Roger Luncheon

guyana police invade stabroek news for central intelligence agency story

Roger Luncheon

filthy negroe hitman & narco criminal

roger hiv positive luncheon wasnt too happy to read stabroek news account of the visit to the central intelligence agency. true to form the dirty negroe sent his gestapo negroe killers to shake up the stabroek news press room.

“RE: INVASION OF PRIVACY BY ALLEGED STABROEK NEWS REPORTERS [typical bombastic dirty negroe language]

1. I write to inform you of the occurrence of an invasion of privacy by two (2) alleged Stabroek News reporters.

2. The act in question occurred on Thursday 15th November, 2012 in the compound of Castellani House and more specifically on the premise of the National Intelligence Centre.

It involves an invasion of the office by two (2) females, alleged Stabroek News reporters, between the period 11:35 hours to 12:05 hours.

3. It was noted also the two (2) females arrived and left in motor car PKK751, driven by a male driver.

4. The two (2) females identified themselves as reporters from Stabroek News and further claimed that they were sent by the Honourable Minister of Home Affairs, Minister Clement Rohee. The latter disclosure was subsequently verified to be untrue.

5. These two (2) females attempted to enter the premises at three (3) locations, gaining access repeatedly only at the front lobby of the building.

6. The young ladies attempted unsuccessfully to gain further access to the building and were observed to be in constant cellular phone contact with others during their futile efforts.

7. Please be advised that the Office of the President has instructed that an investigation be launched particularly to establish the identity of these two (2) intruders.

8.   The Guyana Police Force has been provided with all available details of this invasion and will be expected to engage Stabroek News about clarification of your firm’s awareness and involvement in this event”.
negroe hitman & head of presidential secretariat
roger hiv positive

this dirty negroe has been trying to baffle Guyanese with bullshit for a long time. if roger stopped to explain why he’s neck deep in the cocaine trade we might stop and listen.

let’s deal with invasion from the verb invade

in·vade verb (used with object)
1. to enter forcefully as an enemy; go into with hostile intent:Germany invaded Poland in 1939.
2. to enter like an enemy: Locusts invaded the fields.
3. to enter as if to take possession : to invade a neighbor’s home.
4. to enter and affect injuriously or destructively, as disease:viruses that invade the bloodstream.
5. to intrude upon: to invade the privacy of a family.

1. the free press is an enemy of ppp crime family but there was no forced entry – ” the guard on duty allowed this newspaper access.”

2. see 1

3. the reporters took nothing from the shitty concrete building.

4. no one was injured and nothing was destroyed

5. contrary to what the dirty negroe luncheon would have you believe, the cia building and other govt buildings occupied by ppp crime family are not private fucking property.


6 thoughts on “guyana police invade stabroek news for central intelligence agency story

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  3. The building is made of wood, it is not the CIA building, it was once the JICC office that was once occupied by CANU years ago, and perhaps still are there.

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