priya & jaya manickchand – guyana criminals @ large

jaya, hyacinth [mum] and jaya manickchand

jaya, hyacinth [mum] and jaya manickchand

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CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Georgetown
Priya Manickchand, an attorney and legal consultant to  Jagdeo, was named Minister of Human Services and Social  Security, taking over from a discredited Bibi Shadick. Her  portfolio is expected to include Trafficking in Persons  issues. Manickchand has worked for the Georgetown Legal Aid  Clinic, a USAID-funded initiative. There are quiet rumors  that she is romantically involved with Jagdeo.

the Manickchand mafia clan

  • priya manickchand – minister of education & ppp crime family member of parliament
  • jaya manickchand – attorney at law & ppp crime family representative on Guyana Election Commission
  • hyacinth manickchand – mother of priya & jaya [retired teacher]
  • krishendat manickchand – father of priya & jaya. rice farmer & other things
  • captain bhageshwar murli – husband or priya, officer guyana defence force
  • omar lochan – husband of jaya, deputy permanent secretary ministry of natural resources & environment. lochan has 5 radio stations illegally granted by jagdeo
  • billionaire robert persaud, boss of omar lochan & minister of natural resources & environment. married to kamini persaud, niece of narco-gangster bharrat jagdeo

8 thoughts on “priya & jaya manickchand – guyana criminals @ large

  1. The Clan’s Canada Connection

    Priya Manickchand made frequent trips to Toronto since she joined Jagdeo gov’t
    investing offshore through aunt, who is the family’s personal financial advisor.
    Aunt works in banking small business and her husband is in real estate.

    The Manickcand sisters bought several properties in various relatives names in Canada.
    They are the source of finance behind the Ramdyal’s family’s food and dry cleaning business,
    and medical clinics and other business ventures of other relatives in Canada.

    The sisters relatives in Canada also making frequent trips to Guyana since Priya and Jaya in Gov’t.
    Buying land and properties everywhere and a few along Duncan st. and next door to Priya.
    Jagdeo granted radio licenses to friend Jaya’s husband Omar lochan
    Jagdeo also arranged for scholarship for Priya’s cousin at a top university in United States.

  2. Priya Manicchand’s PPP Family

    Kamita Munesar who works for Priya Manikchand is brother Anil’s baby mama
    Kamita Munesar has 2 other children for her husband.

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