Guyana’s top drug dealers & money launderers, the who is who of cocaine

20140327-084300.jpgFormer phantom hit squad member Roshan Khan doing his poor Yasser Arafat impression

@propagandapress we’re reviving our list of guyana’s top drug dealers and money launderers just in time for Easter.

names you can expect to see: Captain Gerry Gouveia, Paul Daby, Buddy Shivraj, Minister of Natural Resources Robert Persaud, Minister of Finance Ashni Singh, Minister of Housing & Tourism Irfaan Ali and many more.

One name you didn’t expect to see that will be there: Roshan ‘buffoon’ Khan, CEO of RK Security.


7 thoughts on “Guyana’s top drug dealers & money launderers, the who is who of cocaine


  2. This ‘BUFFOON” Roshan Khan, made this remark, on quote: “Citizens, of Guyana I ask you , in every community, everywhere, to form groups to help the police. Be their friends in professionalism, and not create alcoholic parties or corrupt transactions, hoping to enjoy an illicit friendship for personal favours.” …


    Dear Commissioner of Police (acting) Seelall Persaud.

    I have information to provide you as a Patriotic Guyanese, inter alia. The ‘buffoon’ Roshan Khan, CEO of RK Security are among Guyana’s TOP Drug Dealers and Money Launders.
    He is also deeply involved in,. Racketeering & Influencing Corrupt Organizations.
    To be more specific,. Gun Running’s. T.I.P_Slavery. Rape, Bribery, Theft, Embezzlement, Fraud. Nepotism. Among many other perversions to The_Rule_of_Law & Justice in Guyana.


    This Roshan ‘buffoon’ Khan, CEO of RK Security. Wrote the below provided letter to KNews.

    Police transfers are inevitable and necessary

    Dear Editor,
    According to the media, over the last week, some Police Officers are lamenting the fact that there will be transfers in the Guyana Police Force, usually referred to as a ‘shake up.’
    The media claims that some officers are not interested in transfers, and some are comfortable where they are, and so on.
    This is exactly why it is necessary to have ‘shake ups’ in the Guyana Police Force. Transfers are an important tool of police administration. No one should feel too comfortable in a given area, as this could breed complacency, and even more dangerous negative possibilities.
    If there is complacency and or other possible sinister realities involved, sudden transfers sharpen the ability of the Commissioner to control and manage.
    During the Burnhamite era, when the nation was criminalized by the ban on flour and every consumer and food product, some senior police officers I personally know in the Upper Corentyne, were involved in managing their own smuggling rings, while others provided protection to other smugglers.
    Sometimes these very officers were used as ‘shake downs’ for their friends. I know this and saw it, and it happened because many officers were there for too long. If they were constantly moved, the possibility of such criminal activity would have been limited.
    It is known worldwide that transfers of Police leadership (Commanders) are the norm. It is also imperative that police middle and junior personnel be transferable.
    The appointment of a new Commissioner of Police is always a time of excitement and new ideas. If senior ranks were in districts for long periods, then it is time they be switched around; giving way to fresh innovative ideas, and even better, they could be transferred into new other specialty areas, especially to those that they were not exposed to previously, to learn new skills, thereby making them more valuable to the Force, and even enhancing their own skills and talents.
    It is usual for profiles of personalities and qualifications to be done, and ranks placed to suit those.
    I am always a great respecter of the Police: the honourable, the decent, and the professional ones. My father was a senior serving police officer and served until retirement. I have since maintained a close association with the Guyana Police in general, and specialized my studies in Police Technology. I am proud to be a friend of the Guyana Police Force.
    Citizens, of Guyana I ask you , in every community, everywhere, to form groups to help the police. Be their friends in professionalism, and not create alcoholic parties or corrupt transactions, hoping to enjoy an illicit friendship for personal favours.
    Promise and commit to pass on information of criminal activities of anyone, even if it is someone you know: of smuggling, or conspiracies, and even those prone to violence in families. The Police are the protectors and friends of the people, and in reality the servants of the nation, paid by the people.
    I ask the members of the police force, to always remember that they have to win the hearts and minds of the people with positive contributions in the various districts by forming youth groups to motivate and prepare youths, and attending to the old. It is not unusual for Senior police officers to form such youth groups but they should also visit the old and the infirm in bed, to give a helping hand, a kind word.
    The Police MUST be more than mere police enforcers.
    I believe, the Police can become more than law enforcers. It is time for that new dispensation. The New Guyana Police Personality, A force that truly ‘Protect and Serve.’

    Roshan Khan
    CEO/Founder: RK’s Security and Business Group.

  3. Why the PPP gets away with excesses


    Do you know the police can arrest you for buying foreign ice cream? There is no doubt about it; the young population of this country if asked which President was a terrible leader would say Bharrat Jagdeo. Given our demographic structure, they are too young to know that President Burnham was far from democratic.
    In fairness to Mr. Burnham, I lived under his reign and had caustic encounters with him and I suffered but one has to be the epitome of intellectual depravity to argue that Forbes Burnham was more extreme than Jagdeo.
    Any scholarly comparison, I believe, would have Mr. Burnham coming out far better than Mr. Jagdeo. As a layman and a trained academic, I believe Mr. Forbes Burnham was a better President than Mr. Jagdeo
    What is it about Guyana that allowed Mr. Jagdeo such gigantic latitudes for dictatorial behaviour that even the Ramotar presidency enjoys? Take the madness that came out of the mouth of Minister Irfaan Ali. If such words were said in any other Caribbean country, there would have been angry denunciations. Mr. Ali is quoted in this newspaper as telling one of its reporters that the advice of the government to commuters is not to pay a $20 minibus increase and that they must take the bus number to the police.
    Obviously, the government had to inform the police of the situation, why else would the commuter go to the police. What Mr. Ali and the Government of Guyana have done is to proclaim that they don’t care about laws and to make it more horrible, they order the police to do the same thing.
    There is no law under which a minibus driver can be arrested for hiking his fare. The reality is that minibus fares are not regulated by law. You can call the driver unreasonable or refuse to pay him but he cannot be arrested.
    To think that the government can openly embrace such lawlessness and the media, human rights community, Bar Association, opposition parties and the society in general stood silent is graphic proof of why dictators get away with their horror shows.
    You may think it is a joke but after what Irfaan Ali said, who knows what next is coming. Maybe if the Government has an ice-cream manufacturer it favours, he can report you to the police for patronizing the foreign version. Maybe the police can arrest you if you choose to support a football match at another venue instead of the one the government would like you to attend at another ground.
    If you find these examples absurd then how do you account for what Ally said about the minibus fare?
    What Irfaan Ali did explains why Jagdeo became such an invincible dictator. So let us answer the question why this country allowed Jagdeo to do what ever he wanted and why we are now silent about the Jagdeo pattern that Ramotar has adopted? The answer is as old as time itself.
    Consider Hitler of Germany, Amin of Uganda, Doe of Liberia, and Bush of the US.
    Hitler committed one atrocity after another and there was no national outcry. The result was psychological invincibility. Hitler felt that he couldn’t be touched. The same applied for Amin and Doe. After Bush began to assault American democracy using the war on terror as his reason, the American people refused to check him until it was too late.
    When they woke up they found that American democracy was shaken to its foundation by the extremism of Bush.
    Jagdeo began to take small tyrannical steps after the 2001 elections when he felt that Mrs. Jagan could no longer give him instructions. From 2001 to 2006, Mr Jagdeo had a taste of untamed power and he saw the society’s fear and compliance. Invincibility began to creep in.
    Mr. Jagdeo knew he had become a powerful president whose authority was unchecked. Then came another victory in 2006 and untamed power became absolute power. As the years wore on absolute power became omnipotent power.
    By the time we reached 2011 when was time for him to demit office, Jagdeo had become the first absolute dictator in the history of the British West Indies. There was nothing Mr. Jagdeo wanted he could not do and he did it.
    Where President Burnham was sacred because he wondered what the PPP, WPA, Catholic Standard, would say or do if he overdid it, there was no such hesitancy under the Jagdeo presidency.
    By the time he left office, Mr. Jagdeo had virtually destroyed the weak pillars of Guyanese democracy inherited from the British in 1966. Will we allow Ramotar to copy Jagdeo? The truth is, we are doing so.

  4. Puting those names out there will be like you guys signing your death warrants good luck in doing it

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