vanisha seenauth was victimised by a guyanese monster

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2012-11-23 @ 7:23:10 AM
Hello, I am quite surprised at some of the comments I’ve been seeing on this blog concerning Robeson Benn JR and his victim. Some people claim he’s not a violent boy, which is utterly untrue taking into consideration all the women he hit. But worse yet I see people commenting nastily of the young woman he beat up.

I am extremely disgusted to know that among fellow Guyanese citizens, some men still believe that some reasons would justify what he did to her. No reason justifies such a cause, none. Were he in a true democratic country, he would have already been behind bars. Worse yet, not only is he responsible for murder he was premeditating murder before the victim defended herself and propbably eliminated any future possibilities of her becoming a mother.

It is a sad thing to see people denying the facts when hard proof is available. When I see the sickening insults regarding Ms. Seenauth, it seems to portray the mentality and precarious situation of women in Guyana who are not only are suffering from sterotypes and frustrating community pressure, but are portrayed as inferior to the opposite sex. (Since when is interacial dating forbidden by the way?)

I tell you, that as long as there are people to support corruption and criminals such as Robeson Benn Jr., as long as Guyanese find it normal that an unmarried women get’s beaten nearly to death, as long as corruption remains a norm in the mind of the population, there will never be true democratie, there will never be any significant change.

There will never be change if people continue to hide their heads under the sand (or mud!). Anyway, cheers to your blog, may Press freedom continue.

Best regards,


18 thoughts on “vanisha seenauth was victimised by a guyanese monster

  1. that girl is a whoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , she does fuck about and when the man lef she cause a dat,she cause a scene cause she done know she getting a baby ,so the man trying fa tell she that she fuck around ,is nah he baby ,is the man she fuckin baby . ,then the situation escalated and she get heated , and start fight up the man , then she stab he out a jealousy ,then she run pon facebook and tag everybody and try say is violence against women, just to capture everyone sympathy ,but the bitch think we stupid.

    IF SHE HAD THE GUTS TO STAB SHE ,SHE HAD ENOUGH MIND TO LEAVE HE ,SO FUCK AIO LAME ASS LOGICS. she damn well could have left any point of the relationship ,why stay and stab a nigga.

    you motherfuckers are stupid ,HOW THE FUCK , a girl gon be with a man that beating she ,not even married to him and have to fear him beating her everyday ,she could fuckin go she way and leave him and find another man ,its not like they bound in any way,not like anything forcing them to be together ,you fuckers think everybody stupid.

    this bitch is a gold digger. ain’t nothing to be proud of ,real low life

    • This is exactly what I’m saying. Here you have a ‘man’ who is convinced that Vanisha Seenauth deserved being abused because she was incapable of leaving her boyfriend. He believes that she deserves it because she’s unmarried and because she’s not loyal. Now adija, are you Ms. Seenauth’s psychologist? Worse yet, (and this is logic according to Adija) because Ms. Seenauth is an educated young woman, she should have just left him. Let me tell you (because you still don’t understand logics apparently) that powerful men beat their wives, powerful men cheat on their wives, powerful women are beaten and remain in power, educated women of the West are beaten because it’s a universal phenomenon, and finally women in poor countries are treated like dogs because of various cultural and religious backgrounds. So you see, it has nothing to do with education level, but everything to do with social, cultural and psychological factors. However, I do not expect you to understand this, for you do not understand the word logic. Or maybe I don’t understand you, for the nasty language coming out of your mouth which is utterly unfit for any king’s mouth. Before judging anyone especially in your own country, try to reflect on what is really wrong under the surface of the water. Then again, it is a type of logic that you may be incapable of pondering. As we say in Guyana, talk half lef half.

  2. Is she nah want listen then is not licks she got to get. every story got three ends…………left side, right side and the truth.

  3. Honestly ,me dont know sultan ,but even if the man beating she up plenty time before ,why she never leave he ,THEY AINT married budday ,thats simple logics ,if you young ,you educated and you going to ug all ,and a man bussin you ass ,you have all power and right to leave ,.;…..see mi a seh? ……but she stick around ,collecting she buss ass. fuck what she says to the radio,she can tell anyone anything to cover it up now ,as logics would have it ,she know she gona get locked up ,so she try to force everyone into thinking that it was a full case of abuse ,even if the man use to buss she ass…..why she nah jsut leave he ,why she stick around ,why she wait tot he end to stab he ,and believe me ,when you stabbing someone ,you know that you killing them ,you having intentions to KILL, you dont stab somebody for joke , thats out of the question ,

    this girl story isnt right Admin ,be real budday ,even if skunty ben wrong , whos to say that she is right ,she stab the man ,so that cancel out every fuckin word she had ,every credibility and sympathy people could have had for her ,. if she handnt done that ,she could have won any case in court ,sued and all and won ,but you know she stab the man ,not even one time ,and run away ,TWICE , see my logics here?

    this girl is a lier ,atleast 80 percent of the things she saying is lies ,why she run home and tag minister preya manikchand in her statement on violence aginst women ,she feel that she would capture people’s heart and sincerity ,but she wrong , i should a know she ,i would a tell she me mind , This country needs people with free mind and less B.S , straight forward common sense and logics.

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  5. You see what I’m talking about Mister Admin? Up here you hava a man who justifies that Vanisha Seenauth, being weak and unable to leave a man who broke her, was rightly beaten and deserves no less. He also justifies her beating by the fact that, according to him, she’s not a loyal girlfriend so she deserves again to be beaten. He also mentions her being unmarried so I ask you : what about the married women who get solid beating from their husbands?. This is exactly what I said, as long as there are people, and sadly men, who deny that violence is not a solution, there will be no change; Education level has nothing to do with it, because powerful men beat their wifes, powerful women are beaten, and the Western educated society suffers the same thing. So in the end, nothing that “KING Adija” says, is logic, or better yet, everything he says corresponds to his logic and that of all Guyanese who stick their heads in the mud. It is possible that I didn’t understand anything, but then again, how can anyone understand much with such dirty language unfit for a so called king’s mouth. You say Benn Jr didn’t send you, but you’re no different because you support what he did. Like we say in Guyana, talk half lef half.

  6. Oh, I forgot one thing, Vanisha Seenauth would be considered a victim in front of any jury, and any judge would by law legitimate her right to self defense. She would not just “get locked up” as King Adija claims lOl. Her medical documents and eye witness is enough to send Benn Jr behind bars as is the law. Apparently King (lmao) adija is incapable of knowing his own Guyanese rights. I would no further comment on this, it’s like trying to reason with a wall.

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  12. “King Adijah” you should name your self “king skunt’
    cause it seems like every word coming out of your mouth is nonsense.
    reading your comment u have no one slight idea of this issue but yet u here calling women names…shameful idiot!
    i assume by now u know the story quite more and you’re ready to apologize to ms.seenauth.

    read this: it might help u to be better informed
    one thing you should know about ‘Abusers” they are most times very obsessive…and they don’t ever let their partners go that easy.
    why do u think the are abusive in the first place. they need to feel a sense of power cause they are insecure.
    real men don’t beat women.remember that.
    and since benn thinks he has all the power did u think that girl could have “just left” with out a sound beating?

    I wonder if someone give u a sound beating a day if u will hurt them back or lay there and take it. (i hope u live after to report them take the chance. good luck you might survive like her then u’ll understand)

    Benn was stabbed once. spent 1 week in the hospital. now tell me if it was serious would he have stayed just one week? logics man?

    Benn has no other mark of violence whilst the young lady has all over.
    and u think it was just ‘an argument’ lead to stab?
    logics man?

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