I Ganga Persaud do hereby wish to announce my resignation

read my lips

read my lips

ppp crime family in serious trouble. ganga persaud forced onto his sword and fall back in the fold so he can keep on feeding at the public trough. bharrat jagdeo still in charge and there will be no local government elections. write that down

I Ganga Persaud do hereby wish to announce my resignation as Minister of Local Government & Regional Development with effect of January 31st 2014.

It was a distinct pleasure for me to have served as a Member of the Cabinet. I am extremely grateful to His Excellency, Mr. Donald Ramotar for the confidence he placed in me and I wish to declare my fullest support to him, Bharrat Jagdeo and his Government. I pledge to do all that I can to support the PPP/C Government in everything that it is doing to bring greater, happiness and comfort to all of us as Guyanese.

I wish to reiterate my full confidence in His Excellency, Mr. Donald Ramotar’s ability to lead our country to greater heights and bring more opportunities for success to all Guyana. His Excellency’s leadership styles are admired by many and I am always amazed at the ease with which he deals with issues, particularly delicate and sensitive issues.

As Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, the Ministry would have made significant achievements during my tenure, some of which are:

Strengthening of our Local Government Department, Centrally and Regionally.
Establishment of a Local Government Department to provide support to the NDCs and Municipalities
Enhance our relationships with communities across Guyana, through our constant Outreach Programmes and visit to villages
Significant movement in the direction of ITC to enhance our communication network.

I am extremely proud that together we, were at most times, worked as a team to achieve all that have made us proud. I wish to thank His Excellency Bharrat Jagdeo, my colleague Minister the Hon. Norman Whittaker, PS Colin Croal, PA Chitra Singh, Confidential Secretary Geetanjali Curicca, Chauffeur Vedesh Lall and staff of my Ministry , as well as all in the RDCs, NDCs, Municipalities and CDCs for the support given to me and urged that they continue to work as a team for the good of all Guyanese.

As a member of the leadership of our Party, I wish to re – state my commitment to working with Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP in enhancing our chances at the next General and Regional Elections so as to reclaim the majority in the Parliament. This is so important for Guyana’s continued Growth and Development since no other political party can assure our country’s development other than the PPP.

My resignation as Minister of local Government and Regional Development is based on personal issues presently engaging my attention as well as some additional responsibilities to which I am committed.


4 thoughts on “I Ganga Persaud do hereby wish to announce my resignation

  1. Give them your Votes,without having them to curse you out, looks on how they Blossom from Poverty to Multi Billionares, Money laundering ,Powers more than what they are enthrusted upon, that is what you really call G/T Developments.
    Where is small man which is suppose to be the real man Motto Stands in G/T,now & the future ahead.

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