US ambassador brent hardt leaves guyana as a failure


brent hardt leaves guyana as a total failure. his biggest claim to fame is picking up garbage in a foolish clean up campaign.
he will be remembered as a friend of ppp crime family
initially after replacing melvin jones, hardt had a low pulse which subsequently died.
propaganda press says good riddance brent hardt, you have been a complete failure


13 thoughts on “US ambassador brent hardt leaves guyana as a failure

  1. He could’ve done more, only at the end of his term..he picked up some steam! I guess he got tired of seeing the sweaty & smelly beggars FOR YEARS from the comfort of his Air Conditioned american middle class(extinct) taxpayer vehicle!
    It finally got to him when he supported AMAILAA & realized it was a GIANT RIP OFF by the CORRUPT PPP or a beggar must’ve spoken to him & said: “Hey Mass, y u gat a Big smile on your face, is it because u were well schooled in the promised Land? or because someone told u to say cheese?…it should come natural…be yourself in life…no one is really a Bond villian at heart,

    Only the UNEDUCATED PPP are still playing MASSA villian(scamp man) long after the world has yelled ‘CUT’!

    Even the AFC’s Mr.Big & his wife got in on the AMAILAA action(gang-bang)…there was something for EVERYONE that “IS” CORRUPT!

    *Action= got dick= ‘will fuck’ the POOR Uneducated PPP voters, along with all the non-voters!

    The UNEDUCATED man will always beat his his wife worse than the EDUCATED man & will always FUCK like DUCK….in Guyana because of Sugar & Rice we get UNEDUCATED laborers!
    Stay out of the fucking fields & in the classroom, u fucking UNEDUCATED PPP voter, let the machines do the work, u dumb scunt!

  2. You got that right again, propaganda press! “US ambassador Brent Hardt leaves Guyana as a failure” …

    This guy Brent Hardt is a WUSS! He tried to play nice with the ppp-government and look what it got him: “Controversial democracy project… Govt. revokes work permit of US contractor”.

    The ppp-government PLAYED HIM BUT GOOD… What he did not realize is the ppp-government did a “bait & switch” with him as they do with their GULLIBLE ppp-supporters & those “suck_up”_Amerindians they has working for them (trinket_trading_for_their_votes).

    Then “SCREWING” THEM GOOD AS THEY DID RECENTLY. With the adage, are when the ppp “PROMISES”, “are comfort to a fool”.

    • Controversial democracy project… Govt. revokes work permit of US contractor


      Glenn Bradbury
      The Government of Guyana has revoked the work permit and extension of stay of the Head of the United States of America’s democratization project Glenn Bradbury, which is being implemented in Guyana to the dismay of the Administration.
      This was disclosed by Dr. Roger Luncheon, Cabinet Secretary during his weekly post-Cabinet meeting at the Office of the President, yesterday.
      Bradbury is the Principal Official of the International Republican Institute which is contracted by USAID to implement the Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) Project.
      While not indicating whether this is an act by Government to stall the execution of the LEAD Project, Dr. Luncheon said the revocation of Bradbury, a Canadian citizen’s, permit, was based on the conclusion that Guyana’s immigration laws were offended by Bradbury.
      In early January, Dr. Luncheon said the decision by the US Government to proceed with a project that the Guyana Government has already rejected is disrespectful.
      He said that the four components of the project were analyzed by Cabinet and one contained major activities that captured a relationship between USAID and individual political parties in Guyana. Guyana does not have a public policy by government for the support for political parties, he added.
      The LEAD project seeks to enhance the technical capacity and functionality of the legislature through the regular use of consultative practices and mechanisms for legislative drafting, analysis, review, and passage.
      The programme is expected to further reinforce democratic governance in Guyana by broadening political participation through more representative and competitive multi-party engagements.
      This programme will include a particular focus on women and youth.
      Dr. Luncheon reflected that last week US Ambassador, Brendt Hardt met with President Donald Ramotar and senior Government Officials, including himself. That engagement allowed the reiteration of Cabinet’s position on the matter.
      He said Government is prepared to re-engage but it will not do so while activities under the project are being implemented.
      Dr. Luncheon said on March 27, Hardt made it clear to Government that the project was being implemented even though Government had objected.
      “I had also advised Cabinet that it was an amazing assertion by the Ambassador that the Government knew and the Government had been informed and that indeed the public was equally made aware of the implementation of this project,” he said.
      “Cabinet’s directive that was faithfully discharged by Cabinet Secretary, yours truly, was to provide the US Government through the Ambassador an opportunity- forget all that has happened…We want today to put to the American side the question, are you in the spirit, in the commitment to engagement going to put on hold the implementation of the project or not?”
      According to Dr. Luncheon, since Cabinet’s request on the matter was going to be transmitted officially to the American Government, a formal response in a timely manner has been requested.
      He assured that the US Ambassador has undertaken to honour both requests.

      • $1.1B Amerindian Development Fund was for uncontrolled vote buying

        APRIL 22, 2014 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER NEWS

        …there still remains in the 2014 Budget a lot of fat -Chris Ram

        The $1.1B that the parliamentary opposition did not approve was said to be used under the Amerindian Development Fund was exposed as money for uncontrolled vote-buying in the Amerindian communities.
        The money had nothing to do with capital expenditure.
        Financial Analyst Christopher Ram
        Financial Analyst Christopher Ram
        This is according to Financial Analyst, Christopher Ram, who in his review of the recent budget which was reduced by $37B, said that as it relates to that $1.1B fund, “when the window was opened on the projects, (the projects) melted like fat from pork exposed to the sun.”
        According to Ram, “Not surprisingly, none of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Ministers seemed in the least bit embarrassed at being caught red-handed, even as they abused some bemused Amerindians to picket the National Assembly.”
        According to the project profile for the use of the $1.1B as was set out by the Ministry of Finance, the money would be used to secure the livelihood and youth entrepreneurship apprenticeship programmes; construction of village officers and multi-purpose buildings; purchase of sports gear, musical instruments, drip irrigation systems, tractor and implements; support to other projects and programmes including eco-tourism.
        Ram in his analysis noted that collaterally, $42.5M for water and land transport and acquisition of furniture and equipment under the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs was also not approved.
        In his continued analysis of the expenditures Ram wrote that the surprises at some of the non-approvals were probably matched by some of the items that were approved.
        “The state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), an entity with no Board of Directors, a history of violations of the law requiring the publication of financial statements, and a future awash with red ink, was given a further $6B as a subsidy for 2014; the Commerce, Industry and Consumer Affairs Ministry was allocated $1B for an as yet undefined programme to support enterprise development initiatives while the Ministry of Finance got a pass on an allocation of $4.4B for unspecified Other Employment Costs, a re-designation of the line item previously described as Revision Of Wages and Salaries.”
        According to Ram, GuySuCo placed the Opposition on the horns of a dilemma.
        He said that while they knew the money would continue to finance poor governance, lack of accountability and a hopelessly managed and structured entity, the Parliamentary Opposition, and mainly the Alliance For Change (AFC), could not dare to not approve the budget provision for the sugar corporation.
        “No one, it seems, was prepared to say to GuySuCo no more money until it accounts for what the Assembly had given it in prior years.”
        Ram suggested that if the country is going to drain money into GuySuCo, use at least half of that money to pay severance for a few thousand workers and allow them to pursue other employment of their choice and the rest for a serious restructuring of the industry.
        Ram posits that “in two to three years we could have a streamlined, profitable enterprise.”
        According to Ram, A Partner for National Unity (APNU), while it harbours legitimate doubts about the spending of previous multi-billion dollar allocations for Revision of Wages and Salaries, it would have found itself at the mercy of the government propaganda machinery – GINA/NCN – if it had dared to not approve the line item for Other Employment Costs.
        “APNU’s problem is that it knows that some part of the allocation will go to revision of wages and salaries of public sector employees, the majority of whom it may consider supporters.”
        He said, too, that APNU with its perceived emphasis for a stronger and more effective Police Force should probably explain why it would approve a twenty-fold increase in the capital allocation for Community Policing while the Police Force receives a reduction under the same budget.
        A point to note is that when the allocations for the Ministry of Home Affairs came up for a vote, not a single question was posed to the subject minister.
        Ram in his analysis said too that the $1B allocation for Enterprise development initiatives without a clear institutional mechanism and criteria for accessing these funds defies all logic, economics and the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act.
        In addition to the allocations referred to, there still remains in the 2014 Budget a lot of fat, according to Ram, “and one has to assume that the thirty-three opposition members of the National Assembly lost concentration or commitment when the items came up for concentration.”
        According to Ram, Dr. Frank Anthony and Minister Irfaan Ali must be smiling at the amount of funds at their disposal for their discretionary spendthrift ways.


          Permanent Secretary denies threatening Amerindians; listen to recording

          Saturday, 26 April 2014 08:00

          The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs has denied threatening Amerindians that they would not be allowed to the Permanent Secretary’s office if they continued to support a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-funded Community Development Project (CDP) Scheme.

          Permanent Secretary, Nigel Dharamlall had also warned the Amerindians at a meeting just prior to their protest against the opposition budget reductions of a cut in stipends if they continued to support the project.

          “The Office of the Permanent Secretary wishes to state, categorically, that the article attributing threatening statements by the Permanent Secretary to village leaders is wholly misrepresenting and taken out-of-context by Demerara Waves.”

          In the interest of clarity, Demerara Waves Online News now posts a podcast of Permanent Secretary, Nigel Dharamlall’s remarks in which he made the statements that were quoted in an earlier article. You can also listen to remarks by Amerindian Affairs Minister, Pauline Sukhai by clicking the play button.

          Download (Right-click & select “save link as” or “save target as”…)
          [audio src="" /]

          The Permanent Secretary, in conversation with those present at the gathering, implored that the Community Development Plans as designed and executed by the Amerindian villages are implemented by the Government through the MOAA/UNDP. He was further clarifying that the CDPs are not a UNDP project per se and so villagers should not refer to it as such. Moreover, he emphasized that some villagers continue to wrongly describe the CDPs by attributing the funding to UNDP when in fact they should know better since their villages are the ones that conceived the projects and the funding is sourced from the Government.

          In this regard, it is hoped that Demerara Waves, now being apprised of the context of the discussion, would withdraw the malicious article which seeks to bring the Ministry into disrepute

    • The ppp-government, “talk_the_talk” for talk sake. Particularly, when it comes to Democracy for the Guyanese peoples.

      The ppp-government, “talk_the_talk”, THEIR WAY ONLY. Democracy to them is Marxist & Leninist Style, in other words “DIC_MOCK_RACY”>(DICTATORSHIP).

      But when it comes to “walking_the_walk”, that’s a different story. IT DOES NOT AND WILL NOT HAPPEN. It would be a lot of hot_air & gibberish to confuse the gullible.

      • US ambassador Brent Hardt has got to understand.

        The ppp-government, like the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. Does not understand the concept OF DEMOCRACY. “HE CANNOT NEGOTIATE WITH DICTATORS/TERRORISTS”. DICTATORS/TERRORISTS ONLY UNDERSTAND BRUTE FORCE, PERIOD!!!

        As US ambassador Brent Hardt’s, predecessors, did before him. When the ppp-government DENIED the acceptance of deportees, the USA were deporting back to Guyana.

        THE ONLY THING THE USA HAD TO DO WAS DENIED OR REVOKE VISAS to the USA. THE ppp-government’s RESPONSE WERE IMMEDIATE. AS THEY COULD NOT HANDLE THAT. ESPECIALLY WITH THOSE ppp-government ministers, who has ‘anchor_babies’, dual-citizenship and such.

        • US Ambassador Brent Hardt, perhaps has good intentions. In his ZEALOTRY as a Die-Hard-Diplomat, he thinks he can hold TALK’s with the ppp-government into DOING_THE_RIGHT_THING, FOR ALL CONCERNED.

          However, Ambassador Brent Hardt has to come to grips, as to, when he’s dealing with the EPITOME_of_EVIL as the TREACHEROUS_ppp-government.

          He has to ACCEPT the REALITY, the ppp-government, CANNOT, MUST_NOT OR SHOULD_NOT BE TRUSTED.

        • Dem boys seh… Mosquito ah pick fight wid elephant


          Dem boys fed up reminding people that knack always got knack back. When you live by de sword you gun die by it. That is another saying that deh round a lang time. You live like a scamp, you gun die like a scamp.
          Everybody in Guyana want to go to America or Britain or Canada. That is what dem does call de ABC countries.
          Nobody in de world want mek trouble wid dem, except two-three mad people—North Korea, Iraq, Libya… and now Guyana.
          Everybody know wha happen to de leaders of Iraq and Libya. And if dem put hand pun de chubby shaatie from North Korea, people mightn’t find ee.
          Guyana decide to play powerful. It revoke de visa fuh a Canadian who wukking fuh Uncle Sam. But like everybody didn’t know bout de move. When Luncheon mek de announcement, de whole Cabinet get quiet. Right away some Ministers studying fuh done Luncheon dance more fast.
          Dem Government people remember when dem couldn’t travel to Uncle Sam and that was because de government did talk fat to Uncle Sam. Jagdeo was de man. He tell de Ambassador that Guyana ain’t tekking back none of dem deportees.
          When de US Embassy seh that no government official could travel to de States, de next day Jagdeo mek Luncheon tell de Americans that we didn’t mean wha we seh…Is just that we didn’t want dem Americans to pay fuh send de deportees back to Guyana; we did want spend we money fuh bring dem back we self.
          Well dem boys think Guyana did learn a lesson. But now it seem like we going back down de same road. Tekking way that man visa got more than backlash. Dem boys seh that is like a monkey pun a tree peeing pun a man wid a AK47 in he hand or a case of a mosquito picking fight wid an elephant.
          Pulling de man visa didn’t come just so. De Cabinet hear that Obama create a special unit fuh trace de assets and wealth of all dem corrupt leaders and politicians around de world. Somebody whisper that that man, Glenn Bradbury, was not only heading de American project, he was also heading a team that is investigating Jagdeo, Brazzy, Boyah, Bobby and all dem other Bees plus Irfaat, Rob de Earth, Ash Knee and a whole heap of dem.
          De Cabinet hear that Donald already give de FBI approval to come to Guyana any time to do anything. A special team that include de Canadian Feds investigating Jagdeo and all who very close to him.
          People gun hear de hooray fuh that visa wha dey tek away and fuh de work permit wha dem revoke.
          Talk half and wait fuh de backlash.

          • U.S. FBI creating unit to trace corrupt foreign assets


            WASHINGTON, (Reuters) – The U.S. FBI will create a unit to help trace the assets of corrupt foreign leaders, to complement an existing group of prosecutors focused on the issue, Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday.

            The announcement comes as the United States scrambles to respond to unrest in Ukraine, and follows a new round of sanctions the United States announced on Monday over Moscow’s involvement in the crisis.

            Prosecutors, agents and other U.S. government officials have traveled to Ukraine to help authorities there recover assets allegedly stolen by former president Viktor Yanukovich’s government, Holder said in remarks before a London conference on recovering Ukrainian assets.

            Around one dozen agents and analysts will be part of the new FBI squad to support such efforts in Ukraine and elsewhere, he said.


            Join the discussion…

            Peta • a day ago
            UUUmmmmm, interesting!!! Some in Guyana better BEWARE!!!

            Especially those who suddenly became “nouveau rich’ on a ‘ministers’ government salary or those with ‘anchor babies’.

            Who live LARGE in prado-ville 1, 2 or 3. Complete with mac-mansions, swimming pools & houses, on acres of land they ‘ill-gotten’ on the cheap.

            Those who have “foreign”, ‘bank accounts’, supermarkets, strip malls, ‘real-estate businesses’ and such. Those ‘jet-setters’ who fly-hi on the tax-payers dime.

            YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! … HEED THE WORD, “dem ah wach yuh” …
            Complete with ‘seal-indictments’ for ‘extradition’ or ‘Extraordinary rendition’ …
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            C I Lewis • 11 hours ago
            I love this. Tied with some visa revocations. Some folks are silent.
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  3. What did the outgoing US Ambassador accomplish?


    Have you ever seen fear in the eye of a person? I have. And more times than I count and remember. On each occasion, the fear was justified because the frightened person believed that they would either be physically hurt or would be arrested. The times are simply too numerous to recall.
    I have never seen fear in a person’s eyes over an incident that is inconsequential. Why would any human be intimidated over an action that has absolutely no fear factor? But I once witnessed such a contradiction a few years ago.
    I was shopping in this large store in the heart of the city when a development occurred that was distasteful and therefore necessitated a complaint. I went from one attendant to another, seeking the name of the owner and to be directed to his/her office.
    In every instance, fear greeted me. If you saw the look and the body movement of each attendant, then you knew something was deadly wrong in this store. Every attendant was afraid to give me the name of the owner with several of them saying they don’t know the identity of the owner. I know that was not true. A supervisor called me aside and side “Mr. Kissoon, please leave it alone.”
    I was livid. I raised my voice so all of them can hear. I told them if they go to Gafoor’s and demand to see who this man is he would probably come out of his office and speak to them and they would see who the famous man is. I mentioned Bakewell. I told them to go there and demand to see the owner out of a complaint and you will see how quick he will come down from his third floor office.
    I saw fear in the eyes of that supervisor. The manager then approached me, told me go to another store and request to see the owner but she cannot give me a name. She too had a frightened look. I came out of store number one, and called my editor Adam Harris for a name. Adam knows everyone in Guyana but he was only half helpful. He said it was a woman whose name he can’t remember but he thinks he knows her brother. I went to store number two and fear greeted me. To make long story short, I knew why they were so afraid. And I knew that I should not know who this woman was.
    In Georgetown, where there is a small population, people who are in dubious and questionable business are known. Irritatingly, only the US Embassy doesn’t know this. Mr. Brent Hardt, the American Ambassador leaves in a month’s time and under his watch, the DEA based in Trinidad (which takes in the monitoring role in Guyana) has not hauled in any large drug trafficker in Guyana. But why is that so shocking? Because large sections of Georgetown society know who these people are.
    In a tiny space like Georgetown, drug traffickers and money launderers are seen dining and driving down the streets like film stars in Hollywood (oops, sorry; and Bollywood too). To be fair to the US Embassy, there have been three huge drug interdictions outside of Guyana but originated here but no arrest on Guyanese soil of Guyanese citizens.
    In the meantime, the jail is filling up with couriers including a motor-cycle owner who at the time of his arrest at the airport was clerk at a famous tourist and hotel chain. Couriers are going to jail like falling mangoes on the tree in my yard.
    Does the US Embassy know who these drug people are? Surely they must have heard stories from the people they dine out with all the time. In hardship postings in the Third World as Guyana is, business people, lawyers, doctors, status-seekers, wannabes, media practitioners, politicians trip over each other to socialize with the American, British, Canadian and EU diplomats.
    These envoys must have seen Kaieteur Falls more often than the people who live around the water falls, must have seen the interior of Guyana more than the folks who live there, and must have hunted and fished in tourist sites in the lush interior more often than the villagers who hunt and fish there for a living.
    Don’t tell me the names of the drug people and money launderers are never mentioned at these revelries and at the nightly cocktail circuit.
    Why the DEA in Trinidad and the US Embassy have not had a plausible record in combating drug trafficking and money laundering in Guyana certainly is an intriguing one. Equally interesting is why Mr. Hardt did not use visa sanction as the Embassy did between 2004 and 2008?

    • “What did the outgoing US Ambassador accomplish?”

      ANSWER: NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mr. Hardt was just a political lackey for the Obama administration. He was given the Ambassadorship Posting for perhaps, his ‘curriculum_vitae’ of ‘quid_pro_quo’.

      Examples, his fund raising activities or vote getting abilities. For the President’s Election Campaign.

      Or just BOUGHT his Ambassadorship Posting, as a BIG Election Campaign DONOR.

      After all, becoming an Ambassador are just for the PRESTIGE or BRAGGING RIGHTS. To add to their resume and legacy. So it can be eulogize after their passing or inscribed on their head stones.

      • US Ambassador Brent Hardt! … so long, farewell. But don’t let the door_knob_hit_you_in_the_butt.

        Mr. Brent Hardt!!!!! UNDER YOUR WATCH …

        There was the US VISA SELLING SCANDAL. YOU ALLOWED, the ppp_government to running rings around your INCOMPETENCE.

        Guyanese ppp_politicians, Ramatar & Lunchen had you for lunch, with their bull which you bought for cheap.



        WELL!!!, ARE YOU??????????

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