Guyana Police Stations & outposts closed for business after dark

As part of a recently held Citizens Security Program we monitored the following Guyana Police Stations and outposts:

  1. Kitty Police Station
  2. Stabroek Market Outpost
  3. Water Street Outpost
  4. Agricola Outpost
  5. Albertown Police Station
  6. East Ruimveldt Police Station
  7. East La Penitence Police Station
  8. Prashad Nagar Police Outpost

All the locations monitored locked their doors after dark and some even padlocked the gates.

Guyanese Citizens are aware that the Guyana Police generally do not perform their duties during daylight hours but after dark the message is closed for business.
Police were observed in two locations taking complaints through the locked gate and window. more to come


5 thoughts on “Guyana Police Stations & outposts closed for business after dark

  1. This is very inadequate. What am I suppose to understand with this news piece?

    A number of police stations/ outposts are closed during the night. Okay I understand that , but why are they closed? Put some flesh on this bone, it lacks even marrow.

    a) do the police force practice business hours? 9 to 5 or 7.30 to 4 or whatever?
    b) when did the police force stopped being a 24 hour organization?
    c) what is the cause of this measurement?

    A 24 hour organization especially an organization that renders a service to the general public, an organization which is responsible for the safety of the general public do not suddenly changes its policy and implements business hours, there must be a serious deadly legitimate reason.

    All you mention is the EFFECT, the closing of police stations at night.
    What is the CAUSE?

    CAUSE is always followed by EFFECT.

  2. There is always a good Reason for bad Situations,it could be let the Devils Patriots do there Amazing night Jobs Attacks on the Citizens through the Efforts of the Policing in G/Y.

  3. Granger dogs of war, prowling the streets in G/Y. Given the chance granger boys will attack the police stations and steal de guns. Like you dumb or wat. Granger is an army man. one of he boys get shot in sheriff street robbing a store. granger took pictures with him and supply him with guns.

  4. old people seh, jumbie gon hold you if you deh out past six o’clock.

    Pandit-G……………………..the one and only bandit, oops, i meant PANDIT that treat the cow so sacred, that he like his beef well-done with A1.

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