“Christian Pastor” terrorising 68 year old Evelyn Pooran in Williamsburgh, Corentyne

update: concerned citizen please use the contact form and resend the name of this ‘preacher’ man.

fan mail
2012-11-24 @ 5:29:59 PM
I am writing this letter to inform you of the encroachment and advantage taken by a “Christian Pastor “over a poor retired woman and her children living in Williamsburgh, Corentyne Lot 7, Sec B.

These gross unethical and harrassments of this pastor has been going on for several years and the village councellors and or justice system are looking at this family and their problems with a blind eye.

These are the problems. This so called pastor lives next to this poor woman, along the main road at Williamsburgh. He also has a wood- working shop operation at said property. Over the years there iis excessive noise and dust from wood-cutting, etc. He build a large house on his property and encroached about four feet on the lady’s lot by building a concrete fence. She complained to the authorities to no avail. She had her lot surveyed two times, complained about noise and dust pollution with no action taken.

Presently this lady Evelyn Pooran at 68 years is very sick, living on pention and no one seem to care about her well being. It seems that corruption is foremost in this case, whereby money talks and poor has no voise and is forced to be silent about her problems.

I am pleading to you and or yur department, or other departments inyour government to interceed in this matter and to set this long overdue matter to rest with restitution for this very poor lady and her daughter and grandchildren.

This Pastor does not read his Bible which says “thou shall not covet, build treasures in heaven and not on earth, love thy neighbour as thy self, and all about the fruits of LOVE.

I believe in your government to be a democratic one and I hope that you will do all you can to help this poor lady have her porblems solved once and for all I am looking forward for a progress report on this wwith thanks Yours truly, A concerned citizen


One thought on ““Christian Pastor” terrorising 68 year old Evelyn Pooran in Williamsburgh, Corentyne

  1. I hate to say it but what does anybody expect from the thugs running the place? They too busy crafting their next scam to worry about the property rights or zoning laws surrounding a poor lady house. Maybe if she drop an envelope of cash in somebodies office her cries will be heard. Knowing them though they might arrest her for bribery to show the people of Guyana they serious about the law.

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