guyana cocaine to mozambique via malaysia update

two lil cockabelly get lock up and tekkin blame for EVERYTHING. Vijay Bisraj and Looknaught Denasur.

big fish still sailing in the ocean


15 thoughts on “guyana cocaine to mozambique via malaysia update

  1. The drug runner is eitha dat client of PKF, Barcellos Narine accounting firm or Bish and Co. accounting firm…. BM Enterprise or Canal Investments?Propaganda Press investigate or is it bcos the drug cartel is pro-AFC/APNU u refuse to investigate them. glenn lall of kaieteur news is a smuggler too how come u only show 1 side of the story.

  2. is not recardo for sure – haha. And is not cus raymond or james singh either. Uncle paul dont have them kind of numbers for sure. Salem deh pon the run and he bruk because he mek a load fall down with giddings and barooma bar them and them trying to catch he. Is not BM Enterprise because them cant juggle numbers like that. Possibly it could be the kung fu pandas that is flooding down there in GT.

  3. vijay is a fisherman how can he b 25 years and working at a factory for 10 years as waz mentioned in the newspapers

  4. my fren is innocent the do u read and c he waz beaten and threatned at the canu headquarters 2 admit the drug waz his

  5. the only way to put a stop to this cocaine nonsense is fo de govt to kill out all these fuckers (big fish), one by one ,,pay hitmen to take them out…u see how fass dis skunt will stap,,,that is wha burnham would a do lang time ago

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