fair and balanced guyana blogs and news

fair and balanced guyana blogs and news sites can be found all over the internet. there are also radio and tv stations all up and down guyana. propaganda press has never made such claims and we do not belong to the guyana press ASSociation

we recommend the following and there are hundred more outlets where you can get your guyana blogs and news just the way you like it.

Fair & Balanced graphic used in 2005

  • gina – government information news service
  • ncn guyana – govt owned national communications network
  • demerara waves for all your positive ezjet news and info
  • inews guyana – ppp crime family outlet
  • capitol news – double agent gordon moseley and enrico woolford
  • guyana chronicle – govt owned newspaper
  • stabroek news according to respectable guyanese
  • kaieteur news according to glen lall
  • cns 6 television
  • channel 28 – mob boss bobby ramroop
  • channel 65 – slow rising porn star robert and kamini persaud
  • channel 72 – hits & jams cocaine entertainment 24/7
  • 98.1 hot fm – govt owned rubbish
  • 100.1 fresh fm – govt owned rubbish
  • voice of guyana 540 am – govt owned rubbish

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