Sanjay Shew corrupt CANU Officer, facilitated 73.34 kilograms of cocaine out of Guyana

On August 2nd 2013 a shipment of rice and 73.34 kilograms of brick cocaine lift Guyana on-board the MV

Sanjay Shew Corrupt CANU Officer

Sanjay Shew Corrupt CANU Officer

Azuria and was busted in the Dominican Republic on August 13, 2013,

The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) which has become a drugs facilitating unit and not a drug fighting Unit as it has been setup to do and once was doing vigorously, On August 2nd 2013 James Singh and Sanjay Shew facilitated this shipment of rice and 73.34 kilograms of cocaine out of Guyana.

The facts as follows, as every or most shipment of goods outbound from Guyana is inspected for illegal contains, this shipment of Rice with Cocaine was no different, however the officers from the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) that normally inspect was told to move onto other duties.

That Control and inspection of the shipment of rice which contained 73.34 kilograms of cocaine, was done by Sanjay Shew the man of business for Head CANU James Singh.

Sanjay Shew then facilitated this shipment of cocaine out of Guyana on behalf of the drug Dealers and in collaboration with James Singh Head of CANU.

When the shipment of 73.34 kilograms of cocaine were busted in the Dominican Republic on August 13, 2013, James Singh said he would launch an investigation into this, surprise surprise he put  none other than Sanjay Shew   to head that investigation, Sanjay Shew investigating Sanjay Shew,  I need not say more , look at it this way

(1) Sanjay Shew inspected the Shipment of rice with Cocaine.

(2) Sanjay Shew is heading the investigation, into the Shipment of rice with Cocaine, oh and he is the only man investigating this matter.

(3) Sanjay Shew is reporting only to James Singh and both of them will be deciding the outcome of what Sanjay Shew decided came out in the investigation.

However according to James Singh no suspect to date had been identified publicly guess you  shouldn’t   waste your time elaborating if James Singh the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) is effective

 As of January  13 2014 still no suspect identified, however in the case of the star apple that was intercepted on 2012-01-25 in Canada two officers were sent home  in October 2013 almost 2 year  after a man by the name of  Charles Anderson was remanded to prison  what made James Singh Mad, was that the RCMP communicated with one of the officer he sent home directly about the  interception of that Cocaine in star Apple Case.

Before we go any further the  73.34 kilograms of cocaine intercepted in Dominican Republic  in the Rice shipment  belongs to two (2) drug dealers,  Shiraz Ali owner of two brothers Gas Stations and Paul Daby  AKA Uncle Paul , but James Singh wouldn’t  tell you that because he and Sanjay Shew collected a hefty amount of money.

The two officers who were sent home was officially dismissed with effect from the 1 of January 2014 those 2 officers are Denaise Mahase and Donald Downer


22 thoughts on “Sanjay Shew corrupt CANU Officer, facilitated 73.34 kilograms of cocaine out of Guyana

  1. need to ckeck the containers ,, loaded with stuff/produce from canal 1&2 for the “Liberty ave” dealer ,, — brother of “ramroop bobby” —

  2. From CANU, Intelligence Officers Sanjay Shew and Julyian Ram participated in a course on ‘Criminal Gangs/Organised Crime Investigations’ in Port-of-Spain, from May 13 to 18.
    Shew and another intelligence officer, Robin Williams took part in a course on ‘Intelligence Gathering for Law Enforcement’ in Port-of-Spain, as well, from May 20 to 24.

  3. A lot of corruption going on over at CANU, and you know what is funny the Guyana Government know James Singh is corrupt if you arrest Sanjay Shew he will tell you everything that is going on trust me

  4. He Sanjay Shew and James Singh giving info on a few Drug Dealers right now CANU is a shit hole because Sanjay Shew and James Singh want fuck around only a few and take pay from the others

    people gone have to get fucking kill at CANU if this Goverenment don’t stop this James Singh say Rohee say to do it this way

    • why treaten people god make life and he takes do you have children i know him he come from a respectful family only god know bess

      • Selina you are talking from our experience and I am talking from my experience ok Mr. Shew I can tell you this he’s no Angel go ask him he can have how many guns he want and tinted vehicles it can’t save him

  5. what ever you say rain dont fall at one man door if that how god want to take him back no one can stop him but get your facts straight what you are blaming him for he was not in the country at the time god bless you we all have to cry some day that a must and we dont take nothing when we die grief pain and hurt we all have to face

  6. we came into this world and we all have to go some way or the other and we dont take anything rich or poor all of us have to feel hurt and pain so keep smiling what goes around come around

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