Vanisha Seenauth & Benn Jr. ARE NOT BACK TOGETHER

looks like lil scunty spreading rumours

I confirm that Vanisha Seenauth and Benn Jr. ARE NOT BACK TOGETHER. Please diffuse this on your blog to stop the rumours. It comes from the wictim’s mouth herself. People  like adija should really stop babbling about them seh she seh he seh. King (of what) adija must have some serious issues to be denegrating women so. If I could report, spam or block you I would.


9 thoughts on “Vanisha Seenauth & Benn Jr. ARE NOT BACK TOGETHER

  1. propaganda press u r turning from a political agency exposing corruption to some pro-AFC mouthpiece tabloid. afc has former ppp members they wud fuck u up when they don’t find you useful anymore.

  2. Lol, that bitch vanisha write this rite . I know dah, first of all, she should read between the fuckin lines, I didn’t say she and sultan deh back, propaganda press gave that update , so stfu you little dumb bitch. I will not stand corrected , you’re just trying to pick on my case because I fuck you up with logics , dumb hoe,

    • I’m not Vanisha LMAO!!! This is kiling me mOUahahahahahaaa!!! You really believe somebody who’s going through that much crap would give a damn about what people like you think/say/do? I am not Vanisha^^ and you could use all the nasty language you want, I couldn’t care less ROFL! Cheers though ; D

    • When you’re wrong, you’re wrong and all you can do is admit or behave like a thick skulled, woman hating, supposed man. Getting angry only makes you look dumb which make me ROFL MOUAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!! What you gonna do beat me up lke Robeson benn beat up his women? Go jerk off to release the stress (it usually works I hear ;D). Cheers friend!

  3. kinda sad what happen to miss Vanisha Malene Seenauth, but in a relationship if there’s not trust thats the outcome. sorry to say pay back is a bitch. cheers.

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