salim juman azeez shut in, in US virgin islands

word just in that Salim Juman Azeez was taken down in the US Virgin Islands . stay tuned.

question? salim is wanted by uncle sam, what is he doing in the US Virgin Islands?

    ¶B. Sawh involved in criminal activities. Sawh was said to be close with criminal Salim Azeez, a suspected money launderer and alien smuggler. Azeez financed a fish farm, Newline Aqua Farm, which appears to be a money laundering operation.

Azeez was previously arrested with several Guyanese and U.S. passports but later was acquitted of wrongdoing.


2 thoughts on “salim juman azeez shut in, in US virgin islands

  1. it goes with the territory ,, if ure a playah in the COCAINE CIRCUS ,, then this is the scenario that will follow u ,, but these mini mind morons r NOT able to see this as their fate that they tempt when they fall prey to the life as is in the pics here of him ,, much as i understand the sanctity of human life ,, i hope this fuker die…….. and soon !

  2. Fuck !! Ramesh is a fucking snitch. I advised Salim’s buddy that Ramesh will run his mouth about Salim’s financial transactions.

    Never trust a rat like Ramesh or Chris Ram. They believe that because they are accountants, they could pen their names to snitch on others. FYI Ramesh was Salim’s accountant for 10 years.

    Your post may be a mild rumour at the least, but the risk of Ramesh snitching on Salim is a probability.

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