minister irfaan ali second house – more corruption in Guyana govt


the house pictured above was built by Irfaan’s money.
minister ali’s rise to riches and fortune is stupendous even by guyana cocaine standards. two years after becoming minister he built himself a mansion with pool, pool house.
the only explanation given so far by the minister goes as follows.
“i used my parents retirement money”
mr and mrs ali are both retired teachers. a profession not known for large salaries or retirement packages.

minister ali was spotted at the site during construction many times and after completion directing events.
a worker wearing an alliance for change arm band was promptly fired by an irate irfan.

the male occupant of the house says he is an employee at the Ministry of Housing.
propaganda press has failed to locate any personnel records on this individual at the ministry. we could only conclude he is one of the many ppp crime family ghost employees collecting free salaries

the house is located at zeeburg public road, West coast demerara
same location the old gas station used to be

where does a thirty something year old minister get hundreds of millions to buy real estate and build two massive homes?



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