Afzal Mohamed Shaw the vehicle thief king of Vryheid’s Lust

2013-05-23 @ 9:55:30 PM
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Sir/Madam, I hope that you will respond to my email with regards to Theft & Fraud in Guyana..I return back last night from Guyana I was there to have my vehicle transfer in my name, money was paid to several people who names and phone number I have, I was told by these young men that to fast tract the paper work from GRA I had to pay $5000.00 for a tax ID $38,000.00 Guy dollars to have the rest of the paper completed and will have my vehicle transfer before I return to Canada on the 22nd May 2013 which never happened, I did went to Brickdam Police Station to file a report on the 21st May 2013 @ around 9.30 pm spoke to Decetive Seeram who told me that he will follow up on these persons who took the bribe, their names are Persaud from GRA ph # 646-7080.Vicky Shah from broad street ph # 638-3059 whose picture I have leaving with the money, and Afzal Mohamed Shaw from broad street who is the ring leader of theft and Fraud his phone # is 220-7489 & cell # 645-2568 he stole my vehicle.(Bus) I have here names and # and I am kindly asking for justice from these thieves they need to be stopped and put away for a long time and I am willing to cooperate in any ways shape or form to have justice.Thank you and awaits a respond. Pam.

date of crime 21st May 2013
type of crime Fraud/Theft
location Georgetown & East Coast
additional information These men are all known to Afzal Mohamed Shaw of Lot 90 Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara. Afzal Shaw refuse to return my vehicle I beg and plea with him to do the right thing. He promise to have all paper work ready and the Bus fully transfer over to me on or before the 22nd May 2013,that promise was never kept and I am kindly asking for your help to resolve this matter, please call me if you can @ 1-***-***-**** or by email pam***** He, Afzal Shaw did send Vicky to collect the money, and I am still waiting for a phone call from Afzal Shaw for the paper work for the transfer of the vehicle, he took my money and I am kindly asking you for your help in resolving this matter. Thank you. Pam


3 thoughts on “Afzal Mohamed Shaw the vehicle thief king of Vryheid’s Lust

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  3. yeah it is a shame such corruption exists…but it does…solve problem pam…simply…kill him….yeah….i had a daniel singh steal my post office paycheck and continued to rip me off with my social security…too bad for his girl denise…what a dumb bitch…he ripped off his own cousin too…with the same thing…what a shmuck…al pacino…dustin hoffman…eminem…true greats that certainly don’t suffer from this pathetic “short man syndrome” like this leo…ds….consider yourself no longer apart of the yellow tribe…you loser…and a MC child…you are the MC here…you are about to take a spill….MCM

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