franz paul photo – guyana police officer who tortured & shot boy in his mouth

cadet officer franz paul joins the illustrious club of psycho guyana police officers.
paul took it upon himself to illegally uplift a gun to investigate a “robbery” on a family member.
the details are murky but 15 yearold alex griffith now has a hole in his tongue and another in the back of his neck. he is unable to speak
franz placed a gun in the mouth of the boy after torturing him.


4 thoughts on “franz paul photo – guyana police officer who tortured & shot boy in his mouth

  1. Excesses of the Police must be curbed


    Dear Editor,
    It was bound to happen again because Guyana’s corrupt and undisciplined police force is operating like a run-away train wreck and it appears that no one wants to stop it.
    First it was the burning of the genitals of 14-year-old Twyon Thomas by Sergeant Narine Lall and Constable Mohanram Dulai at Leonora Police Station in October 2009.
    The torture and inhumane treatment dished out by these two rogue cops on this teen has made headlines around the world. It was not only a shameful revelation, it also led many in the world to see how the government treats its citizens.
    Then we had Colwyn Harding who was reportedly sodomized by one constable in the presence of senior police officers at the Timehri Police Station. And now we have 15-year-old Alex Griffith, who was shot in the mouth by an intoxicated police officer, according to news reports.
    These are just of few of barbaric treatment dished out to the youths of Guyana by rogue members of the police force and the incompetent Minister of Home Affairs has done nothing to stop such abuses.
    The excesses of the security forces in Guyana reside in infamy and are brutally felt by too many of our people, especially our youths, many of whom are innocent. Their outcries have been loud and numerous.
    Under the weight of a number of previous tortures, the Minister of Home Affairs and the PPP regime have not properly investigated and prosecuted, where appropriate, the conduct of unruly and rogue members of the police force.
    This suggests that they have given the police carte blanche to brutalize the youths of Guyana. There is evidence that those who were prosecuted were eventually set free because of missing files and poor prosecutorial procedures.
    For years, the police force was allowed to operate in the same manner without fair oversight, meaningful measures of accountability, adequate quality-control mechanisms and appropriate punishment.
    To date, there is evidence to suggest that only a handful of the large number of rogue cops in the force was ever disciplined for the brutal and ineffective way of carrying such unlawful and barbaric acts against innocent citizens.
    It is estimated that two out of every five police officers are considered rogue cops but their inhumane conduct and behaviour are only known to the public when exposed by the media or when they have harmed, injured or killed someone.
    The actions by these rogue cops will ultimately diminish the morale of noble policemen and women who must put themselves in the line of fire and then be subjected to criticism by the public.
    If all honest and dedicated members of the police force have a vested interest in having the public’s confidence in them be restored, then they have a duty to report the illegal actions of rogue cops, including those of their superiors.
    Dr. Asquith Rose, Harish S. Singh and Aubrey Reteymer

    • The racist culture of the police force toward black youth has now been fully made manifest. The institution is now being used by mainly coolie policemen as a platform to promulgate a reign of terror on black people in general and black men in particular. Perhaps this was the objective in the frenzied howls for balancing of the disciplined forces. There will be a backlash and I hope that when it comes, they can take it. Be WARNED!!!
      P.S. I do not use the word “coolie” to mean “Indian”. An Indian person is a normal member of the human race, born into that particular ethnicity. A coolie is one who was born an Indian but who has morphed into that sub-human type of beast and who displays behaviour and deportment consistent with that state. Indians beware of the “coolies” in your midst. Like the TV show the “Living Dead”, they can bite you with their vileness and turn you into one of them.

  2. The Code of Hammurabi is applicable for any situation this egregious. Retributive justice is the only solution to bring about some semblance of justice, because corruption and incompetence will swirl in an odious mix to pervert the course of justice. It’s what the ppp has mastered.

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