A PitBull Name Priya Manickchand on the Loose, Also answer by the Name BOOO.

Priya Manickchand

…attempts to humiliate US Ambassador

In what can only be the most shocking abuse of hospitality and a disregard for the diplomatic norms, Guyana’s Acting

Foreign Minister, Priya Manickchand, last evening launched into an attack on United States Ambassador, Dr. D. Brent Hardt. And for her efforts she was soundly booed by the invitees.
The occasion was the observance of America’s 238th anniversary of its independence. Just two days earlier, Ambassador Hardt, addressing a youth forum called Blue Caps, was critical of the Guyana Government for its failure to hold Local Government elections.

This so rankled the ruling People’s Progressive Party that yesterday, it issued a statement that chided Ambassador Hardt for meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign government. Minister Manickchand extended this criticism when she shared the podium at the American Independence Anniversary, last night.
Early in her speech she lauded Ambassador Hardt for his comments about Guyana. “For a very long time, we were a country that lacked free and fair elections. Thanks to your good record keeping and declassification of documents, we have confirmed that those elections were presented by external forces effectively retarding the democratic process.”

She then launched into an attack on the comments of the Ambassador but not before she had noted the absence of democracy in some agencies. She said that there is a situation today where Guyana must comply with certain international acts.
“Our banks will soon have to comply” with a measure that will see local commercial banks providing information to the United States Government on American citizens banking in Guyana.

“We have to comply with what Big Brother wants.” By the same measure, Guyana cannot expect the United States to accept or to comply with actions demanded against it. Antigua and Barbuda secured a ruling by the World Trade Organisation against the United States which is still to comply with that decision.

Below is an excerpt of her address at the independence anniversary celebration.

Ambassador Brent Hardt
“The occasion is mine tonight to reflect specifically on the activities of the representative of the US Government here, Ambassador Brent Hardt. Less than three years ago, Ambassador Hardt was made welcome to Guyana.

 Shortly after bombarding Hardt’s US Ambassador to Guyana, the  PitBull Priya Manickchand Acting as Foreign Minister, and Presidential Advisor on Governance, AKA Wilkinson Razor Blade Gail Teixeira walked out of the reception that was held at the Ambassador’s residence. Manickchand said Hardt’s tenure resulted in tensions between the two countries.

Shortly after bombarding Hardt’s US Ambassador to Guyana, the PitBull Priya Manickchand Acting as Foreign Minister, and Presidential Advisor on Governance, AKA Wilkinson Razor Blade Gail Teixeira walked out of the reception that was held at the Ambassador’s residence. Manickchand said Hardt’s tenure resulted in tensions between the two countries.

During those years of his posting in Guyana, Ambassador Hardt has contributed to a tension-filled relationship with the Government of Guyana. These areas of tense relationships have attracted considerable efforts on our part to address oftentimes without much success.
Ambassador Hardt’s most recent assault on the President and Government of Guyana in his remarks to the recently created NGO, the Blue Caps, has in our judgment, gone beyond the boundaries of professionalism and diplomacy.
For a professional Foreign Service Office, with the appointment of an Ambassador, to make such declarations, accusations, allegations and innuendos about the Executive President of Guyana, or of any country for that matter, is to our mind, totally unacceptable.
As one reads his diatribe against our President, our outrage mounts at the liberties he has taken with diplomatic conventions, commitment to accuracy and sense of occasion. This situation, I report, is intolerable. The Ambassador has been associated with a dedicated attack on the President and the government on the holding of Local Government elections.

The Ambassador has been supported in his…this ill-conceived venture, by the opposition section of the media and his colleagues in the diplomatic corps. We have not lost any efforts in correcting their hopelessly jaundiced views of the situation.
His superficial grasp is revealed by his misinformation about the Bill. Worse yet, is his reluctance to have views of the hosting of Local Government elections corroborated by other knowledgeable stakeholders, other than the Chairman of GECOM. The Ambassador’s behaviour is totally unacceptable.

It is this government’s pledge that it will not accept such. The superpower status of the United States is acknowledged. Ambassador Brent (sic) has probably presented Guyana’s…America’s credentials as a model nation for the rest of the world. His reported declarations to the Blue Cap (sic) NGO, made in his presentation, unreservedly laud America and its democratic norms and practices. All of us here know better.
Among us here, the memory of 1950 to 1960 US interference in Guyana persists. All of us here…are daily reminded of the consequences of America’s zeal to democratize the world…And the consequences and the people of Guyana live those consequences until today. Those consequences question the Ambassador’s moral correctness in lecturing Guyana and for that matter the rest of the world.
For the Guyana Government, his nuanced resort to justifying insurrection in his remarks to the NGO Blue Caps, and here tonight, is profoundly disturbing. A collection of young minds being invited to such a mind-set for future engagement with an elected government warrants our immediate repudiation.
Like his President, Barack Obama, there exists a red line.

This Ambassador has crossed that line. Unlike his President, we are resolved, we have resolved and we so advise our partners, with whom we share conventions and symbiotic relations, this is our red line. Behaviour such as this would not be tolerated within the boundaries of mutual respect, diplomatic relations and inter-government collaboration.
In closing, we extend warmest greetings and congratulations to President Obama and the people of America on this historic occasion. I thank you.
Please allow me to propose a toast to the President of America and the people of the United States of America. Happy Independence.”
Soon after, in an unprecedented move, the Ambassador returned to the podium to proclaim. “Oh, What a send off!” He then challenged the government to provide evidence that he has not acted in the best interest of the country and its people.
He leaves Guyana in August. And Minister Manickchand, in the company of Presidential Advisor Gail Teixeira, staged a walk-out from the reception.


23 thoughts on “A PitBull Name Priya Manickchand on the Loose, Also answer by the Name BOOO.

  1. Ambassador Brent Hardt said yesterday, that MANIC_MANIAC_chan’s public embarrassment of him at his residence on July 2nd was a personal attack intended to divert attention from issues that are paramount to the development of Guyana.

    Ambassador Hardt also said , ““I think you probably notice in the course of the attack, there was no substantive response to the issues that I raised,”.

    • HEY!!! “MANIC_chan”!!!




    • ““I think you probably notice in the course of the attack, there was no substantive response to the issues that I raised,”….FUCKING CLASSY !!

  2. This is one of them Clown that ContributeTo tear down G/Y for them personal gains,she feels she knows it better than the Top Nations Ranks,Thanks to President Carter.
    These Cronies Cabals need all there US Visa Confiscated ,that represented the Govt & Freedom House Dictators.

  3. When the America ,drop the ‘Hammer Sanctions’ on there Boxide,they will keep Trash meetings & Cuss down the word of America & the Oppositions.
    How much US Millions, she sells her’ House at Prado 2 to Dave’ for US Dollors that Shady Cracodile.

  4. 140,000 CAN’T BE WRONG.


    We don’t run to INDIA, CHINA, CUBA OR RUSSIA – with all its cynics and misery, we run to ‘UNCLE SAM’.
    The PPP Cabal is supported directly(drug money) & indirectly by remittances from the Uncle Sam.

    Even if you hate a country, it’s independence day…is that smart(uummm)?




    WE ARE GO-GETTERS, HUSTLERS(see above articles)…
    WE ARE PROFESSIONALS – not mediocre professionals…

  5. PitBull Priya Maniac_Chan is an Idiot. Jagdeo and Ramotar set her up to this nonsense and she fell for it hook line and sinker. She did’nt embarrass the Ambassador, the fool only succeeded in embarrassing herself. Freddie was right when he said she sounded like a “market woman”. She has no class, you can take a pig out of the piggery but you cannot take the piggery out of the pig. And she is a very fat “pig” indeed.

  6. And this is what happens when a naive and reckless approach to foreign policy … in Washington … decides to promote a view that America is “unexceptional”.

    It was only a matter of time before this occurred, before some egotistical maniac decided that THEY instead were “exceptional”! If the brightest and best among us say nothing, the likes of the Manickchand sisters will say whatever they will, and in this case probably with the consent and instruction of the current President of Guyana.

    It is inconceivable that, as Acting Foreign Affairs Minister, she could say what she said without the approval of the Office of the President!

    That’s why we have always advocated that the silence attendant to the issues initially outlined in “Greed, Genocide … and now ‘Green’: Corruption and Underdevelopment in Guyana” ( http://www.scribd.com/doc/17958657/Greed-Genocide-and-now-Green-Corruption-and-Underdevelopment-in-Guyana ) must now cease!

    Feeding the beast of deception is not a sustainable pursuit…

  7. The US Ambassador was/ is so CLASSY…he KNOWS what he is dealing with———- CORRUPTION PPP Style, SUPPRESSION of the PEOPLE through NO Local Elections since 1994!!

    I hate that I was ever a Guyanese…CITIZENS that can be Suppressed for 20+ years…through the voting of FEARFUL UNEDUCATED DENIZENS, but I’m a naturalized AMERICAN NOW…so no more suppression for me!


    Thanks for FINISHING STRONG Mr. US Ambassador! U had me scared for couple of months…thought u were going to lethargic like your predecessor!

    HOPE we get another ENERGETIC US Ambassador that can take the TROPICAL HEAT, that comes with corruption!!

  8. Just another PPP PUPPET reading a PREPARED SPEECH!

    CORRUPT PPP voter: “Guyanese can’t handle freedom, they’ll go CORRUPT & FIGHT each other, so we will keep serving PPP/ Chinese cocK to the ENTIRE country of freedom Lovers!!”

  9. Pingback: flashback : priya manickchand shows off her 1st american anchor baby in guyana | propaganda press!

  10. Wow what a bunch of misogynist losers! Why do you Ghana men treat your women so poorly? You Ghana men need to be arrested for uttering threats to innocent women!

    • first of all jew lady, get off the coke. Ghana and Guyana are two different countries. we wont deal with all the other ignorance you’ve posted on this site.

      • Admin, don’t sweat the small stuff although you’re RIGHT to call her out for her RACIST, SEXIST, PREJIDUCIAL, etc, among others.

        This “angela” CARIACTURE sounds a lot like janet jagan. Exhumed from the grave, to yet again haunt Guyanese with her drivel. Being jewish as well, is adding up to explain her activist feminist bent.

        janet ancestry was Jewish, although American born from Chicago. Her ancestral roots are from Old-Europe where the doctrine of communist/marxist/leninist & socialism was created and practiced to this day. cheddie on the other hand, heritage came from capitalist roots, where entrepreneurship flourished.

        Not until he met janet, where she introduced him to the communist/marxist/leninist & socialism theory. Being literally, a “country-bumpkin”, when he went to America to study. I am sure he never in his most wishful fantasies, dreamt of “eating_a_white_meat” (from Sparrow’s Congo-Man song), lol. Especially, him meeting and hooking up with a “blue_eyed_bougee”, much less to marry. To return to impress his kilt & kin. (knowing how some of those Bollywood_type_Guyanese feel about their complexion). Ready to accept a white-woman without question. Where she was put on a pedestal (throne) and held in hi esteem, treated as a godess. As in those days, even today. anything white is superior to the ‘locals’ lack of self esteem.

        Anyways, janet on the other hand, were like old hillary clinton. An opportunist & “gold-digger”. Ready to hook up and brain-wash the gullible cheddie and Guyanese. Where it seemed, at the time, he was on his way to greatness. cheddie were the perfect patsy for her to be “TRAINED or WHOOPED” into shape for her ideas to put into practice and that she did with gusto. So she hooked up her wagon to his and the rest was history. By the time the brain-wash the gullible. low-self-esteemed cheddie and Guyanese knew it, she was large and in charge. She was able to bring and practice her & the doctrine of communist/marxist/leninist & socialist dogma. Tried to hijack the government & Guyana, (a budding wannabe state of the USSR, but they weren’t able to. Why you ask? SIMPLE they weren’t CAUCASION, in other words WHITE. Hence, if you aren’t white you were right and NOT TO BE TRUSTED) to bring it under the umbrella of the USSR, now reduced to Russia only, in continental Europe.

        janet jagan was a hard-core left-wing type feminist all her life in the USA. She preached, lived and breathe communist/marxist/leninist & socialist. Although, she hadn’t many takers to her philosophy in the US. As she wasn’t taken seriously but more of an irritant or pain_in_the_ass. Not until, she met cheddie and came to Guyana. Where her star began to rise, beyond her wildest dreams. She, cheddie including burnham were co-founders of the left-wing PPP. She gradually easing herself into the Guyanese political body-politic. Introducing her feminist ideas for starters. She took part in labor activism along with her cheddie and joined the British Guiana Labor Union. She got elected to the House of Assembly. Became Minister of Labour, Health and Housing. Minister of Home Affairs Prime Minister. As well as First Vice President and Guyana’s first Jewish, U.S.-born and first female President of Guyana.

        Together, she, cheddie including burnham, the ppp & pnc. After over 50 years. Guyana is still a backwater, hell-hole, competing with Haiti for last place, economically & social. Where corruption, crime, drugs running, money laundering are the evil legacy of these characters. In this hideous soap opera called Guyana. Where the common people suffer the pain of poverty in tyranny & dictatorship. Just to dream of escaping, to run at the first opportunity, even as refugees. To anywhere that will take them, by any means necessary. At a rate between 2002-12, the USA alone, issued 50 thousand visas (Green-Card). Not counting other countries, where it is estimated more Guyanese live, than inside Guyana. Losing 138,144 persons to outward migration in those years. These figures are on the low end or average, it could be much more but NOT less.

        REFERENCE: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
        Google, Janet Jagan.

        • Chris Gayle and the question marks over non-white civilization


          If Chris Gayle had done in the United States what he did in Antigua last week, it is possible that even with an apology his credibility would have been lacerated. The trouble with Gayle is that he has added fuel to the fire inside the mind of VS Naipaul, who believes that the Caribbean will never be a formation of civilized substance.
          The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) leadership behaved no different from Gayle in response to the accusation that Gayle did a terrible thing. Gayle did commit an unspeakable sin, and the men in the CPL hierarchy were not soulful enough (maybe one should say civilized enough) to see that Gayle had stumbled badly. They defended Gayle.
          Then came another manifestation of the inherent problems with non-white civilization. The woman herself that Gayle insulted accepted her humiliation, and was proud to wear her slave badge on her sleeve in a conspicuous way.
          There was another manifestation of the congenital fault-lines in non-white civilization. The Caribbean people remained silent on what Gayle did and cheered him on as if they were in love with their slave masters.
          The final episode of this sad drama was that the slave woman was retained by her employer who turned a blind eye to her sickening servility. Before we turn to the question marks over non-white civilization, let’s look at Gayle himself (he knows which limb to jump pon – Gayle would not have done that in the UK).
          Even with the United States not being a cricketing nation, Chris Gayle will be the first name to come out of the mouth of American citizens if you ask them to name a cricketer who is a superstar. Mr. Gayle is one of the most recognizable faces in world sports. A billion people in India adore him more than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and other global sporting icons.
          The cult of Chris Gayle in Jamaica is exceeded only by the obsession with Usain Bolt. In the rest of the Caribbean, Chris Gayle is one of the geniuses that cricket gave birth to. While representing Jamaica at a formal, professional press conference, a female journalist asked Gayle how the pitch felt so far, in terms of the training (and) the weather. Gayle’s response was that he had not touched the journalist’s pitch yet, so he didn’t know how it feels.
          Take note – this was an internationally known sporting icon speaking at a formal press conference. It was sexist. It was gender-biased, and had the scent of profanity. But take note again – this was not Gayle speaking in a telephone conversation. This was not a Facebook moment. This was Gayle speaking on behalf of Jamaica and the Caribbean Premier League.
          Life is interesting. Days after Gayle embarrassed the people of the Third World came a shocker. One of the most celebrated novelists in the world; a Booker Prize Winner and a New York Times best seller, Arundhati Roy, called on India to remove all institutions bearing the name, Mahatma Gandhi, and to reassess Gandhi. She wrote that Gandhi cannot be a revered person when he was a shameless supporter of the brutal (her word) Indian caste system.
          The internationally respected British newspaper, The Guardian (for me a better paper than the New York Times which is rated as the best) gave Roy’s statement, prominent space with the following words; “Gandhi’s views on caste have been a long running argument among historians.”
          What is the relevance of Gandhi to an article on Chris Gayle? It is that Gandhi who symbolizes all that is good about the non-white races may not be what we think of him, meaning that maybe non-white civilization may have its evolution defects – see my articles – “Are white people superior to non-whites? Is it in the genes?” March 10, 2013 and “A new book argues for genetic superiority of some races.” May 25, 2014.
          By now most analysts would not be surprised that except for a lone voice from an Antiguan women group, the entire Caribbean society has ignored Gayle’s egregious indiscretion. But the Naipaulian creatures that inhabit Caribbean society would have been quick to jump on a white world leader if he had said that to a non-white journalist.
          Then you would have seen the mental corrugations inside the colonial mind. “You white elitist, you still think you are in charge of non-white people.” “He is a racist, sexist pig; he must resign.” “All white people think like this; they will never see us as equal to them.”
          But Arundhati Roy thinks that Gandhi didn’t see people as equal. Chris Gayle thinks women are the object of men’s sexual curiosity. And non-white people themselves think that they are inferior to the white man.

  11. priya like she forget the days when she use to suck carl singh the chanceller cock, or when the lil black boy used to drop cock on she inside she office in maraj building. Priya should not say anything much because she encourage her brother Anil to leave his legal married wife Sandra and take her friend who got her belly big for Anil. Priya is so wicked that she used to encourage her brother to go by her and fuck her friend knowing that he has his wife. No wonder why she swelling like a fucking whale and that’s why her husband Major Murli fucking them lil gals left right and centre, and poor porky, swell crappo priya deh home .

  12. priya MANIC_chan, tried to SUBVERT the Course-of-Justice. When she offered to PAYOFF (COMPENSATION) the SUFFERING FAMILY of 13-year-old, Jameel Mounter, who remains critical at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). So that the the driver of the Education Ministry’s vehicle who almost killed Jameel Mounter, can avoid facing JUSTICE.

    “According to the victim’s father, Melwin Mounter, the Ministry of Education should display “more interest” in his son’s critical condition, since it was the reckless driving of one of their officials that caused the accident.”
    The victim’s father, SUSPECTED A SCAM BEING OFFERED. Especially when, “the driver did not exit the car to lend assistance at the time of the incident, and it was left to Jameel’s two cousins and public spirited citizens to place the unconscious lad in the vehicle and get him to the Leonora Cottage Hospital.”

    THIS DEVIANT, DEGENERATE, DIRTY MACHIAVELLIAN_CHARLATAN. Just as her sister jaya who tried to EXTORT PAYMENT IN-ORDER TO BLACKMAIL Parliament’s House Speaker Mr. Trotman.


    Teen critical after being hit by Education Ministry’s vehicle


    After being struck by the driver of an Education Ministry’s vehicle on Sunday, 13-year-old, Jameel Mounter, remains
    critical at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).
    Mounter, a student of St. John’s Secondary School and resident of Stewartville, North East Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara, is being treated at the hospital’s paediatric ward. He is nursing several injuries to his head, neck and about his body.
    According to a cousin of the victim, Dania Alleyne, officials from the Ministry of Education offered a monetary donation to compensate the family for transportation expenses and necessities for the victim, but it was not accepted.

    Alleyne said that the teenager’s condition is life threatening. He has a “fractured skull and internal bleeding”. The donation was not accepted by the family due to the severity of the accident.
    According to Alleyne, the family is seeking only “justice.”

    She also said that the Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, visited the hospital on Tuesday to check on Mounter’s condition, and to lend support to the family.

    According to the victim’s father, Melwin Mounter, the Ministry of Education should display “more interest” in his son’s critical condition, since it was the reckless driving of one of their officials that caused the accident.
    He recommended that a representative from the Ministry be sent frequently at GPHC to check on his son’s condition.
    Mounter said that doctors will be meeting with the family tomorrow at GPHC, to present a complete analysis of his son’s current condition.

    He also noted that the driver of the Education Ministry’s vehicle was released on $100, 000 bail yesterday, after spending 72 hours in the Leonora Police Station.

    According to his father, Jameel Mounter was knocked down around 21:00 hours, while walking with two of his cousins to the Uitvlugt Community Centre, where the recent Jamboree was held.

    His father said that the three were walking in single file on the public road, when the Education Ministry’s vehicle “came from nowhere and struck Jameel from behind, pitching him in a nearby trench.”
    He alleged that the driver did not exit the car to lend assistance at the time of the incident, and it was left to Jameel’s two cousins and public spirited citizens to place the unconscious lad in the vehicle and get him to the Leonora Cottage Hospital.

    • Sexual allegations against Speaker…Plot against AFC backfiring on schemers – Ramjattan

      September 29, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News | By Abena Rockcliffe

      Members of the Alliance For Change (AFC) are convinced that the People Progressive Party (PPP) administration is the force behind sexual allegations made against co-founder of the Party and House Speaker, Raphael Trotman. However, they are being comforted by the fact that there has so far been no sign of dwindling support resulting from this saga.

      AFC leader, Khemraj Ramjattan told Kaieteur News that the plot is “now rebounding back into the face of the government.”
      He said that this is because of the several loopholes or discrepancies in the statements of Trotman’s accuser—Johnny Welshman Jnr.

      Another AFC member said that these discrepancies are more than eleven in number and pointed out some of these to be the number of times the offences allegedly occurred; the different ages of the accuser when the offences allegedly occurred and the sums of money allegedly offered to settle the matter.

      AFC leader, Khemraj Ramjattan told Kaieteur News that, “frankly, the political motivation to do damage to the Speaker is something that is making a lot of Guyanese question the integrity of this government.”
      He said that quite unlike what the PPP expected, the support of the AFC, from what he has been able to track, is by no means dwindling.
      “It has not done any harm because of the fact that when I walk the streets people tell me that they do not believe a word; they know that they (Govt.) is lying on the Speaker… thousands have come to the realization that it is pure scampishness on the part of the government.”

      Ramjattan said that Guyanese are upset and betrayed to the extent where, from his estimation, the PPP administration is “going to pay a big price for setting this thing up just to tarnish and besmirch the character of the Speaker of the National Assembly.”

      General Secretary of the AFC, David Patterson spoke in harmony with the views expressed by his leader.
      Patterson said that AFC members who reside in the various administrative Regions of Guyana have, since the allegation was made public, written several letters reaffirming their commitment to the Party as well as their faith in Trotman.
      “The people in Region Two are disgusted by what is happening. They reminded of the happenings when similar tactics were used against them when they had the simple protest action for the paddy prices.”
      The General Secretary said that the AFC has also been in receipt of letters from Regions Five, Six and Nine.
      “I think this whole scheme actually galvanized support for our Party and time has proved that it was not a very well thought out plot,” said Patterson.

      Last Friday, Trevor Williams, on behalf of the Youth For Change—AFC’s youth arm—told the media that all support is behind Trotman.

      Prepared for what comes next AFC Leader, Ramjattan told Kaieteur News that his Party is fully prepared for most aspects of what is expected to come next and is on the verge of upping security protection for its members.
      The Attorney-at-Law said that it is well known – the measures that the PPP can go to when its back is against the wall.
      He added that the AFC expected the mudslinging to start so the Trotman allegation didn’t come as a surprise.
      Ramjattan said that all executive members of the AFC are bracing themselves as they all know that anyone of them can be next.

      “We knew that this was going to come because this is the way they (the PPP administration) do it. You may recall a number of occurrences of the last elections, the cocaine in pepper sauce allegation and the allegations that came against me; a number of things happened at the last elections; and knowing the PPP, we expected them again,” said Ramjattan.

      The political leader added that members of his Party are looking to make every preparation for their security with knowledge of what the PPP is capable of.

    • Teen struck down by Ministry official ‘brain dead’ – hospital


      Hospital officials have given 13-year-old Jameel Mounter little chance of recovering from the horrendous injuries he suffered two Sundays ago when he was struck by an Education Ministry official’s car.

      Jameel, who suffered severe head injuries, is on a life support machine at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and senior hospital sources confirmed yesterday that he has been declared ‘brain dead’.
      Relatives told Kaieteur News yesterday that they have received that same prognosis from GPHC officials.
      “They say that he is brain-dead and that nothing can be done,” a female relative said.

      Kaieteur News was told that a senior official from the Ministry of Education had promised to arrange a meeting with some of the relatives yesterday, but no one showed up.
      Chief Education Officer Olato Sam and other officials have met with the teen’s mother and offered to assist with travelling expenses. The family has rejected the offer, saying that they are seeking ‘justice’.

      The official who struck down Jameel has reportedly expressed his regret to some of the lad’s relatives. He is on $100,000 station bail and police are reportedly waiting on further details on the victim’s condition before laying charges.

      Mounter, of North-East Stewartville Housing Scheme, was walking on the West Coast Demerara Public Road with two other relatives when he was allegedly struck from behind.
      A cousin of the injured lad told Kaieteur News that they were walking in single file, while heading to Uitvlugt at around 21.00 hrs last week Sunday, when a car “came from nowhere” and struck Jameel.

      She alleged that the driver, identified as an Education Official, did not come out of the car, and it was left to her and another relative to place the unconscious lad in the man’s vehicle. He was taken to the Leonora Cottage Hospital.
      According to the cousin, the official who had struck down the boy tried to leave the scene while doctors were tending to the unconscious teen. She said he eventually remained after she stood in front of his vehicle.
      Jameel Mounter was subsequently transferred to the GPHC.

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