Jam Zone NYC cancelled, Hits & Jams admits serious money troubles

Statement from Hits & Jams Entertainment

kerwin bollers and rawle ferguson

cocaine twins kerwin bollers & rawle ferguson did not apply for American visas for jamzone NYC. guess why?

Hits and Jams Entertainment would like to offer sincere apologies to all the persons who purchased their tickets with the intention of attending this event last evening. It was very disappointing, even for us, to discover at the last moment that hosting this event at the Village would be impossible. Our team worked diligently to come to a financial solution at a crucial time and while we understand that the new venue is some time away from the initial location, it was the only available space of that magnitude at a reasonable price that would offer us an immediate booking.

Last night’s unfortunate turn of events was beyond the control of promoters! However, we have tried our best to develop an alternative plan which we believe can have the same effect. While our team has been overwhelmed financially by this major set back, our focus now is the come back! We truly appreciate the section of supporters who are still rooting for our success as we redeem ourselves! Jamzone NYC will go on tonight at Amazura! Once again, we apologize to everyone wholeheartedly!

We are not currently processing refunds on tickets purchased.

Hits & Jams are in so much trouble financially they’ve surrendered Jam Zone and all related events to Odinga Lumumba going under the McNeil Enterprise banner.
They’ve failed to pay their bills for so long the host company shut down their website http://jamzonesummerbreak.com/


4 thoughts on “Jam Zone NYC cancelled, Hits & Jams admits serious money troubles

  1. Money back….. ppl work ppl come from far ppl dont drive to run go queens. Nd other ppl got their events already plan out. yo money dont come for free in life I dont care how its little cash its cash at the end of the day. yal going get the backlash hits nd jam I want my money straight

  2. Hits and guava jam, I can’t buy ticket from them anymore all that coke money them get and trying to Robb people

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