We are the Justice Reform and Democracy Party Guyana

We are the Justice Reform and Democracy Party [ JRDP ] our political policy is that of Liberal Democratic Governance. We will introduce a system of Duty free imports. All food, clothing, building materials, Cars, trucks, and everything which is currently imported in Guyana will be duty free.

Duty free zones will be Built and set up in Region Four, Ana Regina on the Essequibo. Rose Hall in the Berbice Area and Linden. We aim to Bring down the cost of living to what is a reasonable and acceptable living standard for all Guyanese.

We have written to the Caricom Secretary General, Requesting an independent investigative body made up of CARICOM INVESTSTIGATORS, to investigate ,

a) the relationship between Roger Khan and the Guyana Government. Between the time he arrived in Guyana and the time he was arrested in Suriname.

b) the killing of over 428 Guyanese citizens between April 1993 and 2006

c) the possible Genocide committed by the Guyana Government

and more.

d) a JRDP Government will, launch a full scale investigation into allegations of corruption committed by the PPP Government from 1992 to present.

We the JRDP have over the last eleven months, built strategic relations with several political parties around the world and have alerted all foreign embassies in Guyana of our existence and have asked that they monitor situations involving the JRDP and the ruling PPP.

we do not intend to contest local Government elections but will contest the General elections.

we seek to unite the six races in Guyana. We believe that Guyana is a land of six people but five of the races have been left behind. We intend to investigate the sale of Amerindian land in the Rupunini area. Some reports are that the PPP have been taking away land from the Amerindians and driving them into the bushes against their will.

We will be announcing a one hour press conference on Channel Nine in the coming days. Our executives committee will be introduced to the nation at that conference.
We believe that the PPP and the APNU have taken us as far as they possibly could. The JRD, will, now move Guyana forward.

our women and children will be especially taken care of as is written in our Manifesto.

More to come.

C. Michael Ryan, BSc, MBA
Secretary General
592 660 192320140601-212127-76887974.jpg


7 thoughts on “We are the Justice Reform and Democracy Party Guyana

  1. GUYANA Needs New Form Of Governance!

    We don’t need anymore political parties in Guyana. What we need are Individuals who are Credible, Reputable, and Intelligent, to seek the Presidency and Prime Minister positions.

    Then select or form a government that is held accountable to the Commonweal.

    And will be subject to removal at the end of their term, by virtue of term limits, or disapproval via National Elections.

    Finally, Political parties are too cumbersome, and difficult to get rid of.

    Derryck S. Griffith

    • Derryck s G Griffith, you must be a F…ing nut, that’s why there will never be change in Guyana. Nuts and yellow belly chicken like you are too scared to fight the dogs in power.

  2. A political party that come into existence just like duh? manifest itself out of thin air?

    No government can just remove abruptly duty on everything that is imported into the country. You expect Guyanese to believe this big ass lie? Yall must think Guyanese stupid.

    Another fraud in waiting…..

  3. ‘WE THE PEOPLE’, need to WAKE UP.

    POLITICIANS have us running like headless chickens to other lands.

    ‘We the people’ as coined in the ‘AMERICAN CONCEPT’ has no parallel in the universe.
    We have certain unalienable rights – THE RIGHT TO CHANGE.

    • Derryck Griffith, you must be a cock sucker of the greatest magnitude. why are you so afraid of change or against people you never met?

  4. Mr. Griffith, I have noted your cock socking comments to describe people who choose to make a change in Guyana. I am still to see you form a political party and run for office. why are you so bitter? you have no solution for the situation In Guyana, you claim to be so educated and smart, then please form a party and make a change, not just describe others they way you are know about town. I can call you names also but your private life is your private life.

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