guyana govt minister irfaan ali accused of rape

late breaking news

big taliban making eyes with one of his ladies of the night - dehoop mahaica pump station commisioning aug 20 2010

big taliban making eyes with one of his ladies of the night – dehoop mahaica pump station commisioning aug 20 2010

a young woman is alleging that minister of housing and tourism irfaan ali raped her last Friday 4july 2014.

crime and corruption is nothing new to irfaan ali. years before he was appointed minister he arranged a fake kidnapping of his girlfriend Marceline bacchus then attempted to extort her parents.

with Guyana as a major trans-shipment point for cocaine and Mexican cartels operating in Guyana, minister ali has made a few secretive trips to mexico.

two days ago minister ali fled the country and left a ministry vehicle parked at the airport.

additionally, irfaan ali is a major player in the latest fly by night airline trying to fleece Guyanese, the now defunct dynamic airlines.

back in may at the ministry of housing retreat at BK Tiwari’s place in mazaruni, minister irfaan ali was present in a room where a gang rape of a govt employee occurred.

his wild lifestyle and whoring about is the reason his wife left him and moved to Canada.
there are 46 stories related to this character on propaganda press. read and get to know this monster named irfaan ali.


4 thoughts on “guyana govt minister irfaan ali accused of rape

  1. OMG! This ugly loser molested a woman! I hope it wasn’t a white woman 😦

    By the way, white women are natural with their looks while West Indian women try so hard to imitate them.
    There are plenty of white women who are gorgeous and have higher university degrees than oppressed women in the West Indies. White women have been at the forefront of the growth of the American economy at the disgust of misogynists.
    Misogynists namely Elliot Rodger is a loser who used acts of terrorism to intimidate innocent white Christian and Jewish women in California. Visible minorities loathe that their skin, IQ and character are inferior to the white women.
    The average life expectancy in the West Indies is 65, but here in the modern world, we live up to 90 and 100. For nearly three decades researchers have known that better-educated women are living increasingly longer than those with less education.
    White women are the best and we are proud to be women in a patriarchy society!

      • Admin, this “angela” person sounds a lot like janet jagan. Exhumed from the grave, to yet again haunt Guyanese with her drivel. Being jewish as well, is adding up to explain her activist feminist bent.

        janet ancestry was Jewish, although American born from Chicago. Her ancestral roots are from Old-Europe where the doctrine of communist/marxist/leninist & socialism was created and practiced to this day. cheddie on the other hand, heritage came from capitalist roots, where entrepreneurship flourished.

        Not until he met janet, where she introduced him to the communist/marxist/leninist & socialism theory. Being literally, a “country-bumpkin”, when he went to America to study. I am sure he never in his most wishful fantasies, dreamt of “eating_a_white_meat” (from Sparrow’s Conga-Man song), lol. Especially, him meeting and hooking up with a “blue_eyed_bougee”, much less to marry. To return to impress his kilt & kin. (knowing how some of those Bollywood_type_Guyanese feel about their complexion). Ready to accept a white-woman without question. Where she was put on a pedestal (throne) and held in hi esteem, treated as a godess. As in those days, even today. anything white is superior to the ‘locals’ lack of self esteem.

        Anyways, janet on the other hand, were like old hillary clinton. An opportunist & “gold-digger”. Ready to hook up and brain-wash the gullible cheddie and Guyanese. Where it seemed, at the time, he was on his way to greatness. So she hooked up her wagon to his and the rest was history.

        janet jagan was a hard-core left-wing type feminist all her life in the USA. She preached, lived and breathe communist/marxist/leninist & socialism. Although, she hadn’t many takers to her philosophy in the US. As she wasn’t taken seriously but more of an irritant or pain_in_the_ass. Not until, she met cheddie and came to Guyana. Where her star began to rise, beyond her wildest dreams. She, cheddie including burnham were co-founders of the left-wing PPP. She gradually easing herself into the Guyanese political body-politic. Introducing her feminist ideas for starters. She took part in labor activism along with her cheddie and joined the British Guiana Labor Union. She got elected to the House of Assembly. Became Minister of Labour, Health and Housing. Minister of Home Affairs Prime Minister. As well as First Vice President and Guyana’s first Jewish, U.S.-born and first female President of Guyana.

        Together, she, cheddie including burnham, the ppp & pnc. After over 50 years. Guyana is still a backwater, hell-hole, competing with Haiti for last place, economically & social. Where corruption, crime, drugs running, money laundering are the evil legacy of these characters. In this hideous soap opera called Guyana. Where the common people suffer in poverty and tyranny. Just to dream of escaping, to run at the first opportunity, even as refugees. To anywhere that will take them, by any means necessary. At a rate between 2002-12, the USA alone, issued 50 thousand visas. Not counting other countries, where more Guyanese live, than inside Guyana. Losing 138,144 persons to outward migration.

        REFERENCE: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
        Google, Janet Jagan.

  2. The Europeans Countries ,are the Foundations of the Third World Developments,This Monster Irfa an is a Shady Disgusting, Rotten, Monster,He is Ripping Off & Corrupted the Water Company,to Force people to Pay outstanding Water Bill Accounts ,that they are not Contracted for before they Can get Water Supply to there Premises.
    The Water Bill Doe’s not state that at the Back of the Billing Agreements,this is outside no where on the Billing Agreements.
    This Matter need a Class Actions on his Disgusting Minister Administrations.He need some Jail Time, but all the Ministers are Exempt from Wrong doings in Corrupted G/Y Law.

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