investigate new building society guyana & the director of public prosecutions

nanda kishore gopaul and bharrat jagdeoMORE SHOCKING REVELATIONS ON VIDEO BELOW – at Sep 8, 2007 NBS meeting called by NBS members but vewers must FIRST read about the SINISTER plot concoted by the EVIL conspirators and the limits they will go to save certain criminals AND to to get their hands on NBS funds! :
THIS VIDEO IS A PORTION OF THAT MEETING! The “Strategy” used by MC Doom and Vice Chairman (VC) Gopaul – although ILLEGAL as was subjudice- is that Mc Doom will provide to all members thru spin Doctor Kit Nascimento,a 4 page document lambasting the CEO & 2 Managers (we will post that entire report later with comments refuting the LIES and DECEIT state therein!): Then, instead of discussing what was on the Agenda, Mc Doom proceeded to read that document with the hecklers preventing the members from raising what was on the Agenda i.e. the wrongful charge and the ILLEGAL dismissal of the CEO & 2 Managers.
– It all started Nov 2006, ONE day after Dep CEO Nizamodeen Mohamed proceeded on leave (so that his “fingerprints” wont be on any documents ) when the POA was presented for the first withdrawal from Bib Shamila Khan’s account.
– Mohamed later confirms that on Jan 19, 2007, Dr Zinool Safi told him that his wife Bibi Shamila Khan did not authorise G$32 M (cheques CEO Arjoon authorised) of $69M withdrawn by a POA
– Instead of advising the NBS CEO, next day Mohamed went to CIOG at a meeting with Safi, Moen Ul Hack (CEO of CIOG) and his wife (Shalimar Hack, the DPP!)
– When Arjoon is told on Jan 22nd, he immediately launches an investigation (and within days the amount unauthorised suddenly changed to $69M).
– On Jan 23rd, Chairman Moen Mc Doom asks CEO about matter (later discovered that he LIED that he did not know Safi and that he was also at meetings at CIOG on matter)
– The NBS Board officially informed by CEO on Jan 25th; and at monthly meetings thereafter (in minutes) as well as during the months as deemed necessary . ( Mc Doom and Gopal LIED that they were “kept in the dark’!)
– The investigation revealed that systems & procedures of NBS met (confirmed by documents tendered in court) & that the signature of Bibi Khan on the POA was hers.
– The Police were given ALL information by the CEO & NBS Auditor but strangely were not charging those involved despite tangible EVIDENCE obtained from the investigation!
– The External auditor also conducted an investigation which confirmed the innocence of the CEO & Managers but Mc Doom & Gopaul held on to that report !
– In April & May2007 the CEO seeks to employ a private investigator to confirm his findings that Safi also involved as then NBS will not lose money by having to refund the account holder, but INSTEAD Mc Doom holds more meetings at CIOG including with the DPP where a plot is concocted then Mc Doom and others also hold meetings at Freedom House and it is decided to use that “opportunity” to save those involved in the scam and to TAKE OVER THE NBS !!
– In accordance with “their plot” the DPP writes to the NBS Board and LIES that she has Strong & Compelling evidence against the CEO & 2 Managers and places trumped up charges against them although the entire Board, DPP , Police, President of Guyana etc ALL knew they were innocent, (The Police later revealed that they NEVER had any evidence but that “Gopaul & Mc Doom” help the DPP charge the 3 Top men instead of those involved)
– After the wrongful charge on June 1st the Board called the 3 victims to a meeting and confirmed to them that they KNEW they were innocent but that it was the Police who said they had evidence.
– The Board said the CEO & Managers will go on admin leave and undertook to pay their full salary & benefits & all Legal fees incurred until the case completed but within weeks without reason the salary & benefits stopped (later learned that was outcome fo discussion held at NAACE pub with Gopaul & Mohamed)
– In the meantime to avoid suspicion of their involvement in getting the innocent charged Mc Doom admitted at staff meeting on June 2nd (which staff later quoted in petition):

I know that none of these gentlemen did not benefit from a penny
I looked at the POA and having 41yrs of service, I could not detect that it was fake.
We know that they are innocent but the matter is now at the Court so we have to wait.
Up to now the police don’t know nor do we know if this document was forged.

– But despite the foregoing and available evidence that Dr Safi also collected proceeds from the cheques encashed, within days the Board refunded Bibk Shamila Khan who months later fled the country with Dr Safi!
– The 3 victims wrote the Minister of Finance (copied to the AG & Cabinet Secretary) with information that can PROVE their innocence and requested investigation. BOG conducted that investigation & confirmed theirinnocence but instructed to “duck” the report!
– President Bharat Jagdeo called the Board to a meeting and Director who later left said that it was the President who told them to fire the 3 Officers – which they did although contrary to Guyana’s Laws.
– A group of concerned NBS members did their own private investigation and called a special meeting to discuss on Sep 8, 2007
– A few days/weeks before the meeting, dozens of persons who never dealt at NBS went to Dep CEO Nizam Mohamed & each collected G$500 from him and opened new accounts – they were present at the meeting heckling the concerned members who were not allowed to raise what was on the Agenda and Chairman Mc Doom abruptly ended the meeting
– NBS then filed an injuction preventing another meeting, then a bill was rushed thru Parliament and quickly assented to by the President to prevent any such meeting ever again if there are wrongdings by the Board! 3 Directors later resigned (publicly citing corruption etc at NBS) , replaced by political appointees – NONE with knowledge or skills in Banking
– In the meantime judges and lawyers helped to delay the court matter for 4 ½ years without any evidence ever provided; then Arjoon was approached to accept half his pension in return for dropping the lawsuit (more on this later)
NB: Major portion of the above since proven in court and there is evidence of the rest!
“Oh what a tangled web we weave when we plan to deceive….

check out nanda gopaul displaying his thuggish style here


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