The Devastating Experiences of a Brazilian Investor in Guyana


4 thoughts on “The Devastating Experiences of a Brazilian Investor in Guyana

  1. Why would anyone in their right mind wants to invest in that country .When from top to bottom they are corruptions
    it’s not the country that it once was and unfortunately it will never ever get back to close to what it was .It is sad to read
    on a daily basis the serious problems that goes on there and no improvement to rectify the situation. Very weak and corrupt

  2. The People in G/Y are Tolerating too much Illegals Nonsense from This Corrupted along with them Cronys in Govt,they must & will have to take Drastic Measures to Curbs such Situations from keep on going at the Tax payers Expences.

  3. This and other incidents tell the story of a country void of morals , ethics, and values. Guyana is corrupted, and has a complicit judicial system to support greed, and selfishness. Nothing has changed since my departure 45 years ago. Yet, nationals who visit seem to have ” a good time” while blind to the realities surrounding them.

    The country has regressed, and this is exemplified by thoughtless governmental representatives whose heads are still buried in ideology of a past era. This incident, one of many, serves as a reminder that Guyana’s representatives fail to understand the rules of funding, international finance, and the nuances of business that are needed beyond simplicity of analysis.

    Simple progress can be illustrated with a sewerage system to provide clean water which is free of e-coli and impurities. Georgetown does not provide such a system. If the governmental water testing laboratories cannot be truthful- samples of the country’s drinking water were analyzed in the US by several companies, and it was determined that there were numerous inaccuracies in the testing mechanism- then who wants to live there?

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