dr faith harding the keeper of forbes burnham “millions”? article updating

we’ve received information that dr faith harding is the key to unearthing forbes burnham “millions”

Faith Harding was in possession of some of Burnham Millions which she kept for him before he died. she was his stash. when Burnham died, she held on to the money which was in cold hard cash. over the years there were a a bitterness over the withholding of the cash, now, a Grand child of Burnham is using treats against Harding. he wants the cash

stay tuned


Over time the people of this country have been hearing about their corrupt government. For example, there was talk that Forbes Burnham had stolen so much money that he was the fifth richest person in the world. The accusers quoted Forbes Magazine. [forbes and forbes magazine. some people say it was jet. yet others say ebony!]
Those were the days when information contained in foreign magazines was not readily available.

It turned out that there was never such a publication. Today, more than 25 years after Burnham’s death there is no evidence that he was ever a wealthy man.


2 thoughts on “dr faith harding the keeper of forbes burnham “millions”? article updating

  1. there is too ,, precious metals and stones ,, and all de money is US currency !! tell dem i seh suh !!

  2. Wherever there is smoke, there must be some fire or ignited material.

    So how did Jet, Ebony, or Forbes magazines get this story anyway?

    Well, only the deceased culprits would know, and they are not talking either!

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