Roger Luncheon

Guyana National Insurance Scheme suspend payment$ to overseas pensioners

Roger Luncheon

filthy negroe hitman & narco criminal aka dutty face

update : our most trusted ppp insider is having a meeting on this matter with a member of the NIS board. stay tuned

fan mail | 2013-02-26 @ 3:41:37 PM

Dear Propaganda Press, I like to bring to your attention that National Insurance Scheme
Guyana has currently ceased all payments to Overseas pensioners, it would be great if this can be investigated as overseas pensioners needs their money just the same as all other pensioners who worked just as hard in their young days. Now living in an overseas country does not mean that the money is not needed most often person lives with their nasty mind children and because they are old there is no job for them even for the young ones in the us. People depend on their pension to contribute to the expense of their home and bills. Just wait until them get old and then they will understand. Please investigate. Thanks concern pensioner

who told you about propaganda press read about it on line

dear concerned pensioner:  we will be looking into this a little deeper. in the mean time read below

a must read

Clico & Immunity by Chris Ram
In that call I noted that the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) alone is exposed to Clico for well in excess of six billion dollars or more than 20% of the funds accumulated by the NIS over its forty years of existence.[this money is gone never to be recovered] I pointed out that members of Parliament ought to be aware that under the National Insurance Scheme Act any temporary insufficiency in the assets of the (NIS) Fund to meet its liabilities has to be met from appropriations by Parliament. In other words, they would have to approve the money to be funded by taxpayers. The politicians’ response has been less than adequate.

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21 thoughts on “Guyana National Insurance Scheme suspend payment$ to overseas pensioners

  1. Christopher Ram is a mouthpiece for Apnu. He portrays himself as an economist when he is only a chartered accountant trained to be a junior lawyer. His accounting firm reeks of NIS labor law violations. The complainant did not mention if the monies were sent through bank transfer or were he/she collecting the pension while vacationing in Guyana? Should that be so the complainant has money to spend on abroad but probably left the ID when collecting the NIS pension check. The overseas Guyanese are giving Guyana a bad name just like Christopher Ram sweetwoman who complained Corporal Vincent buggered her during consentual intercourse. Kaieteur News was stupid enough to publish bugger batty material, Glenn Lall is a bugger man too and he is a dead man walking should Roger Khan find out Glenn Lall was snitching on him.

    Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo rescued Guyana and look how we Guyanese are living comfortably and affordably because of the PPP/C Government intitative in accessible housing.

    Christopher Ram lacks any ethics and his marriage has traces of infidelity ask Gail teixeira or priya manickchand before you post random complaints of government.

  2. k persaud …. you are very witty in your article, but on serious note
    1. is it true with gail and priya…lol
    2. is glen lall a batty man?
    3. this one i know for sure….roger has already set his trap for glen….just like vic puran……i heard glen is hiding

  3. The Bahamas Prime Minister yesterday said, “there appears to be no record available at this time” of Clico (Guyana)’s investment in Clico (Bahamas), even as Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang instructed the Commissioner of Insurance to prepare an affidavit in support of her petition to have Clico (Guyana) placed under judicial management.
    – See more at:

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  5. I am happy to hear the above. I sent home my notarized Life Certificate from the Guy Emb in New York to NIS, only to find out that I am deceased as per the Guyana Govt. I wonder which one of the criminals collected my lump sum. I need to be refunded my $20. US which I paid for the Life Certificate. These criminal minded wretches are bold. Is there anyone else who experienced this type of problem.

    • Yes.This is a regular problem,The instruction on the Life Certificate states that it can be signed by a Doctor,, or Justice of Peace,or A Bank etc.with a License number.However NIS office comes up with new excuses not to pay out the hard earned money

    • that is true. I applied since 2012 and have not received a penny. i live overseas and every time i visit guyana ,all i’m being told is “your application is being processed Come on NIS pay me my money

  6. Mr. PERSAUD the issue is not about GUYANA, or so call “giving Guyana a bad name” its about “WHERE IS MY MONE, AND WJY AM NOT GETTING IT! GET IT?
    I am speaking in behalf of my sister who came to the States for Major surgery. She’s been here for over a year, and she can’t get her money because of some UGODLY reason that the Gov’t. is holding her money, Again, this issue is about the people, not the Govt.. that is supposed to be the people, right now, it looks like is a divided situation.

  7. My dad has the same issue. He worked for 42 years for Guysuco and he cannot get his NIS pension.

  8. I have a similar predicament. Submitted all the paperwork on a visit to Guyana in 2012, mailed Life certificates, filled in forms for payment of pension to a bank in Guyana, all the required stuff. I am still awaiting payment of my NIS pension.

    Overseas Pensioner

  9. I have apply for my N.I.S.pension sixty years on June 12th 2012 until to day 8/27/2013 cant receive same all I am told my application is being process, start paying nis since 1969 same card number

  10. The Management and staff of National Insurance Scheme Guyana needs to be more caring in reality to pensioners seeking to have their pension payments processed, having tried to inquire about pension payments you wait a whole year to get to the operator, then she transfer the call to another person who transfer the call to another person by that time the phone bills comes to more than the pension is, please staff of NIS the elderly needs to have their money to use to pay bills, to buy medicine a day will come when all of you will attain the age when you depend on your pension so when you lazy people sit at your desk and pretend to be busy and leave the paper work to accumulate remember a day will come when someone will do the same to you.

  11. In the hard times of the pn’c rule we forced to contribute a specific amount ofour memeager salary to.the nis and hope for the better .in my final years the little I was r ewaded is taken a way.I call on those responsible to some thing on behalf of overseas pensioners.we paid our money and we have the right to our returns.come on Mr luncheon.

  12. I have apply for my old age pension since June 2012 and to date cannot receive any thing sometimes I feel like a KING with the royal running around you get from the staff at nis office these people needs more training when it comes to dealing with the public.

  13. I am a retired pensioner, I lost my NIS card and don’t know the number. How can I get a renewal if I don’t know my NIS number? I am 86 years old. Thank you very much.

  14. Please tell me what to do to obtain a lost NIS card. I don’t even know that the number anymore. I am 86 years old and almost 20 years ago I don’t receive any payment. Thanks for your help.

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