cashed checque showing Rishi Misir robbed USA pandits parishad

check showing rishi misir receiving usa mandir money
propaganda press took a lot of flack for bandit pandits Pavinranauth Parsram & Rishie Misir @ stealing USA Pandits Parishad

Joe: I am really wondering why all this is a topic of discussion especially since there is no proof of what is being said. Secondly, propaganda means information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. This definition is taken from I am wondering what sort of good things come from spreading falsified rumors and misrepresentation of our leaders. What are you people trying to accomplish. These individuals have stolen nothing. The USA Pandits’ Parishad has been started from inception by a group of Pandits and not by a single Pandit. Stop throwing ill-repute upon those who have worked hard to make things happen for the upliftment of the community. Pt. Parasram and Pt. Rishi are NOT thieves! The only ones that are thieves are those individuals stealing the right to the truth from the public and the West Indian-Hindu community at large. I guarantee you that this is not going to stop here and you all who have taken it upon yourselves to destroy someone who has impeccable character will most definitely reach your demise in the worst ways possible. There is no reason to pick on these individuals as they have not stolen anything. If they have stolen anything then there should be proof and not simply throwing stones to hurt someone else. When the law of action and reaction come into play we will see who the real thieves are and we will see what will happen to those individuals’ lives who attempt to destroy such individuals as Pt. Parasram and Pt. Rishi. If we have learnt anything from Mahabharat, it is that God does not reside in numbers but in righteousness and those who go against it are bound to fail. Have a great day and become a better person for yourselves and not for anyone else.

well here you go Joe and friends. more proof and we expect to hear back from you soon

Checque showing Rishi Misir receiving USA Mandir Money



2 thoughts on “cashed checque showing Rishi Misir robbed USA pandits parishad

  1. We see in Ministries , being used the Gospels of God from all Religious Background for there personal gains,they brain wash the Masses Followers,good luck Preachers the Evils that men live .

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