Detective Jirbahan Dianand murder cover up by guyana police exposed

Mool Persaud Maniram

cocaine cowboy Mool Persaud Maniram rides again

The man reportedly told investigators that on the night of September 13, he was in the company of another man who was making arrangements to meet the Detective Dianand to hand over some money.
Sources say that the man related that once the detective arrived at the Jackson Creek Public Road he stayed in his car while the other suspect walked up to his car with a bag, supposedly containing a large amount of cash.
The man reportedly told the police that as Dianand wound his window down and stretched out his hand to collect the bag the suspect never released the bag to Dianand but instead drew a gun and shot the Detective twice in his head before fleeing the scene.

in the next version guyana police will explain where the torture marks on the body come from and why they issued a warrant for mool persaud maniram

update: watch how we ketch seelall persaud, drugs man clifton hicken  and the police in the middle of a cover up. Dianand wound his window down!? so he wind it back up after two bullets in the head?

how can you shoot a man in the left side of his head if you standing outside his car on the right?

guyana chronicle, 17 september 2012
Persaud added that the narcotic agent received two gunshots and his slumped body was found in his car.
He said: “It seems to suggest that it’s someone that he knows… from the circumstances and the way the car was. He wasn’t driving at the time. The person seemed to be shooting from inside the car.”
Persaud pointed out that the windows were up and the windscreen was not damaged, indicating that his assailant was inside the vehicle at the time he was fatally shot. Two war heads have been recovered but no spent shells have been found.

the next day seelall tell kaieteur news this

This led investigators to believe that he was indeed shot at close range but not in his motor car. The investigating team is of the view that the detective was shot elsewhere and was already dead when he was taken and placed in his car. His hands were placed on the steering wheel to indicate that he was driving.

nice try seelall persaud and clifton hicken

update in the police latest nancy story black salim was the shooter


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