guyana govt official raping girls in berbice by promising them ‘jobs’

Clement  Rohee, minister of home affairs and paper leader of ppp crime family

June 30, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News
… Three months after complaints
A senior Region Six official is scheduled to appear in court this week in connection with sexual harassment claims that were made against him over three months ago.
Police confirmed late last week that they had received instructions from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to institute charges against the official, who is accused of using his position to offer young females jobs in exchange for sexual favours.
Kaieteur News had reported two Mondays ago that the victims alleged that the official would claim that he has connections with the Minister of Home Affairs and was in a position to secure jobs as Neighbourhood Police Officers.
So far, one female has made an official complaint against the alleged perpetrator, while others have indicated that they are also willing to do so. Relatives of the woman who had made the complaint to police over three months ago had expressed frustration at the slothfulness of the investigation
The woman alleged that on March 13, the official told her that his name was ‘Anil’ and his office was at the Regional Democratic Council Building. She was allegedly told to go there and wait, even if he was not there.
Desperate for a job the woman allegedly went to the pre-arranged venue and waited for a while until the man arrived. Kaieteur News was told that the man subsequently invited her to his office. She claimed that after speaking for a few minutes the official went outside and upon returning attempted to hug and kiss her, but she rejected his advances.
The alleged victim also claimed that the official exposed his privates.
She filed a complaint with the police and the official was detained but eventually released on $50,000 station bail. The police later stated that the file has been sent to the DPP for advice.
This same official was implicated in a food poisoning scandal in 2010 when close to 400 regular Police, Community and Neighbourhood Police officials suffered food poisoning at a retreat in Berbice.


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