Ramanand Prashad exporting 21 kilos guyana cocaine in drinking straws to canada

ramanand prashad & Prestige Manufacturing and Bottling Enterprise @ guyexpo 2012

ramanand prashad & Prestige Manufacturing and Bottling Enterprise @ guyexpo 2010

the cocaine markets of canada are too lucrative to pass up.

cocaine mathematics – everything in US$
ramanand paid 84,000 for his 21 kilos. $4000 per kilo
one kilo in toronto right now is about  $40,000 x 21 = $840,000
ramanand was looking at a tidy 756,000 net profit on this noodle in mango shipment. he’d have to sell 20 billion bottles of essence retail to make that

ramanand prashad the cocaine shipper of prestige foods

badam! watch yuh bai with the arrow ot he head. ppp crime family strikes again

Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy and little Miss Naya Narine cut the ceremonial ribbon to declare the Guyana Shop official opening on October 18, 2012.
From left to right: Guyana Shop Manager, Kevin Macklingam , Chairman GMC Board of Directors, Paul Cheong, President, Guyana Agro-Processors Association Ramanand Prashad, Minister of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture Alli Baksh, IICA Representative, Wilmot Garnett and General Manager, GMC Nizam Hassan. [ramsammy deh wid dkevin sister kristen. she writes and covers him for guyana times. alli baksh also operates a chinese smuggling ring with minister of home affairs clement rohee]

kristen and leslie @ dinner - thanks bibi

kristen and leslie @ dinner – thanks bibi

See here for story: http://gina.gov.gy/wp/?p=2885

shipper:  Ramanand Prashad of Prestigious Foods, 1-2 Plantain Walk, West Bank Demerara
receiver: ______________ of Sunset Products. ______________ Ontario, Canada
carrier: Caribbean Airlines, the new Guyana cocaine flag carrier

field agent dispatch
fThe shipper of the cocaine in straws and owner of Prestige Foods on the West Bank of Demerara is Ramanand Prashad, a close friend of former president Bharrat Jagdeo , minister of home affairs Clement “big dougla” Rohee and president Donald Ramotar. He was a PPP councillor at the La Grange Village council. He will get off with the help of the PPP. He is a Canadian citizen

phone book listing
Address: 10 Public Rd La Grange
Main Number 263-5124

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14 thoughts on “Ramanand Prashad exporting 21 kilos guyana cocaine in drinking straws to canada

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  2. Come on fat stinking Rima Rohee and aunty man Kwame Mc Coy, one of your guys have been caught now. What do you have to say now? He is a close friend of the PPP and a financial backer.
    So you know where all those coolies getting their money from to put up all those buildings.
    Rohee is the head of the drug cartel in Guyana with his general, James Singh.
    I bet he will never be charged.

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  4. I worried for Glen, this is part he shipment and he broke like rass. The white man aint taking excuses no more but when you love to rob people you will dead and dead nasty too.

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  8. You guys have incorrect information, the guy in the photo is not the owner of that ‘Prestige’ connected with the ‘cocaine in Straws’ story…i strongly advised that you do thorough investigation before you ‘jump’ to conclusions.

  9. Why don’t you call Ramanand Prashad and ask him if he was charged with regard to the allegation or call the cops to find out who was actually caught at the Airport or better yet why not pay a visit to the Chowmein Factory at Plantation Walk, West Bank Demerara? Prestige in La Grange does not manufacture ‘Chowmein’.

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