Garbage Tourism, Main Street Georgetown Guyana.

Garbage Tourism, Main Street Georgetown Guyana.

Those photographs shows the condition of Main Street Georgetown Guyana
Ministry of Tourism
MINISTRY OF TOURISM Minister Irfaan Ali (ag) 229 South Road, Lacytown Georgetown, Guyana Tel #: 592-226-8695. Fax .#:225-9898.

image image image image image Irfaan Ali (ag)

Who have the biggest house and Land in Leonora ?

Who have the biggest house and Land in Leonora ?

Main Street Georgetown Guyana



4 thoughts on “Garbage Tourism, Main Street Georgetown Guyana.

  1. If G/Y have a complete teams of Trashes & Garbage’s the Govt is busy helping themselves,what else can be expected,on this ungreatful people govt.

  2. I am quite sure it is not the govt. that is responsible for the litter of garbage, I am sure no minister took his garbage and scatter it all over. I have seen garbage littering the sidewalks all over the country.
    Guyanese throws their garbage wherever they want, there is no control nor fines for littering.

    The people is responsible for the cleanliness of their environment, the govt is responsible for the collection of garbage.

    No pride, no sense of cleanliness, feelings of responsibility nor accountability in the entire country, no matter who or what they are.

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