Justice, Corruption & Narcotics in Guyana,Craig Sylvester.

It's about time corruption to stop!.

It’s about time corruption Stop!.

This is a few days late, but the Honorable Minister of Legal Affairs should get know one thing: he is a SENIOR public servant of the Guyanese public. If we have a problem with him or his office, it is our right to let him know.

As a senior public servant, he of all persons should set a good example. So, before he raises a tyrannical arm against the Stabroek News for a few words that might have upset his paranoid ego, he should pound it on his desk and rail against the instances of gross negligence and miscarriages of justice perpetrated against ordinary Guyanese by the justice system, as evidenced in press almost daily.

These should also include those currently on remand without a hearing for God knows how long, and those who have been unable to make bail. He should immediately ask the Standards Bureau to confiscate and replace the scales of justice currently in use.

So as not to have the term incompetence become pejorative, I shall have to say it is unbelievable, impossible and preposterous to consider that a senior PPP official, who is paid a fat sum of in excess of $960,000 per month, is responsible for Governance in Guyana. No. Not at all. This couldn’t be. In fact, this person, an ‘advisor’, is responsible for Corruption in Guyana. And on this score, their performance has been splendid. Yes, we are forking out close to one million taxpayer dollars every month, or twelve million a year, for the oversight of Corruption in Guyana. All the while the PPP continues to drag the Public Procurement Bill in the mud so that select scampish contractors can get on with robbing this country of millions of our tax dollars.

This is exactly why this bill has not been passed as yet. The milking will continue until the Opposition puts an end to it. Without a doubt, in the PPP’s twenty-one years in government, corruption has blossomed magnificently, so that now there is now probably not a government minister who lives on his salary and allowance alone.

Would those ministers who do not receive hanky panky money, and can prove it, kindly submit their names for publication and due recognition in both newspapers? The Peoples Progressive Party (this is now a joke) continues to abuse the late President Cheddie Jagan’s memory and service to this nation every time they mention his name and play televised recordings of his speeches.

The late president was a champion of social justice and the cause of workers. Run by Jagdeo and his usual cohorts, the PPP ripped Guysuco to the rags that remain today, beleaguering approximately 16,000 workers and their dependents (approximately thirty-two thousand persons, including an estimated ten thousand children) in the process. In total, this amounts to about forty-eight thousand persons whose lives Jagdeo’s PPP essentially hung out to dry like salt fish.

This has been the portion of the PPP’s inglorious cup for Guysuco’s workers and their families over the last twenty-one years. On the issue of narcotics, the report by the United States states that there is evidence of narcotics trafficking in Guyana’s social and justice system. Maxwell in his article (Did the PPP; March 20/14 ) claims that there is none that directly links the PPP to this massive flow of money.

That in itself is evidence enough. Not to be outdone, however, one little scrap escaped from under the PPP’s dirty carpet. A couple of years back, a cargo ship was intercepted in Europe some years back with a large amount of cocaine.

The ship’s documentation listed Guyana as its port of departure. Amazingly, the Guyana Revenue Authority could not find the record of this ship’s departure. No one at the GRA, from the computer programmers to the Commissioner himself, could cause this record to reappear. Unbelievable, but that is what I call a masterpiece of government service.

Guyana is without a doubt a cake shop front, and the participants are having a rollicking time. Getting back to the nuts and bolts, the nitty gritty of life. The traditional PPP supporters need to get one thing straight: in this twenty-first century, it’s not about love anymore, which the late Jagan had. It’s all about the money, money, and more money.

Guysuco’s workers play no part in the money-making machinery of the PPP, so they get shafted. It’s all about the big bucks and massive projects and how to leak money from them. Knowledge sets the mind free, and this is what I have to share with GUYSUCO’S workers and the other traditional PPP supporters.

The APNU under Mr. David Granger and successive leaders will always care about GUYSUCO’s workers, because they are people first, but also because sugar and Guysuco are an important industry with links throughout Guyana’s economy. The APNU knows that closing Guysuco will mean that we will have to import sugar. And this is something I don’t think Guyana is yet prepared to do. So we would all do well to forget the PPP’s lies, lies and more lies. Yours Faithfully, Craig Sylvester.


2 thoughts on “Justice, Corruption & Narcotics in Guyana,Craig Sylvester.

  1. Well it nicely observed of the Cronies Aims & lifestyle,on that subject matters.
    Those & That individual are all a comlpete’ Flock of Wolves’,never come clean to inform the Masses of there Udertakings its all for themselves & there Personal Gains,they cannot find a good turn out at any of there Villages meetings only workers they take,the people are fed up with there dirty tricks,they blame the opposition’s for there own dirty ‘Corrupted deeds on money laundering, mentioning that the bill came back to them for corrections’ to make that they themselves cannot correctively fulfilled,but they are very sharp on Declaring convincing excuses,He told the Masses to only Read the Chronicle news paper only,because he said so wise guy,also he claim G/T is difficult to run,but did not mention what he and his Cronies are praying on the people to secure there abusive Administration’s,he certainly behaves like he is the boss of the people and not the servant of the people in any form or shapes always & he comes with ‘disgusting Attitude’ when challenging is give to him on his speaches .
    This Country is Certainly bent on sailing with Corruptions,for decades to come.

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