yucatan c reis, the man behind Muri Brasil Ventures Inc New river triangle looting

kudos to kaieteur news and stabroek for exposing robert billionaire persaud in the 2 million acre new river triangle selloff.

Jose de Anchieta Junior, yucatan reis, bharrat jagdeo, donald ramotar and ppp at campaign rally in lethem. Sunday, 6th November, 2011

Jose de Anchieta Junior, yucatan reis, bharrat jagdeo, donald ramotar and ppp crimme family inc at campaign rally in lethem. Sunday, 6th November, 2011

The company pointed out too that exploration activities have not commenced because permission is being awaited for the construction of a small airstrip to facilitate the airborne aspect of the survey, but “other research activities have taken place.” [this was the last airstrip built in this part of guyana by mool persaud]
With regards to the receipt of permission from Minister Persaud, the company said that it responded to a publication dated March 20, 2012, which invited proposals for exploration of rare earth elements in the area of Muri Mountain.

missing from most of the discussion is yucatan c reis head honcho at excel minerals. 138 light and 6th st. albertown

  • Excel Minerals Inc. is a private limited liability company owned by Yucatan Reis of Brazil established 2002. Excel Minerals offers a wide variety of services in an effort to provide you with the flexibility needed to process your next transaction carefully and comfortably. These services include gold trading, diamond buying, production finance and money transfer. Excel Minerals primary concern is the protection of their clients’ best interest.
excel minerals in guyana owned by yucatan reis

yucatan reis HQ in guyana. excel minerals. 138 light & 6th st

Yucatan Reis is Chairman of Excel Capital Inc., since incorporation in 2007. Mr. Reis’ vast experience in global strategy, as well as the financial and operational performance worldwide has harnessed significant returns to our company.
Yucatan has more than 15 years of experience in this industry. He began his career at Aipana Plaza Hotel in Boa Vista in 1999 and afterward, HVS International and Consulting Firm. After his time gaining experience with other companies Yucatan founded Excel Minerals Inc. Within five years, he founded Excel Capital Inc., ITL Trading Incorporated and International Metallics Inc. etc
Yucatan Reis’ passion for business and vision for the future add fuels to the board of directors he over look. His wealth of knowledge and experience is no match for his leadership skills.

yucatan reis is the man standing next to governor of roraima state José de Anchieta Junior at ppp crime family election rally in lethem. [photo above right] he was translating to english

Anchieta Junior is a good friend of narco gangster bharrat jagdeo and by extension donald ramotar.

roraima governor and delegation visit bharrat jagdeo and robert persaud

Under Secretary General for South America, Central America and the Caribbean Ambassador Antonio Simoes meets narco gangster Bharrat Jagdeo on a visit to State House with a delegation from the State of Roraima. Anchieta Junior is to the left. notice robeson and robert billionaire. yucatan reis was also present. August 27, 2010. at this time robert persaud was still publicly the minister of agriculture. the new ministry of natural resources and environment had not yet been announced

Jose de Anchieta Junior  visiting donald ramotar at state house . june 13 2013

Jose de Anchieta Junior visiting donald ramotar at state house . june 13 2013

shortly after this last photo donald ramotar went to brasil for the Rio+20 Summit but first made a pit stop in roraima state with the following people. Natural Resources and Environment Minister, Robert ‘billionaire‘ Persaud, Former President and Environmental Ambassador, Bharrat Jagdeo, Head of the Office ofClimate Change, Shyam ‘porn star’ Nokta, Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, Environmental Advisor to the President, Navin Chandarpal, Head of the National Toshaos Council, Yvonne Pearson and Paulette Bynoe.

Current Address:321 Elmwood Ave.

Ithaca, NY 14850

(607) 279-2070


Permanent Address:

Araujo Filho 287
Boa Vista, RR Brazil 69301
55 95 9971-1819


Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration, Ithaca, NY
Bachelor of Science Degree, May, 2003
Dean’s List for Fall Semester 2000


  Oxford College of Emory University, Oxford, GA
Dean’s List for 1999-2000


Aipana Plaza, 87 rooms, Boa Vista, Roraima, BrazilAdvisor to The Owner and General Manager

  • Developed standards for financial reports
  • Created a $35,000 budget plan for the renovation of the lobby
  • Reorganized food and beverage chain of command
  • Recruited an inventory manager and implemented strict inventory rules
  • Oversaw the development of a website, brochure and a menu

Summer 2002

  Sheraton Hong Kong, 780 rooms, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Guest Service Agent

  • Exposed to all aspects of the operations with a focus in the Front Office and Guest Relations
  • Promoted to Guest Relations after a month and a half of work
  • Inspected rooms for VIP arrivals to ensure quality standards
  • Interacted with guests from Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and US in their native language

Summer 2001

  Government of the State Roraima, Boa Vista, RR, Brazil
Aid, Industrial Development

  • Contacted investors in the United States, Brazil and Venezuela
  • Flew to the Dominican Republic with the Governor [Jose de Anchieta Junior] and investors to visit factories that would be implemented in Brazil
  • Provided investors with information about the fiscal incentives and local legislation


  HVS International, Consulting Firm, Miami, FL

  • Exposed to all aspects of valuation and feasibility studies
  • Attended consultants’ weekly meetings
  • Updated client database and project files

Summer 1999

SKILLS Languages: Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English: Proficient in

  • Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Basic Web design
ActivitiesAnd Memberships


  • Member, Cornell Hotel Society
  • Member, Honor Club, Oxford College, Emory University
  • Golf, Water Skiing and Soccer

6 thoughts on “yucatan c reis, the man behind Muri Brasil Ventures Inc New river triangle looting

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  2. De Robert Persaud fulling he pocket with the blessing from BJ and DR will the poor Guyanese people have to take this because if we say anything we will get lockup

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