Guyana second most corrupt country in caribbean, edged out by haiti

ppp crime family inc.

ppp crime family inc.

Country’s corruption rating worsens
July 1, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News
…Haiti first, Guyana second

President Ramotar, after nearly three years as President, still cannot pronounce on the NCN report. The Marriott Hotel project still has more questions than answers.
This year, the Finance Minister has spent $4.5B without the approval of the National Assembly.
Then there was the Internal Auditor with the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority who was sent packing, because he unearthed fraud and recommended that the Chief Executive Officer, Lionel Wordsworth, be sanctioned.
These are some of the things that have contributed to the findings by Transparency International which rates Guyana as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
The Corruption Perceptions Index compiled by Transparency International for 2013 has found that Guyana has slipped lower than the previous year giving rise to a perceived increase in corruption under the Donald Ramotar Administration.
Of all the countries of the world: Out of a score of 100 Denmark and New Zealand scored the best in the world with a score 91 each.
Somalia was perceived to be the most corrupt of the 177 countries across the world that was surveyed.
In the Caribbean region Barbados is rated 15th with a score of 75 while Jamaica and Trinidad are tied at 83rd with a score of 38.
Guyana, however is tied with Bangladesh, Kenya, and Ivory Coast at 136th with a score 27. In 2012 Guyana had scored 28 points.
Guyana remains the second most corrupt country in the Caribbean according to the report, just above Haiti which scored 19.
The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be.
A country or territory’s score indicates the perceived level of public sector corruption on a scale of 0 – 100, where 0 means that a country is perceived as highly corrupt and 100 means it is perceived as very clean.
A country’s rank indicates its position relative to the other countries and territories included in the index.
According to Transparency International no country has a perfect score, and two-thirds of countries score below 50.
“This indicates a serious, worldwide corruption problem…The world urgently needs a renewed effort to crack down on money laundering, clean up political finance, pursue the return of stolen assets and build more transparent public institutions.”


4 thoughts on “Guyana second most corrupt country in caribbean, edged out by haiti

  1. This is how these Wise guys ,Eye & Ross passes the Grass Roots hard working Citizens,for there Fat Fowl life style.

  2. “President Ramotar, after nearly three years as President, still cannot pronounce on the NCN report.”

    The PPP cannot pronounce on the report because the report is damning and the suspects are East Indians and the PPP do not want their “own” to be held accountable. The PPP GOVT is racist. point blank.

    Black People better wake up and understand how racist this government is.

  3. If U should expose the Cronies Cabals,when leaving G/T on a Visit U being Certain to Be a Victim of Checking In Harassements ,be aware of those Cabal owners of G/Y,that have the Airline staff’s to act on there Corrupted Behalf at CJIA.

  4. When You give Honest Comments on the G/Y Cronies,they Turn around and paint you the Individual as a Radical for no proper Reason’s.They don’t want to hear about Honesty.
    I do Hope they can continue to take a Moment ,& let the People Know who are The True and Penetrating Cronies Radicals.
    BJ Pension,& Allowances,The Cronies Assets since being in Govt,What they Took away from the G/Y People for there Families ,Friends,not leaving out Themselves,Look at Prado 2 for instance, who live There & where the Finance Came From !!!.

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