ossie rogers in sexual relationship with 13 year old boy in guyana


sexual deviant ossie rogers relaxing with president donald ramotar

another sexual deviant is temporarily being held in jail
ossie rogers attacked a 13 yr old girl and her mother at their home after tracking them down.
rogers is angry with the 13 yr old girl for sending messages to a 13 year old boy who is “friends” with ossie.
propaganda press has been reliably informed that ossie is sexually assaulting this child and others like him on a regular basis.

due to his ppp crime family connections ossie rogers will soon walk free. he boasted that nothing can happen to him as he is a valuable negro in the family.

ppp crime family inc has a long history of sexual assaults against children.
ganga persaud impregnates amerindian girls
a quick short list
kwame mccoy & crew rapes little boys
clement rohee is into little girls
neaz subhan rapes little girls
shaik baksh ditto


4 thoughts on “ossie rogers in sexual relationship with 13 year old boy in guyana

  1. A picture tell a thousand words. Pedophilia has a home and is officially endorsed by the of the highest office in the land; it’s institutionalized.
    This case clearly illustrates that point. Here a know pedophile is charged with assaulting an adolescent child (good). However, his inappropriate relationship with another? Protected. There you have it!

  2. i support you guys but some of this stuff seems too good to be true. where do you get this from? i support exposing corruption but for all we know this could be a lie.

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