Andrew Yarde CANU officer, whoring, drunk driving and killing with Government vehicle. :updated

Updated: CANU Officer  Andrew Yarde attended  court on friday May 15 and was placed on $185.000 Guyana dollars bail a slap on the wrist for this kind of action, in a society where others are remanded to prison for less than this, he’s Free to go he has 4 charge against him

let’s see how this one plays out, we hope the family of Shameer Mangal demand full justice, let’s stomp out corruption.

Police close to the investigation into the death of 57-year-old Shameer Mangal disclosed that Andrew Yarde the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) officer driving the vehicle that struck Mangal was

Death of 57-year-old Shameer Mangal by the hands of Andrew Yarde

Death of 57-year-old Shameer Mangal by the hands of Andrew Yarde

under the influence of alcohol as usual.

Dead: Shameer Mangal On Sunday, around 22:15hrs, Mangal was struck down and fling in the gutter like a stray dog and not a human being on the De Kinderen Public Road, West Coast Demerara and left there to die. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Leonora Cottage Hospital.

Police indicated that the culprit Andrew Yarde is “expected” to face court today 15 May 2014, 🙂 “expected” But if not, he will be released from custody by today ( as expected ) May 15.

Someone from CANU made contact with the family of the deceased and offered to assist with the expenses as a form of inducement to shut up.

Police investigations revealed that Mangal was walking along the roadway when he was struck down. Andrew Yarde was driving a CANU vehicle which he was using for his personal activity after the accident he did not render any assistance; also he abandoned the Government vehicle.

CANU Government vehicle. paid for by tax payer

CANU Government vehicle. paid for by tax payer

The vehicle was found in the wee hours of Monday morning at Bushy Park beach.
Andrew Yarde the CANU officer, whose badge was found in the vehicle, initially went into hiding but later turned himself in.

Andrew Yarde was not the only occupant of the vehicle at the time of the accident. He was with a female whose name we won’t publish as yet, but let’s say it wasn’t a relative or anything it was a fuck buddy.

A son of the deceased, Safraz Mangal, said that his father was hurled into the drain and left to die. He said that his family is seeking justice because “my father coulda be alive, if he (Andrew Yarde and the driver fuck buddy) did stop, pick he up, and carry he to the hospital”.

Andrew Yarde is the same CANU officer that beat Abdool Gafoor the Canadian-based Guyanese with the silver smith and Wesson pistol in his head and robbed him and absolutely nothing happened to him.

Our source at CANU said that, Yarde is another corrupt CANU officer who likes to talk name and do James Singh dirty work “this officer has a lot of secret for James Singh”

Our source went on to say that “since James Singh took over CANU it cross and the unit takes live, before James Singh came here no CANU officer ain’t die only Vibert and Duncan was killed but since he take over every year is death and accident, if is not a CANU officer who dies, it’s death by a CANU officer, even right in front of the unit on the road takes live, you see the cross in front the unit.” Yarde is one of James Singh favorite as he is part of his corrupt empire so let’s see how this one will be covered up”.


5 thoughts on “Andrew Yarde CANU officer, whoring, drunk driving and killing with Government vehicle. :updated

  1. No Action is takin against this CANU officer as yet, his he above the law?

    Is the CANU unit above the law?

    The Police need to take action how can we trust the system when this happen?

    Message to the family do not take compensation let the police take action now this is not the a dog it’s a human being.

  2. Remarkable issues here. This same guy had also hit down a family member of someone working at office of the President also he’s spilling the beans if you know what I mean

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