sonny austin ramdeo last interview updated

one of our agents managed to catch up with sonny in richmond hill last week.

stay tuned for transcript

pp: sonny thanks for granting this interview

sr: no problem. the pleasure is mine

pp: we don’t want to take up too much of your time. so we wil get right down to it. any day now the fbi will probably arrest you. you are aware of that correct?

sr: maybe…ok yes

pp: Promise Healthcare lawsuit in October. They suing you for $5.4 million. what’s the real story?

sr: these things are all accusations

pp: so you did not steal the money

sr: correct. these are all accusations. i am still innocent until proven guilty

pp: but it clearly states in the filing that your company pay serv tax inc was a front

sr: no, no, no. payserv is a legitimate company

pp: sonny we’ve checked it out. everything there seems bogus like the suit says. were you diverting money into ezjet?

sr: no

pp: so where did you get the money for ez jet?

sr: investors

pp: what investors? where? who?

sr: ezjet has many backers and investors?

pp: bharrat jagdeo? bobby ramroop? who are these investers

sr: leh we not get into details right now, but we got plenty investors and maybe some of the people you just mention too

pp: how about ezjet and cocaine. how much cocaine were you fetching

sr: never. we never do them thing

pp: ezjet never fetched cocaine? this is an incredible statement sonny

sr: ok so cocaine may have come on the plane but that ain had nothing to do with me or ezjet

pp: who’s cocaine come on the plane?

sr: i can’t say who own the cocaine

pp: so you are aware of cocaine being on your planes

sr: yes

pp: you reported this to anyone?

sr: no

pp: how do you know cocaine was on the planes? you’re not a pilot, you don’t travel on every flight

sr: i know man. leff it at that

pp: is bharrat jagdeo in the cocaine business

sr: that i cant say

pp: if you know would you say?

sr: no

pp: if you’re arrested and charged by the feds would you give up jagdeo or any of your other big friends?

sr: i cant seh dat right now

pp: you do know you will be arrested right?

sr: good possibility

pp: what’s your plan in the event of your arrest?

sr: well i plan to fight. i got a lawyer i hire

pp: why were you hiding?

sr: i wasn’t hiding. i just wasn’t out there like i used to be

pp: you know what happened to ed ahmad?

sr: i don’t like talk bout other people problems

pp: you know what’s going to happen to albert baldeo?

sr: albert was trying fuh rob people

pp: unlike ezjet?

sr: we never rob nobody. never

pp: ezjet has no money to repay passengers, why did you allow rosalinda and the crew in guyana to issue checks?

sr: i never tell them people write no checks

pp: so what you saying? the guyana office operating and doing things on their own?

sr: yes. no. not really

pp: sonny, rosalinda rasul said she is taking orders from you and that you’re in contact daily

sr: ok yes, but the checks is a separate matter

pp: how so?

sr: they know we ain got no money fuh pay back all them people

pp: you don’t have the money?

sr: no we dont have money to pay all them people back

pp: what happened to the money

sr: look, i ain able talk no more. things getting hectic. let we leff it at this

pp: will you g to trial or will you try to work out a deal?

sr: the attorney will look at all options and we will decide what to do and not do

pp: can we check in on you from time to time?

sr: sure i dont see why not

pp: well seasons greetings and thanks for talking to propaganda press

sr: ok

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