devin singh tortured, raped & assaulted colwyn harding, kicked pregnant woman in stomach – witness statements

free to rape again

free to rape again

Nigel Hughes Update.
On Sunday afternoon i attended the New Amsterdam Female Penitentiary where i interviewed Ms Teanisha Evans, (Colwyn Harding’s girlfriend) who was in the house with him at the time of their arrest and Ms Tiffany Edwards who was arrested shortly afterwards two houses away from where Mr. Harding and Ms Evans were arrested. they were all placed in teh same Police pick up and taken to the Timehri Police outpost.

I took written statements of the events that evening and for the the time they were in custody at Timehri. Please be warned that the statement of Ms Edwards contains explicit language as it was used.

Ms Evans was inter viewed by teh Police last Week Thursday and provided them with a statement of teh events.

When Ms Evans told the policeman who took her statement that Ms Edwards was in the New Amsterdam female prison with her and that she had been kicked by Singh, he told her that he was not there for that and took no statement from Ms Edwards.

Ms Edwards has informed me that she had never previously been charged for any offence.

The following are the two statements which were taken.


My name is Teanisha Evans.

1. I lived at 67 West Ruimveldt Front Road, Georgetown.

2. I am eighteen years old

3. On the 15th November 2013 around 3.30 AM I was at a house opposite the Timehri fire station with my boyfriend Colwyn Harding also known as Bamma.

4. Five persons comprising four neighbourhood police and a fat Indian man came to the house.

5. They said there were searching for weed asking where this boy work.

6. I told them his name is Colwyn Harding as he works in the interior.

7. They told me that I am keeping information from the police and I would be locked up for giving officers false information.

8. I then told them you all cannot lock me up for what me ain’t do.

9. Colwyn had on a blue jeans and a blue American eagle boxers.

10. Three of the men including policeman Singh took Colwyn into the bedroom and the fat east Indian man took me outside by the police van which was parked in front of the house.

11. While I was outside by the van with two police officers. I asked them why they were harassing me, you all don’t even have a female.

12. I heard Colwyn screaming inside the house screaming “ you al don’t beat me no more, you all gun kill me.”

13. The beating lasted a long time.

14. The firemen at the fire service came out to the gate and were watching to see what was going on.

15. After about twenty five minutes I ran back inside the house where I saw Colwyn in different boxers wearing wolf brand, small size boxers.
16. I saw Officer Singh hit Colwyn on his hand and tell him put on your clothes we are going to the station.

17. His hands were swollen and he was limping.

18. They brought him to the pick up and put him in the tray of the vehicle and put him on the floor.

19. I saw Singh stuff his mouth with a sponge.

20. They left the house we were in and went up the road to Tiffany Edwards’ House.

21. The police went inside the house and picked up Tiffany and a twelve year old.

22. While they were bring the 12 year old boy to the van one of the policemen took a chopper and broadside the little boy in his face. It left a brand.

23. They took the four of us to the Timehri Outpost.

24. They hand cuffed Colwyn and the 12 year old boy to a bedframe in the Timehri outpost.

25. The police officers who brought us there left.

26. After then left he told me Officer Singh beat he and push his finger up his anus first then he carry him in the bathroom, throw water and a cokes on him and tell him to wine like a girl. He said Singh beat him and he get blacked out. Singh told him he gun push a condom on the baton and push it in him.

27. His hands were swollen and his feet were swollen.

28. They returned about an hour and a half later and took the four of us from the outpost to the Timehri Police station.

29. At the Timehri Police station they put us behind the bench. They did not want to give us any phone calls.

30. Colwyn tied his hand in a make shift sling around his neck.

31. Colwyn put his head on my shoulder and was crying for pain.

32. I told the red skinned inspector who was on duty about the incident and I told them that this man is a wicked man they tried to bugger this boy.

33. The red skinned officer tell me mind me mouth or I’ll be locked up for false allegation against the police.

34. The inspector called out to Singh and told him “If you do that you gun get trouble”.

35. Singh then came and scrambled Colwyn. I jumped in the middle and told Singh you can’t do him them thing no more his is not a criminal.”

36. Singh pushed me out of the way and I fell and hit my head on the desk and got a black eye.
37. Colwyn held onto me and Singh grabbed him and put him in the back cell.
38. I ran to peep to see what cell he was putting him in.

39. They put Ronsley Clarke in the cell.

40. They then took Ronsley Clarke out of the cell and placed him on the bench.

41. I asked them how they could take Ronsley out and not Colwyn.
Female Officer Grant then put hand cuffs and leg cuffs on me.

42. At 11 PM they took me to east la penitence Police Station.

43. On Tuesday I saw Colwyn at court. He told me once I come out of jail I am good.

44. They took Colwyn, Tiffany Edwards and I in a bus to the Georgetown prison where they dropped of Colwyn, then took us East la Penitence Police station

45. On the way he told me that Officer Singh went there Sunday night and beat him again and he get blacked out again.

46. While at the court I tried to show the Magistrate the marks of violence including my black eye, Colwyn tried to show her his injuries and the Magistrate told us we have to wait for the trial.

47. The case was adjourned to the 25th February 2014.

Signed Teanisha
9th January 2014
Witnessed by Nigel Hughes.

Statement # 2

Sunday, January 19, 2014


My name is Tiffany Edwards.

1. I live at North Sophia Georgetown

2. I am 18 years old

3. On the 15th day of November 2013 I was at my fiance’s house at Timehri behind the airport.

4. Around 3.30 AM I was walking down the road while walking back from the shop when I heard my brother in law Stephon crying.

5. I was walking with a friend who told me “ No Tiffany don’t go in” and I asked why. I told him I could not stand up here and hear my little brother in law crying.

6. I went into the house where I saw Officer Singh and others who were dressed in Neighbourhood Police shirts.

7. Officer Singh snatched me by the my top and told me “Come you black ugly skunt is you we want where is your man.”

8. I told him that if you all have a warrant send out for my husband you all aint suppose to harass me. You not supposed to snatch me by the top.

9. Singh told me to “walk, walk your mother skunt”

10. I told him if you can’t speak to me as police in proper manner I will not walk.”

11. He pushed me out of the house.

12. Some of the neighbourhood police men went into a bedroom and throw a bucket of water on my eight and nine year old brothers in law who were sleeping on a bed.

13. I started to cry and said why we have to be treated as animals we are humans.

14. When I go in the van I saw Colwyn Harding and Teanisha Evans crying.

15. Colwyn was asking for help. He said collect my mother number and call she and tell she I have damage from the police.

16. They took us to the outpost.

17. They left us there and came back an hour and a half later.

18. At the time I was two months pregnant.

19. When they came back for us the same officers came back for us.

20. My neck was hurting, Singh told me to walk , I could not walk as my neck was hurting.

21. I sat down in the passage way to the outpost.

22. While I was sitting down in the passageway, Officer Singh started to kick me in my belly. He kicked me three times and told me “I don’t like black fucking people”.

23. Teanisha picked me up and helped me to the vehicle.

24. On the way to the station I was bleeding from my vagina.

25. They told me I is a criminal, I jumping house and I am whore.

26. At Timehri Police station they put me behind the counter to sit on the bench. I started to bleed more bad.

27. Colwyn was crying out. Colwyn was smelling messy.

28. They went and arrested my boyfriend Ronsley Clarke. They brought everything form the house to the station, the freezer, our clothing, the blinds, the stove, the tub everything.

29. I was crying out for pain. I said you all help me I bleeding bad.

30. They put Ronsley Clarke in the cell and Colwyn Harding was crying out for pain.

31. They told him to get up. He was holding on his girlfriend saying help me help me.

32. Policeman Singh pushed Teanisha and she knocked her head to the desk and get black eye.

33. They put Colwyn in the cell where he started to cry out for pain saying you all call my mother.

34. I started to cry and ask what I get lock up for.

35. I have never been locked up before.

36. They took us to court on Tuesday. I was put on $110,000.00 bail.

37. I could not afford the bail.

38. I was remanded to prison.

39. I was in East La Penitence for four weeks, I bled continuously for the four weeks.

40. I came to Berbice before Christmas. I reported I was bleeding.

41. The medex at the New Amsterdam lock up told me that I lost the child and I started to cry.

42. This was my first child

43. They gave me tablets.

44. I continued to bleed and am still bleeding up to now.

45. I was charged with assaulting a peace officer and disorderly behavior and was placed on $110,000.00 bail.

46. I asked for a medical at the Timehri Police station and at East la Penitence and they did not send me for one.

47. While I was at Timehri Police station my sister in law, Wenella Clarke came to check on her brother and me.

48. A female officer who I know as Kimberley told Wenella that she does suck she father cock and that she father rape she.

49. The female officer said she was the bad woman for Timehri Police station. She hand cuffed both Wenella and I together and spray cologne in our faces and beat us up. I started to cry. The female officer she don’t want no crying in here

50. I would like the police to investigate this.


Tiffany Edwards

Witnessed by Nigel Hughes.


7 thoughts on “devin singh tortured, raped & assaulted colwyn harding, kicked pregnant woman in stomach – witness statements

  1. Wow . . . ! ! ! At some point pretty soon, we have to take a stance. Every bucket bottom MUST fall out and for every “1” it must be “2”.

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    • This is not just about racism ,this is about police brutality and a cry for justice-without justice lawlessness will increase,and if these people do not get justice from the court, God will give them justice.Do not despair, the battle may be lost but the war is far from over.

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