Lucricia Rambalak posing as miss india worldwide alana seebarran

the other miss india worldwide lucricia rambalak does bollywood

we don’t cover the gullywood scene but this is the funniest shit coming out of guyana this month. kaieteur news expose it and buss it up.

mob affiliated alana seebarran won a pageant called miss india worldwide back in march.
alana and the people who put on this foolishness went to india to prance around. that’s Chandini Ramnarain and her sister Lucria Rambalak
so the aspara crew like they know the tv man coming for an interview so they send poor alana to bed.  lucricia enter miss india worldwide and plenty more pageant before but she never win nothing.  so like she decide to make some hay while alana sleep [not sure if alana mobster boytoy chuckie ramson made the trip]
check out the video, Lucria Rambalak posing as alana seebarran miss india worldwide an flickin up she hair an ting like a big bollywood starlette


58 thoughts on “Lucricia Rambalak posing as miss india worldwide alana seebarran

  1. Chandani Ramnarain owns Aspara and Salim drug lord former auditor was Ramesh Seebarran c/o Bisheswar,Seebarran & Co Chartered Accountants. You can meet Ramesh the floor above antiman Joel Ghansham pedophile store at 252 South Road.

    Chandini meets Ramesh at the Bourda Cricket ground and with Hotel Tower scampman R.L Singh the three used to suck one another. Same goes for Chandini’s former co-worker Tara Persaud. Tara now working at Guyana Revenue Authority and doing underhand business with Rodrigues friend.

    Chandini Ramnarain is a whore. She used to suck cock plenty from PPP and PNC criminals. Alana Seebarran is not Ramesh Seebarran daughter nor is she related.

    Ramesh Seebarran wife and daughter goes to John Lewis and Bheena’s Footwear since they are clients and get discounts. Those two proper rude and Ramesh daughter is more rude. Ramesh Seebarran is an antiman he has his wife and daughter cussing him and Ramesh can’t do anything if he catch his wife Esther Seebarran taking cock from Salim’s frontman.

    You should post more about government and not this skunthole scandal. Let whores be whores. Hardworking housewives are dying in Guyana because of these whores who fuck up the men head in the rum shop.

    • Fucking bandit! Propaganda Press plz delete Deo’s comment! How pathetic he has 200% lies on his post.
      Let’s begin by stating the obvious. Anyone who believes this is a bigot. Slander is taking one of the worst crimes recognized and saying it represents the universal nature of haters of Lucricia and Chandinii. It is saying God is evil. It is also saying women are universal victims who should fear men. Both clear signs of hate. But is this hate really representative of most of the bloggers of Propaganda Press?

      It’s people like Deo who made Ramesh lose his accounting clients and people like Deo who faslely claim that “Salim” and Alphonso are somewhat in illegal business….Those are FALSE!
      Guyanese people stop hating on hardworking businessmen and Guyanese ppl in diaspora go and get a fucking job than sprewing ur dumfuck gossip on respectable ppl..

      Someone should sue these bloggers or one day Salim or Alphonso might be forced to have no choice and gun down these worthless bloggers who spread slander…Don’t u fucking retards aware that Ramesh has lost millions of dollars because of these anonymous troll bloggers. I am writing my real name to this post. The blogger, who doesn’t have a name, is trying to tell a falsehood.

      Sincerely kiss my ass and anus,
      Ashley Singh.

  2. Thumbs up Deo. Real talk….let them bitches be bitches. Nearly 100% of Guyanese don’t give a flying fuck about any involved. Truth be told…the interview she “impersonated” Alana…after that she’s been doing it big under her real name…so more power to her…Alana and her clowns are jealous of the fact that Lucria is doing what Alana failed to do…get exposure and mileage out of her win. To top it off Alana is a smarter girl so its even more upsetting to them that this dumb one is getting hyped…it makes for good comedy for me.

    Like Deo said..”You should post more about government and not this skunthole scandal. Let whores be whores. Hardworking housewives are dying in Guyana because of these whores who fuck up the men head in the rum shop.”

    I’m rating this low Prop…meh sarry but meh gat to rate am as meh see am….keep up de wukkins dough. Ayo prappa ah mek abee govament look prappa schupid.

    this is for you salty balls :)

  3. Guyana got so many wanna bees,conconcubines posing as models and all around empty headed hoes fighting for drugs man money and fame that it is a shame to identify oneself as a guyanese these days…

    • the white man, zionists, IMF, whoeva in power.. they r doing a good job in destroying the culture of guyana into one cocaine drugs empire whey de concubines spit on the poor man and swallow from the rich man..tsk tsk..long theres drugs money circulating morals are fucked.

  4. All d rambalak girls nasty! All a dem. all suck good dick to reach whey dey deh. Chandini is the leader and Lu tink she so hot with she flat batty it ain’t funny! As to the fats Padmini she try to be all refined but she does slip every now an den to reveal the slut side a she. This pageant thing is a selfish family ting so they make themselves win an travel round de place posin like good coolie goals when dem name stink a road! Run outta Guyana and try fool dem people out deh. You nah fool de people who know u and know yuh stink dutty whorin ways! Fire!

  5. Dr.Bharrat Jagdeo salad tossed this bitch a couple years ago at Celina’s. It is an honor to see one of Jagdeo’s tricks being promoted on anti-Jagdeo website. One would assume pictures of Christopher Ram daughter, nieces, Ena Ram, and his money hungry concubines being promoted on Propaganda Press. Freddie Kissoon daughter is too ugly her face has too much acne and he
    skin look nasty. I’m not judging on Kavita Kissoon skin color, but if she was white skin her skin still look nasty.

  6. Lucria licked my butthole and sucked my breasts in ’07 at UG…u mad ? Pp i know u want DR. Bharrat Jagdeo to bugger you

    • Minister Frank Anthony is that you? What a surprise that you have breasts! No wonder your daughter Jessica Anthony looks like a lesbian and was a big whore at QC making lesbian sex tapes and sharing the videos to classmates. Is how much you paid constable Trotz to threaten to kill 4 QC boys who was sharing the sex videos?

  7. quoting k persaud………”Freddie Kissoon daughter is too ugly her face has too much acne and he
    skin look nasty. I’m not judging on Kavita Kissoon skin color, but if she was white skin her skin still look nasty”.
    kavita is still sucking big black cocks behind the stairs at natural science…dem boys took out pics

  8. Photoshop maybe plastic surgery did wonders to the self-inflicted scars on her wrist. She almost committed suicide for the son of a notorious drug lord.

  9. Chandini should be ashamed , she and her sisters are guyanas biggest whores anyone who ends up with one of them is the unluckiest person everyone knows they sell themselves to the higgest bidder shame for them no one bids that high they can be bought for the price of a jr burger.

  10. I sure dem gyuls change man more than them does change panty! I wonder how dem gettin into such prestigious pageants and they lacking basic education?
    In dis case pokey talks and education walks? I jus sayin’…

    • Wrong. If her former boss, Ramesh Seebarran, a prominent ACCA member friend of attorney at law Chris Ram, and knows Chandini as a hardworking ambitious girl who will believe an anonymous troll >>>>>YOU?

      • Roxy looking for some lead….Salim is not in a gud mood to talk he mite take action on these retarded bloggers…..Ramesh ended up being investigated by the accounting body because of this filthy blog…..Wait till WordPress gives the identity of the admins of propaganda press…Ramesh and Salim would be more than happy to shut up these fucking pigs!!

        Ashley Singh

  11. This is the most truthful comments i have ever read …chandini is indeed guyana’s number one whore no wonder her decent husband leave her stupid skunt she fucking every man that throws money at her including LUX Entertainement CEO even though the man got his personal woman and as for her sisters they are just as stupid as her. They are a disgrace to guyanese women and should bag their fucking face. Chandini Should be.strip of the franchise for miss india guyana. she has no ethics or morals. she dont even have time for her own daughter DIYA because she too busy fucking men to finance her life stple

  12. Somebody should tell the worldwide franchise holder what prostitutes he have running the local franchises giving the entire community a bad name. Such a money hunger woman like her with no decency in her old ugly , pale being of a disgrace to Indian women in Guyana. I think I know the CEO VIto Guptar or something, he dating that girl he sponsored last year Miss Lux Entertainment 2011, a beautiful,young,educated, simple girl from humble beginnings, I think she is his girlfriend, I have seen them around, such a lovely couple, I wonder what chandini must have done to that girl after she find out about them. I feel sorry for the poor girl, Chandini needs to grow some decency and stop fucking other women men and giving guyanese women a bad name. Those sisters name stink all over Guyana and they pretend to be good and all , they’re such a disgrace that her own husband is rumored to leave she whoring skunt. As for The sister renata any man throwing money at her can fuck her, that why she ran away to NY and the little sis Lu is the same a bunch of whores bringing disgrace to Guyana. The funny thing is the stupid bad, education less and hypocritical. I sorry for Diya to have such a whoring disgraceful woman as her mother. But I always say one thing karma is a bitch and as for what she did with Alana Seebarran, time will reveal all. That’s why Kate got the crown because she come from a money family and Chandini loves money. Like it was alleged that she took pay off for roshini to win thats why shivanie didnt get it despite having best talent to win and for Alana to win also guess this time Kate daddy pay enough. Wonder who will pay more next

    Those sisters needs to be learnt a lesson and somebody someday will teach them it. Karma is a B

    • The next time you call Chandini slander, I bust your fucking rotton teeth outta your mouth, then you WILL have to see a dentist for once in your life you stupid auntyman/cunt. SHUT UP!!!!!!! JUST SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!! Chandini is a decent girl unlike your mother. She worked tedious and respectful in accounts at Bisheswar,Seebarran & Company accounting firm. Quit hateing. FYI, Chandini is respected and one of her best friends is a multi-millionaire who has 21% of shares in Guyoil.

      Your life is miserable and Chandini has no time for haters. No one will take your claims credible. Ramesh Seebarran, a close friend of Christopher Ram knows Chandini as a decent worker when she was working in the audit firm. She is a respectable businesswoman and she does not do whoring or whatever frivolous claims you make about her. However, I am inclined to write of things that inspire people. But I feel very inspired today to write about “Truth” . Salvador Dali’s painting entitled Visage of war gives me an image of him. I expect this letter will infuriate the writer of this blog but like the snake that cannot capture its prey, fangs itself, becoming its own enemy.

        • haha snake bite kit…de bwoy bite himself yet ? him a behave battyboy PPP/C party member ah bugger batty and suck pussy..God gun punish dem pagan don’t worry them judgment gun come. Revelations 18:

      • You are the most ridiculous and hilarious individual i ever came across bryan..lmao! Chandini decent ?Wow she is a whore,Fucking around like an old no good,Stupid skunt. she fucked so many men that her husband divorce her. if her friend so rich why is she fucking men for money? i know for a fact that she fucked men while she was married and she fucked with the lux guy! Bryan get your facts right they are a bunch of whores and bringing bad name to guyana!

    • You’re residence mite be 6 feet under, Le Repintir if u continue spewing shit about chandini, salim and other people. Chandini piss is more holy than your entire generation….

      • You stupid bad Ashley … Chandini launder money for Vito Guptar thru lux entertainment and miss Guyana India . Vito is a certified drug dealer and someday he gone get what he deserve

  13. seriously 1 flat batty whore cause commotion on internet?? skunt auntyman Jagdeo start sending stink pussy herrings to distract peeps these days nigga…

  14. oh lord oh lord…..look oh ashley why u doan tek d lil money dey giveu n stay in yuh corner… why u r tryna blog abt tht hoe? smh u kno nun abt her i presume her family is so humilated some of them broke relations with her esp her husband family saw her sister in laws fly till to guyana to throw her out savitri house… laud ohh gul get frm here if u ross clath ain kno nun…n vito or wha e name was her man he n she use to deh up in pc n buddies all the bleddy time…

    • either she on her period or she didn get raise fom salim alphonso or ramesh may b she ah chandini mi neva see ppl so irate and furious “ashley’ look vex well fuck her she supporting guyana drugs trade nuh peaceful shop,,,,fuck dem ashley, chandini and others hav to face jah and almighty father for them evil and wicked deeds.

  15. Why does your typical Americanised Guyanese woman Lucricia Rambalak and Chandini Rambalak who has slept with hundreds of guys think she is gods gift to men when she is approaching middle adult and ready to get fucked again. It seems odd that a woman who has spread her legs for every other guy free of charge would expect a male to want to pay her way for life when she is older and done having fun.her dick count would need to be calculated by NASA for an accurate number. I think Salim Azeez and the manager of Lux entertainment are not getting value for their drugs money by sexual intercourse with those two hookers.

    In real life however Lucricia would be asking for indefinite financial commitment in the form of a marriage contract and would withhold sex and fun so that she could get her way
    What I’m saying isn’t politically correct according to the feminists ( Stella Ramsaroop, Varshanie Jagdeo, et al) but in true dialog it is the argument that is discussed not the integrity of the man presenting it.


  16. Ashley, why you don’t haul yuh skunt! Like you some kinda instigator? The top coat of what you does see or know about dem Rumbalaks is jus dem way of showing the world how dem decent!
    Then again what you don’t know can’t kill yuh!
    Dem fuckin gyals ain’t got shame! I know, you know and de rest of the people who know dem know all dat so don’t you play supporter or better yet ass kisser for dem Rumbalaks…sooner or later they won’t hesitate fuh stick a long sharp dagger in yuh skunt!… Ah mean yuh back!

  17. Btw, I didn’t know shit about dis Salim guy people claim Chandini deh with or LUX Entertainment owner…whatever his name is. All I could tell you is that I sure as hell know about more guys than the other two mentioned and that doesn’t go for Chandini alone…she somewhat decent compared to the other two! So just imagine how dem dutty…!!!

    • Chandini collected $85,000 from her former employer (Ramesh Seebarran, owner, Bisheswar, Seebarran & Co. Chartered Accountings 252 South Road, Bourda, Georgetown, Guyana- website and email in 2010 to sponsor Lucricia….On the third Friday of September 2010, Chandini and Ramesh were in dark purple NZE Toyota Corolla PLL 7728 in the proximity of Thomas Lands. What the fuck were they doing on the corner of the road at 7pm is not known. But the history of Ramesh fucking Chandini is no folk tale. Chandini is a dirty fucking whore and all those drugs men she fucking is detrimental to her life. Chandini is playing with fire bcause she was at EDGE club whineing her beatie on Paul Daby benchmen’s. Salim ain’t gonna fucking like that story when it come out because Paul Daby is competing in the cocaine empire and Chanidini fucking lied to Salim.

      Fuck a bitch. Chandini and Lucricia are fucking waste anyways one day they might mek triangular story among drug lords and that shit cray.

      Focus on the issues facing Guyana and Guyanese, the more thought we put into these hoes, the more leverage we give to them. All of the Rambalaks are living on drugs money and drugs money is fast money is sinful money.


  18. / thread u giving these bitches publicity and they are worthless skunts sucking cock for money. This no Guyana politics is gossip.

  19. There are in Malaysia now …. looks like they got a new girl to the crew “Arite Deodat and Hashim Aill” .. they all hanging there mouth where soup does leak … shame, what is this world turning into. all of them are a bunch of whores

  20. GUYANA HINDU DHARMIC SABHA is where all them whores come out from… from whoring vindhya who use to bugga de doctor in de hospital, big fucking teeth trishala who really need a man because she only wan woman, de biggest whore ZHARAH ALI who deh from man to man since she born ( but no body ain’t got time for dat ) which she rolling around in de PORSHE which SHIR NABI had to get lil bugga so she could drive 🙂 , as for GINA SELINA ARJOON she skunt does climb fence because de cock too small, you know why, because she hole too big. NADIRA BALRAM she is the newest comrade to the PPP bugga battie crew ( ASHNI SINGH ) . now for the RAMBALAKS, CHANDINI she wan mek money pun pageant, PADMINI she think she win miss healthy hair is all nice like spice and fun de LUCRIA she fucking think she is de nicest thing from BOLLYWOOD!

  21. Lucria Rambalak, Chandini Ramnarine, Zaharah Ally, Shazina Haniff, Uma Bux, Alana Seebarran, Roshini Boodhoo, Tahirihi Boodhoo, Teshana Singh, Preya Singh = pageant hoes setting a bad example for Guyanese women.

  22. Uma Bux works at Guyana times and is know as one of Guyana youngest whore who hustles men and fuck around fuh money. She s know for stealing men and loves to be fucked up her ass by all these men.
    Word have it her pussy is slack, so the ass is given
    She calls men and beg them for sex.

    She should use some sort of bleaching cream to get rid of all those black spots and boils on her ass.
    Heard she spreads stds also.

    She compares herself to beautiful talented women…..hahahahaha…..Uma Bux go check yourself in a mirror.

    • Uma Bux is a west side whore. she start fuck from 4rm form one in Bishops and plenty plenty man use to compete for the pussy because she was the new age whores begging for fuck, you are right pal. Lux Entertainment sponsor her because Vito cant stop kissing the black batty from coolie gyal.
      Lucricia Rambalak is a fucking stooge and impostor. She should impersonate Roger Khan to the Los Zetas in Mexico and get special treatment. Lucricia is a fucking disgraceful, shamless and whoring fucking bitch.
      I suspect Lucricia or Chandini is using the alias “Appalled” on another thread to attack some poster called “Jagdeo bugga batty”. Jagdeo bugga batty talking the truth about those Rambalak whores and their cocksucking tirades at UG back in the day. These Rambalak stooges are distorting every fucking thing on the threads and forum. They bringing in Talmud devil worshipping Jew propaganda. WTF does Jews have to do with Rambalaks? They think they are the chosen ones bullshit?? Fuck man, last thing I want to see is that Zionist propaganda on a Guyana forum. ZOG countries is not my habitat.

  23. mayne sundar i love ur sense of humor.. i presume if thr was a pagent of award for who fuck the most durg gangs im sure chandi padmani and lucria wud all tie lol..hoes no control for them..ain nobody got time fuh jew crap thts one of their new tings i have observed person using i relle feel is same person but w.e same jazzz dey bringing 24/7 ..

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