Real Luxury 101: The Marriott Hotel Guyana film

Join Real Guyana for a tour of the beach as our new first class Marriott hotel nears the end of its construction phase. Some would say this is one of the most barefacedly corrupt projects undertaken by the government in our history and some even that no feasibility study was constructed and the area is not fit for a hotel. We like to see for ourselves. The Guyana Chamber of Industry and Commerce (G.C.C.I) released the latest edition of their investor magazine last month and after condemning the project as one members felt was the lowest priority, did an about turn and treated us to a front page spread depicting an artists impression of the finished hotel. Not only did the impression contain blue water (something you’ll find nowhere in Guyana) but it also featured a lovely beach, at this point it was decided the public need to see and judge for themselves. Consider this the first of such videos examining this project.
You’ve heard all the hype now take a firsthand look at this ‘luxurious beachfront’ and judge for yourself. Ask yourself if this is honestly the best way to spend $4billion dollars of taxpayer money before any work is done addressing the garbage piling up in the city and clogging the waterways. One thing is for sure, if you book a room here we can promise you a view to remember…that doesn’t mean it’s something you’ll wish you never saw. The government are calling this a sign of development even as child labour continues to be ubiquitous, homeless people are flooding the streets and raw sewage is leaking out of every crack and corner of the city into the drains. Also ask yourself if this is enough to bring the thousands of tourists they expect to arrive… and what kind of pictures those tourists will be taking home to show their friends and family.
Real Guyana deeply believe this money would have been better spent elsewhere; only 1billion is needed to carry out the necessary sea defense works as rising sea levels threaten the lives of thousands along the coast. Instead we are told the money just isn’t there…As we say in Guyana, ‘pick sense from nonsense’. Real Dirty


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