I want to appeal to the public to not believe for one moment these accusations and to understand that he needs medical help. I want to make a sincere attempt at helping him so that he does not become a further risk and danger to anyone else.

    House Speaker, Raphael Trotman, House Speaker, “If those who are with him really care about him, they will insist that he gets the professional help that he needs. Despite our differences, I am ready to forgive my son and help him find healing the right way instead of lashing out in this manner,” the emotional father pleaded.

    The young man had claimed that he had sought legal advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on how to proceed on the said matter. However, the DPP, Mrs. Shalimar Ali-Hack, said yesterday, that this conversation never occurred.
    The DPP said that at no time did she ever engage in a discussion, telephone or otherwise, with the younger Welshman.
    The DPP’s Communications Officer reported that a written complaint was received from Welshman at approximately 12:50 hours, yesterday.

    Welshman has also said that he had retained the services of Attorney at Law Jaya Manickchand and wants to ensure that those who allegedly molested him are put before the court. But Manickchand has denied that the young man had retained her as his lawyer in the matter.
    The Alliance For Change, however, disseminated some text messages from the Attorney’s cell phone number where she apparently tried to settle the matter discreetly with Trotman, this despite refuting days earlier that she was looking out for Welshman’s interest.
    The political party since the discovery, has concluded that the troubled young man may be part of a scheme to entrap the House Speaker and tarnish the AFC.
    The Attorney at Law subsequently posted on her Facebook page, a detailed statement in defense of her actions.

  7. In light of sexual assault allegations… Colleague MP calls for House Speaker to resign

    September 24, 2014

    A COLLEAGUE Member of Parliament (MP) on the Opposition side of the House is of the firm opinion that the Speaker of the House, Mr. Raphael Trotman, should resign to preserve the integrity of the position he holds.

    The opinion was expressed, on condition of anonymity, in light of the sexual assault allegations levelled against Trotman by 22-year-old Jonny Welshman Jr., allegations that could both shadow his office and pose a threat to the integrity of the Speakership.
    Welshman had also alleged that Trotman offered him $1.7M to settle the matter.
    Meanwhile, the United States Embassy here, when asked whether Trotman’s visa had been (or will be) revoked, has indicated that it will not comment on individual cases, due to national privacy laws.
    In November 2009, the United States had revoked the non-immigrant visa of Office of the President Press and Publicity Officer, Kwame McCoy, amid allegations of child solicitation.
    Prior to that, in 2006, former Commissioner of Police, the late Mr. Henry Greene, had similar action taken against him, following allegations of criminal activity.
    This newspaper is aware that several independent observers are paying keen attention to see how this matter will play out, specifically as it relate to possible ‘double standards’ by the U.S. in its visa revocation policy.
    Welshman Jr. first went public with the allegation on the popular social media site, Facebook. According to media reports earlier this week, the young man has been sexually abused since he was 13, and though his father is aware of this latest assault, he has given him no support.
    This, he is quoted as saying, is what caused him not to speak up earlier about the incident. He said the Speaker even offered to help him get a job, and readily gave him a letter of recommendation. But the one promising opportunity, at the Pegasus Hotel, fell through. The Hotel is owned by Mr. Robert Badal, a reported major financier of Trotman’s Party, the Alliance For Change (AFC).
    Welshman said he has been receiving medical attention, in the form of counselling. The House Speaker has since vehemently denied the young man’s claims, saying that the allegations have seemingly stemmed from a political plot.
    Meanwhile, both the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and Acting President and Prime Minister, Mr. Samuel Hinds, on behalf of the government, have denied having anything to do with the matter.

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  9. Johnny Antony Welshman
    4 hours ago
    “Got a disturbing call!!May Jehovah cover me with is blood.. I am not a fraid to tell the truth an if its a media frenzy uncle Raphael and my father wants all three of them will get it.
    I will not forget what they did to me..They took my innocence away from me when I was a child ķnow that they are exposed they want to play the innocent and political card…To god be the glory whats in the dark eventually comes out”.

  10. Johnny Antony Welshman

    “With the Police now involved in the matter, Welshman said he simply wants justice. “The time for settlement has finished, I want criminal proceedings… I want Uncle Raphael to go before a jury of his peers, to go before the court, to be charged, even if he is granted bail, let him be charged.” Though, many would doubt his story given the current political climate, the alleged victim said that he could challenge Trotman to a polygraph test”.

  11. Very intresting Politican’s,that is there to Protect & Defend our Corrupted Country we so See Raped , Buggary & Abused,This is only one saga,that is a Sicking Virous in the Political Arena Govt Presently.

  12. AFC, Attorney General in war of words over sexual assault plot against Trotman

    Friday, 26 September 2014 18:33 Written by Denis Scott Chabrol

    The Alliance For Change (AFC) on Friday accused Attorney General Anil Nandlall of helping to hatch a plot of alleged sexual abuse of a minor against House Speaker Raphael Trotman, but Nandlall has rebuffed those charges.

    “The AFC has received information that apart from the involvement of the staff, the Senior Government official was himself directly involved in the falsification of the allegations leveled against Mr Trotman and the overall scheme to tarnish his reputation,” said the AFC’s General Secretary, David Patterson.

    Reacting sharply to the AFC’s claim, the Attorney General expressed “utter shock” at being added to the long list of persons that has been implicated in the accusation against the Speaker. Nandlall bluntly denied any involvement. “The AFC has received information that apart from the involvement of the staff, the Senior Government official was himself directly involved in the falsification of the allegations levelled against Mr Trotman and the overall scheme to tarnish his reputation,” he said in a statement.

    Attorney-at-Law Jaya Manickchand , who is the sister of Education Minister Priya Manickchand, has also denied being part of a scheme against Trotman. While she has denied meeting Welshman on this occasion, she has acknowledged exploring the possibility of the Speaker privately compensating Welshman and offering an apology.

    Trotman, who is the AFC’s co-founder, earlier Friday participated in a news conference at which the allegation was leveled against the Attorney General. The House Speaker has reiterated his innocence of the sexual assault allegation by 22-year old Johnny Anthony Welshman who said the acts were committed on him when he was 13 years.

    The Attorney General admitted speaking with the House Speaker by telephone on Tuesday September 23 long after the allegations of sexual misconduct were made public. He said that as a result of that conversation, he made certain inquiries of the professional staff at the Attorney -General’s Chambers.

    Nandlall said that those enquiries revealed that Welshman- “whom to date I have never seen or spoken with”- met State Counsel , Ms. Leslyn Noble at the said Chambers. The Attorney General said that he learnt that Welshman and Noble had known each other long before and were acquainted somewhat.

    Nandlall said he was never present at or authorized that meeting and that he was unaware of the reason for the engagement and the content of the discussion. “I did not solicit any information regarding the nature of the discussion which took place thereof because I formed the opinion that it was of a personal nature,” said the Attorney General.

    Nandlall did not address the AFC’s specific allegation that the officer had directed Welshman to meet with Attorney-at-Law Manickchand.

    He described as “unfortunate that in their quest to extricate their own, from this morass , the AFC is prepared to implicate so many others.”

    The AFC General Secretary accused the Attorney General of directing Welshman of seeking legal representation.

    According to that party, Welshman’s allegations are nothing more than a scheme to avert the impending no confidence motion.

    The AFC theorized that the allegations were aimed at removing Trotman from the Speakership in a bid to delay debate and eventual passage of the motion.

    A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) intends to add its 26 seats to the AFC to pass the motion in the House where the government has a one-seat minority.

    When approved, President Donald Ramotar and his Cabinet would have to resign and call general elections within 90 days or a time-frame agreed to by the 65-seat House.

  13. [www.inewsguyana.com] – September 26, 2014 6:16 pm

    AG denies involvement in sex allegations against Trotman …

    Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall has sought to clear himself in the sex scandal involving Speaker of the National Assembly and Alliance for Change (AFC) Founder Member, Raphael Trotman.

    The AFC today alleged that Nandlall was directly involved in the “fabrication of the allegations” against the House Speaker and that he directed Trotman’s accuser – Johnny Welshman – to seek the representation of Attorney, Jaya Manickchand, who is also closely aligned to the ruling People’s Progressive Party.

    In a statement issued this evening, shortly after iNews published the story, the AG said, “It is with utter shock that I learnt that I am the latest casualty in a long list of persons implicated by the Alliance For Change ( AFC ).”

    “I wish to absolutely and categorically deny any involvement in, or connection with, either directly or indirectly, the said sexual assault fiasco.”

    However, he admitted that Welshman did visit the Chambers but did not meet with him; instead he met with State Counsel, Leslyn Noble in a personal capacity.

    “On Tuesday 23rd September, 2014, i.e. long after the allegations of sexual misconduct against Mr. Trotman were made public, I spoke with Mr. Trotman via telephone. As a result of that conversation, I made certain inquiries of the professional staff at the Attorney – General’s Chambers. Those inquiries revealed the following:

    Approximately one week before, Mr. Johnny Welshman , a person, whom to date I have never seen or spoken with, met State Counsel , Ms. Leslyn Noble at the said Chambers ;
    I learnt that these two persons had known each other long before and enjoyed some degree of acquaintance;
    I obviously was not present at, or authorised the holding of that meeting, and indeed only became aware that these persons knew each other and met at the AG Chambers when I made those aforesaid inquiries;
    To date I am unaware of the reason for that engagement and the content of any discussion which may have taken place thereof;
    I did not solicit any information regarding the nature of the discussion which took place thereof because I formed the opinion that it was of a personal nature.”
    Trotman has since denied the allegations, in which Welshman claimed that he raped him some ten years ago.

  14. [www.inewsguyana.com] –

    Attorney General, Anil Nandlall has been implicated in the sex scandal involving Speaker of the National Assembly and founding Member of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Raphael Trotman.
    The AFC made this revelation today, Friday, September 26, during a press conference with its full leadership team, which included its Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, Nigel Hughes, Moses Nagamootoo, Cathy Hughes, Trotman and others.

    General Secretary of the Party, David Patterson told the news conference that the AFC is in receipt of information that Johnny Welshman – the 22 – year – old who alleged that Trotman raped him ten years ago – was directed by a “senior government official” to seek the representation of Attorney – at – Law and PPP Guyana Elections Commissioner, Jaya Manickchand.

    When asked who the senior government official is, Patterson said it was Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall.

    “Mr Trotman, following the receipt of the information, contacted the Head of the Ministry and a Member of Parliament via telephone and asked for an explanation. The Senior Government functionary, at the time, denied any involvement. A short time afterwards, the government functionary returned a call to Mr Trotman confirming that an official in his office did meet with Mr Welshman and who further directed him to Jaya Manickchand,” Patterson explained.
    He further noted that the AFC received information that Nandlall was directly involved in the falsification of the allegation leveled against Trotman and the overall scheme to tarnish his reputation.
    “I never molested any child”
    Meanwhile, Trotman, in brief remarks, again denied the allegations.
    “I have never in my life committed in any acts of a sexual nature that is illegal. I have never molested a child – male or female – and I have never, as a matter of fact, even as Counsel represented any person charged with similar offences.
    “At no time did I ever and I will never in my life do anything to hurt any child or commit any offence of a sexual nature. That’s all I want to say.”
    Trotman maintains that he will not resign as Speaker of the National Assembly.
    “Welshman has psychological difficulties”

    AFC Executive Member, Moses Nagamootoo said the Party is concerned about the young man’s state of mind, as he is “clearly in a state of considerable psychological stress.”
    Nagamootoo is of the view that the young man is not afforded “proper treatment.”
    “Judging by his public statements and most recently his Facebook posting, particularly in relation to Jesus being his legal advisor and having nowhere to sleep, clearly demonstrate that Mr Welshman is in a state of considerable psychological difficulties.”

    Meanwhile, the AFC also lashed out at Manickchand, stating that she was also part of the scheme to “entrap Trotman into paying hush money to suppress his alleged involvement in a most heinous crime thereby securing from him an admission in his participation of the alleged crime and confirming that he had something to hide in the payment of the hush money.”

    Manickchand has since admitted to contacting Trotman on behalf of Welshman; however she maintained that he [Welshman] did not retain her services.
    Several text messages released by the AFC, shows Manickchand attempting to convince Trotman to reach “a quick” settlement with the young man.

    According to the AFC, Trotman in response to Manickchand recommended that Welshman make a report to the police.
    According to the AFC, their information also suggests that the young man was promised a job upon his return to Guyana from Trinidad and Tobago and that he has reopened his bank accounts since his return.

  15. Well the PPP Govt,Ministers cannot be Controlled by Donald Duck and his,Administrations ,it will always be out of Context,Jaya Manickchand,& Anil Nandlall,have to Carry out the Instruments from the Big Rat Corrupted ideologies.
    These Parasites are the Downfalls of G/Y People,now stands alongside Haiti ,people don’t be fool’s all the Time ,don’t let these lame Ducks Parasites Govt Continue to Penetrate on your Livelyhood.
    Support ‘Raphael Trotman’ , To deal with the Issue as Speaker of the House in Parliament on the ,no confidence Issues on the PPP Govt have to Undertake,,to throw those Cabals out of the People Govt.

    • Sexual allegations against Speaker…Plot against AFC backfiring on schemers – Ramjattan

      September 29, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News | By Abena Rockcliffe

      Members of the Alliance For Change (AFC) are convinced that the People Progressive Party (PPP) administration is the force behind sexual allegations made against co-founder of the Party and House Speaker, Raphael Trotman. However, they are being comforted by the fact that there has so far been no sign of dwindling support resulting from this saga.

      AFC leader, Khemraj Ramjattan told Kaieteur News that the plot is “now rebounding back into the face of the government.”
      He said that this is because of the several loopholes or discrepancies in the statements of Trotman’s accuser—Johnny Welshman Jnr.

      Another AFC member said that these discrepancies are more than eleven in number and pointed out some of these to be the number of times the offences allegedly occurred; the different ages of the accuser when the offences allegedly occurred and the sums of money allegedly offered to settle the matter.

      AFC leader, Khemraj Ramjattan told Kaieteur News that, “frankly, the political motivation to do damage to the Speaker is something that is making a lot of Guyanese question the integrity of this government.”
      He said that quite unlike what the PPP expected, the support of the AFC, from what he has been able to track, is by no means dwindling.
      “It has not done any harm because of the fact that when I walk the streets people tell me that they do not believe a word; they know that they (Govt.) is lying on the Speaker… thousands have come to the realization that it is pure scampishness on the part of the government.”

      Ramjattan said that Guyanese are upset and betrayed to the extent where, from his estimation, the PPP administration is “going to pay a big price for setting this thing up just to tarnish and besmirch the character of the Speaker of the National Assembly.”

      General Secretary of the AFC, David Patterson spoke in harmony with the views expressed by his leader.
      Patterson said that AFC members who reside in the various administrative Regions of Guyana have, since the allegation was made public, written several letters reaffirming their commitment to the Party as well as their faith in Trotman.
      “The people in Region Two are disgusted by what is happening. They reminded of the happenings when similar tactics were used against them when they had the simple protest action for the paddy prices.”
      The General Secretary said that the AFC has also been in receipt of letters from Regions Five, Six and Nine.
      “I think this whole scheme actually galvanized support for our Party and time has proved that it was not a very well thought out plot,” said Patterson.

      Last Friday, Trevor Williams, on behalf of the Youth For Change—AFC’s youth arm—told the media that all support is behind Trotman.

      Prepared for what comes next AFC Leader, Ramjattan told Kaieteur News that his Party is fully prepared for most aspects of what is expected to come next and is on the verge of upping security protection for its members.
      The Attorney-at-Law said that it is well known – the measures that the PPP can go to when its back is against the wall.
      He added that the AFC expected the mudslinging to start so the Trotman allegation didn’t come as a surprise.
      Ramjattan said that all executive members of the AFC are bracing themselves as they all know that anyone of them can be next.

      “We knew that this was going to come because this is the way they (the PPP administration) do it. You may recall a number of occurrences of the last elections, the cocaine in pepper sauce allegation and the allegations that came against me; a number of things happened at the last elections; and knowing the PPP, we expected them again,” said Ramjattan.

      The political leader added that members of his Party are looking to make every preparation for their security with knowledge of what the PPP is capable of.

  16. Jaya the big whore doesn’t have any credibility to speak on this issue….ah wonder why she keep she mouth shut when she brother anil raped the girl that used to work with her sister Priya when Priya was minister of human services at their mother,s home on Duncan street. That’s why anil wife Sandra left him.

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