robeson benn jr & vanisha seenauth back together again? love hurts!

this was sitting in our mailbox for a couple days

saturday 24 november 2012
Dear PP,
Rumor has it that Robeson Benn Jr. and miss Vanisha are back together… She never got justice…Sad situation in Guyana

if true we hear this one before

Although still exhibiting signs of a severely battered woman, Eureka Garraway yesterday insisted that reports of a recent attack she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend have been grossly misrepresented in the media.
“I want to clear him out of this problem…because, to be honest, is 12 years I living with he and he never put a hand on me.” While admitting that she was attacked by the man on the day in question, Garraway said that it certainly was not with a hammer.


7 thoughts on “robeson benn jr & vanisha seenauth back together again? love hurts!

  1. Admin ? ,look how she waste you efforts in doing all the interviews , thats why you never get involved in man and woman story, she stab the man and apparently ” lost she baby” , now i telling you ,i know the baby thing is a lie ,she still getting the baby ,probably why she going back to he ,cause she done getting he child ,might as well make one sweep and collect she child support. lol , this bitch waste everybody time ,dont cause a scene and do dumb shit ,and i know is one a dem box knife she mussy use on sultan ,lol ,i certain.

      • You didn’t waste your time, I’ve been following this story up close, and contacted the victim myself, and although it’s none of anyone’s business actually, she is NoT back with the fellow.

  2. I confirm that Vanisha Seenauth and Benn Jr. ARE NOT BACK TOGETHER. Please diffuse this on your blog to stop the rumours. It comes from the wictim’s mouth herself. People like adija should really stop babbling about them seh she seh he seh. King (of what) adija must have some serious issues to be denegrating women so. If I could report, spam or block you I would.

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