nigel dharamlall triangular love affair ends in violence at ministry of amerindian affairs – transcript & video

HGP TV Nightly News video clip begins at 10:47
it seems like the more responsibility is entrusted in some persons it’s the more of a let down they turn out to be through irresponsible behaviour. here’s he story
permanent secretary of the ministry of amerindian affairs nigel dharamlall could soon loose his job over allegations of physical assault which stemmed from a triangular love affair. the news strikes another blow against dharamlall who has come under immense scrutiny for his sex scandals involving staff members of the amerindian affairs ministry.
dharamlall is facing allegations of engaging in a physical altercation with a woman who plays no part in the maritial home [dharamlall is married]
as the story is told the woman went to mabaruma on an outreach for the amerindian affairs ministry, when she returned another staff told dharamlall that the woman he was involved with has sexual relations with a cso [community support officer] dharamlall obviously upset called the woman to his office and dealt her a sound thrashing to the point that he began to strangle her.
the commissioner of police is said to be in receipt of the report. minister of amerindian affairs pauline sukhai is also informed of the incident but has since been tight lipped about it
nigel dharamlall seemingly power struck even threateded to shoot ex GDF [guyana defence force] sergeant egbert mayers who is now a student officer at the amerindian affairs ministry
mayers has since been relieved of his duties as sports coordinator dharamlall believes he has knowledge of the abuse
efforts to contact mayers were unsuccessful
the woman is promising to take her own life because of the continuous threats she is receiving from dharamlall
this is an issue that was played out over a month ago and there is every reason to believe that efforts are being made to sweep it under the carpet
end 12:39


5 thoughts on “nigel dharamlall triangular love affair ends in violence at ministry of amerindian affairs – transcript & video

  1. Dharamlall is getting help from his assistant Anil Roberts who is the one luring the underage amerindian girls from their families so that Dharamlal can have sex with them. Roberts himself an Amerindian should be ashamed because the amerindians trust him and that is why he is getting away with selling out his own fellow amerindians who he should be protecting,i wonder how the red woman from OP gon deal with that if she knows because people say that she hand quick to slap and on many occasion she was seen slapping Roberts in public

  2. You’ve some seriously critical information written here. Nigel is very wicked how can the president allow this to continued this is not the first time he’s doing this I have put my full name I am not fearful of anything

  3. I have also been told by a female that dharamlall did attempted to rape her when he offered her a ride and instead took her to his office, fortunate for her, she was able to fight him and ran out of the office. He then threatened to kill her if she ever disclosed it to anyone. I was begged by this young lady not let anyone know..

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