shameer mohammed, murderer of donna mc kinnon – cold case files

we’ve made a mistake over the years on the name of this victim. her name is DONNA MC KINNON not Donna Mc Calmon as we’ve been using. We are making the necessary corrections

propaganda press!

shameer mohammed killer of donna mccalmon
did you guys check out shameer mohammed the owner of ocean spray hotel who killed black sister donna mccalmon mc kinnon on robb st.

Ocean Spray Hotel
46 Stanley Place
Kitty, Georgetown
South America

Tel +592 227 3763-5
Fax +592 225 3911
Email [via Reservation/ Inquiry form]

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2 thoughts on “shameer mohammed, murderer of donna mc kinnon – cold case files

  1. Shameer was a member of a drug lord phanthom squad between 2002 and 2005 . He and his friends killed lots of black youths. He is also involved in the housing scam with Irafaan Ali (housing minister) where he gets free house lots and sell houses on them and he and Irfaan split the profit. He and Bharat is also friends , he uses the CIOG as his cover.he is linked to drug dealing also.

  2. i know this guy he is an enforcer for the Nandalall Cartel. This is the guy that made a porn tape with the late Gavin Narine step mother and bullied gavin widow into a relationship when gavin narine died claiming the he will protect her and son. He is also in a relation ship with lee ann lorrimer (dr jabour wife).He uses his Phanthom (drug cartel) friends to bully weak women into relationships if not his drug buddies comes knocking on your door.he is very big drug dealer and works for Min Irfan Ali in the housing business. he gets house lots from irfan ali and builds houses and they split the profits.He is also a Freedom house enforcer and does security/hits for them.

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