It is advisable to stay away from goats,Rohee and those wild accusations

goat Ya get
Dear Editor,
Earlier in the evening as I was looking at the HGP’s Nightly News I saw a very disgusting comment coming from none other than the Minister of Home Affairs and the PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee.

Mr. Rohee went on a tirade accusing the PNC and APNU leader, Brig David Granger, of being associated with criminal elements. Rohee, I think, is the most idiotic and naïve person and Minister that this country has produced.

This man who goes on national television and makes these wild accusations is also the man in charge of the Security forces of this country. I am beginning to wonder why or what is preventing him from handing over whatever information he may have in his possession to the Guyana Police Force which is the legitimate organization and the organization that comes under Mr. Rohee’s watch.

It leaves a lot to be desired why the subject Minister has not as yet handed whatever evidence he has to the relevant organization or is it that he is literally and figuratively at the same time saying that he doesn’t have the confidence in the G.P.F. the same as the average Guyanese or is he following Bharrat Jagdeo who had also told this nation that he has in his possession a video tape or recording implicating senior members of the P.N.C of having ties to the Buxton “ freedom fighters”.

The nation is still awaiting the surfacing of this tape too.

Mr. Rohee should be the last person to talk about criminals because he may have forgotten the days when he made the lives of the bananas and plantains farmers on the West Coast of Demerara / West Bank areas miserable.

Mr. Rohee it is best to hand over your evidence to the GPF and if during their investigations it is proven that Brig Granger indeed has ties to criminal elements then that by itself is a surplus for the government. In the mean time, Mr. Rohee, while you contemplate on whether or not to hand over your evidence it is advisable to stay away from goats.

Randy Persaud


One thought on “It is advisable to stay away from goats,Rohee and those wild accusations

  1. Who are the legal owners of Kaiteur and Stabroek newspapers and what if any are their political affiliations? Is there any any rag in Guyana today without political masters since the Chronicle? Which if any is the Independent, Guardian or Times of Guyana. Since the deaths of the Argosy and Graphic true and impartial journalism went to the dogs.

    I ask merely out of curiosity, especially prior to voting with my feet because others voted for me without my agreement and or consent, and fear of the bovver boys would do prevented me from speaking out. Only a couple of good friends I was able to confide in about such issues. Nearly every acquaintance drank soup.


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