Roger Luncheon

roger luncheon admits guyana govt wiretapping private phones


Roger Luncheon

roger luncheon, old, washed up, shit talking negroe on his last lap, father of rashida

hiv +ve  roger luncheon underwear showing. at the end of the last wiretapping program over 400 people were killed by the guyana govt. and its phantom crew. right ronald gajraj? [btw we spot gajraj in GT today. coincidence he home when the big cocaine cleanup taking place?]

Mondale Smith: Speaking to basic details as to transactions over the networks such as what is provided with a post paid bills documenting calls, dates, times and numbers, Dr Luncheon says that this facility has been in place for the Law Enforcement agencies for some time now.
As to the actual interception of and recoding of private conversations the Head of the Presidential Secretariat, when pressed on the matter this morning would only say that the High Court has been supportive.


One thought on “roger luncheon admits guyana govt wiretapping private phones

  1. Surprised these fuckers admit that, tapped phones has been a part of my family life since about 2002. Why? Cause my father beat them at politics. Now we live the consequences, when i told Ramjattan about how petty these ppl are he was uncomfortable, maybe because he was part of the apparatus at one time. The wicked live long though, evidence is Luncheon etc…

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