Tim Annen attacked & robbed – seeking report from Guyana Police

online crime reporting system
I was in a an Ambassador taxi returning from The GMRC (go cart track) to the Princess hotel Drivers name Suresh phone:*** ****[removed]. We were stopped in traffic with the windows down in front of the school waiting for the light to change and a black man came form behind to the side of the car, punched me in the neck and ripped a 28-30 inch heavy gold chain which also had my wedding ring on it from my neck. Total Value of the chain $2800 USD. The ring was $1200 USD. I pursued him to an alley on the previous street until he got on the bike and road down another ally. Locals who witnessed the attack identified him as Channa mans son and directed me to his fathers residence beside the ally he when down. His fathers name is Serge. Heated words with his father were exchanged and he indicate that his son was a thief and accepted no responsibly for the crime. I was than advised by the taxi driver to report the crime.

date of crime 25-JULY-2014
type of crime ATTACK AND THEFT over $4000 USD
location MANDELA in front of the school
additional information This was reported to the Ruimveldt Police Station on the date occurred. The 3 officers were more interested in the cricket game on the TV then taking my statement and information. The woman who took the information wrote it all down on a blank piece of paper. I was introduced to and sat with the minister of Tourism Mr. Irfaan Ali on Saturday July 26th for lunch at the Coastal Hotel restaurant and he made a phone call to some one to look into it. To date i have not heard any response. I need a copy of the police report for insurance purposes. Please contact me as soon as possible.

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