serial rapist nainniappan daniel

Dr. Nainniappan Daniel was an angel – Thomas B. Singh

thomas b singh

It is tragic that such a dastardly thing can be said about Dr. Daniel, whose passing my family and I deeply mourn, at a time when he cannot even hear the charge. Not to worry though, the living God will respond!

As a Guyanese, I am deeply offended that people who purport to be Guyanese would say these things about a man who was more patriotic to Guyana than most other Guyanese I know, even though he was from India. Until now I had put some credence to what propagandapress carried on its website, but now I don’t. Perhaps propagandapress is driven by a hate of the worst possible type (I shall not spell it out).

Beyond this though, has propagandapress considered the hurt that such a ‘report’ would cause his family and the people who loved Dr. Daniel?

Sekhar has replied with dignity and Christian restraint, as is befitting of the Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship, with which I was and am honoured to be associated. To you my brother, and to your family and the larger LEFI family, I profoundly apologise, and reject the people who carried this report. They are not Guyanese – not in my book.

May the Lord grant peace to you and to Dr. Daniel’s family.

We only wish we could have been there with you.

Thomas B. Singh
Visiting Commonwealth Fellow, University of Guyana.

this is our last will and testament on dr nainniappan daniel. a man we never heard of til now

@ thomas b and all other dr daniel defenders and supporters
all the way from canterbury are you putting your reputation on the line by assuming dr daniel never sexually assaulted any of his patients or other persons?
propaganda press is great as long it doesn’t hurt the ones you love! but what if the ones you love hurting others?
we don’t operate under such dignity and chrisitan restraint

if and when the victims of dr daniel care to go public we hope the saint joseph mercy hospital and dr daniel wider christian family is there to offer them the support they will need.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Nainniappan Daniel was an angel – Thomas B. Singh

  1. Dr Daniel was a man of high probity and rectitude- I know him since he set foot on Guyanese soil and was one of those who helped him to establish himself- He was a dedicated christianpastor, father and doctor.He was dedicated to the poor also.Never given to the low type of behaviour as was alleged.If they were true they would have surfaced while he was alive.So sad that such rot could be written about such a good man at his death.

  2. Common sense man! being a predator will not qualify yu for carrying the banner of ‘rectitude and probity’- the man did carry such a banner in his life time. He was never disqualified till this miserable attempt to do so after his death.

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